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Chris Jackson | Remnant Columnist

At the GOP debates last night Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly asked former Ohio Governor John Kasich the following question:

“Governor Kasich, if you had a son or daughter who was gay or lesbian, how would you explain to them your opposition to same sex marriage?”

Kasich’s response garnered loud applause from the Republican crowd in Cleveland, Ohio as well as accolades across the media:

Business Insider: The GOP debate's hometown candidate just gave a touching answer on gay marriage

New York Times: John Kasich Wins Points on Gay Marriage Answer

The Hill: Kasich at debate: Gay people deserve love and respect

Slate: John Kasich Offers a Gracious, Humane View on Gay Marriage at the GOP Debate

Washington Post: John Kasich’s beliefs didn’t stop him from going to a same-sex wedding

“Silence or indolence on our part, would incriminate us, too… In the midst of these public calamities it behooves us to cry aloud and make known the great truths of the faith”

It has now been six days since the bombshell Supreme Court decision was published enshrining a right to “gay marriage” in the U.S. Constitution. Since this shocking and tragic news, not a single word has been spoken by our, up till now, verbose Supreme Pastor in condemnation of this decision. Similarly, Pope Francis, as supreme Shepherd of Souls, has given absolutely no consolation, encouragement, or guidance to his flock in the United States, the world’s only remaining superpower and until now, one of the last Western nations not to require recognition of “gay marriage.”
This concludes our reprint of the article, "Reunion or Submission" penned by Arthur Featherstone Marshall in The American Catholic Quarterly Review of 1893.

(Click Here for Part I , here for Part II, here for Part III, here for Part IV

"In America as in England, the gravest of non-Catholics have expressed their ardent desire for conciliation. Schemes have been proposed; congresses have been assembled; bishops and clergy have drawn up “Certain Points of Agreement;” and though such experiments have come to naught, still every earnest-minded man says, “If it be possible, let us strive after reunion." The sole mistake of such admirable wishes or aspirations is in not recognizing that there must be submission. Why wish for so-called reunion, save because truth cannot be divided; and since there can only be one true Church why not submit to it, instead of wasting years in futile talk while millions of Protestants live and die outside the Visible Church, deprived of all the marvelous riches of her spiritual life, as well as of the exquisite enjoyments of her serenity, because they will not submit instead of speculating ; will not obey, instead of inventing a thousand excuses."

Having wasted over an hour of my life, I now can say that I have read Laudato Si. It is the Pope’s latest verbose tome of an encyclical, which: espouses global warming alarmism, calls for international organizations to police climate change, and waxes poetic about people leading animals to God. In short it is as if Al Gore, Karl Marx, and Teilhard de Chardin wrote an encyclical. What’s worse is that because it came from a Pope, otherwise sane and rational people are actually taking it seriously. For instance, many Neo-Catholics, who would normally laugh Laudato Si to scorn it if were penned by Al Gore or Joe Biden, are now praising the encyclical. They are busy touting its hidden genius and quoting banal lines from the encyclical as if they were precious gifts from God. At times, one really is forced to wonder if these people are sane or whether they truly have any core convictions at all. For it is no exaggeration to say that this encyclical is an embarrassment, and I am ashamed as a Catholic that my pope issued it.