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Chris Jackson | Remnant Columnist

Finally, after waiting in vain for bishops to confront the Pope regarding his inversion of priorities in Laudato Si, his deserving rebuke came from a female Romanian doctor at the Synod.

Sometimes in history, when men in the Church are too cowardly to do their duty, God shames them by calling a woman to do it for them. St. Joan of Arc and St. Catherine of Sienna come to mind. Her family having suffered persecution by the Communists, this Catholic woman was not intimidated at all by the presence of the Pope and told him precisely what all of us wish we could have. I only hope that this rebuke acts to convict him and all likeminded “progressive” prelates of the scandal their acts have inflicted on the Church and to start carrying out the purpose of their offices.

Recently, anti-SSPX apologists have re-published what is reported to be a private 1978 letter from Archbishop Fulton Sheen advising against affiliation with the SSPX.

As luck would have it, this letter did not go unnoticed in SSPX circles at the time. Dr. Eugene McKenzie, a reader of The Angelus (the SSPX’s official magazine), saw the Archbishop’s letter and decided to write the Archbishop in reply.

Dr. McKenzie then sent his reply to the Angelus’ editor, Fr. Carl Pulvermacher, who decided to publish it. What follows is the text of Dr. McKenzie’s letter to Fr. Pulvermacher from 1978. Its contents are as true today as they were then:

Dear Readers,

I originally had no intention to offer a point by point rebuttal of Michael Voris’ hour-long “Catholi-Schism” video. The video is part of what Voris likes to call his “FBI” or Faith-Based Investigation” series. In reality a more proper acronym would have been “DOA” or “Dead on Arrival.” For the video does nothing more than make a systematic presentation of old arguments against the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) which have all been answered before.
No, the title of this piece is not a misprint. In yet another tirade against the SSPX, this one entitled “SSPX Sunday Mass,” Michael Voris explores whether assisting at an SSPX Mass fulfills the Sunday obligation. In doing so, he shockingly admits the following:

“It is frequently stated by the SSPX and its supporters that you can fulfill your Sunday and Holy Day Mass obligations at SSPX Masses….It is true literally, technically and canonically…”

Boom! End of story. Next question? …..Wait, what? There’s more? What’s left to say?

Puzzlingly, Voris continues. This is similar to Voris’ previous piece where he shockingly admits “to date, there has been no formal declaration that the Society is in schism…”, before going on to explain to you why they are in schism. It seems that in attempting to attack the Society, Voris is willing to set aside the principle of non-contradiction.
Pope Francis has just released a bombshell annulment document that has been called a pretext for “Catholic Divorce”, the new schema for the Synod on the Family contradicts Humanae Vitae, and Pope Francis has just named Kasper, Danneels, Schonborn, Cupich, Wuerl and Maradiaga to the Synod. Yet, as the Church braces for possible apostasy of epic proportions, one Neo-Catholic commentator is completely undeterred from pursuing his own personal white whale, the SSPX.
From CNN: Pope Francis makes annulment of marriages cheaper and easier

In the end, the church's many laws and institutions must be aimed at one chief purpose, the Pope said -- "the salvation of souls…

…Here's what one former Catholic had to say: "25 years ago this would have changed my life. They wanted $8000 to process my husband's annulment! I'm a Jew now," Desirée O'Clair tweeted.

And there you have it! The Pope’s new annulment procedures save souls. Why? Because granting annulments prevents conversions to Judiasm! But wait, didn’t Francis say the Old Covenant was never revoked? Therefore, can’t Desiree still be saved without Christ in her new religion? So how does revising the annulment process save souls?
Today is the traditional Feast Day of St. Pius X. This is, of course, a day of prayer and remembrance of this great and holy Saint. However, it is also a day where we should perhaps ask a few questions as to the reason behind the odd praise modern certain prelates, including the pope, are giving him.

On August 21st, the Feast Day of St. Pius X in the New Calendar, Pope Francis raised eyebrows by attending a Mass in St. Pius X’s honor and expressing admiration for him. As Vatican Insider reported:
Today the following document was released to the public: “Letter of the Holy Father Francis to the President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization at the beginning of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.” The relevant portion is quoted below as seen on the website Rorate Caeli, emphasis added:

A final consideration concerns those faithful who for various reasons choose to attend churches officiated by priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X. This Jubilee Year of Mercy excludes no one. From various quarters, several Brother Bishops have told me of their good faith and sacramental practice, combined however with an uneasy situation from the pastoral standpoint. I trust that in the near future solutions may be found to recover full communion with the priests and superiors of the Fraternity. In the meantime, motivated by the need to respond to the good of these faithful, through my own disposition, I establish that those who during the Holy Year of Mercy approach these priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation shall validly and licitly receive the absolution of their sins.