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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Archbishop Cupich Gives Up the Ghost

By:   Matt Briggs
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Archbishop Blase Cupich Archbishop Blase Cupich

What do you think the Catholic Church, that great representation of Christ’s body on earth, in Chicagoland is up to these days?

If you guessed implementing and then bragging about implementing the EPA’s Energy Star program, you were right. Congratulations.

Chicago Archbishop Blase J. Cupich is juiced about all things global warming that are happening in and around the Catholic Church these days. Now I don’t mean to single out this man, because he is one of many with similar views, yet his Excellency has been public about his exhortations. In an op-ed to the ChicagoSun-Times he tells us how joyfully he looks forward “to benchmarking and tracking” the “energy, water, and emissions performance” of the facilities under his care.


It isn’t just Energy Star. The archdiocese is also pitching in with the “Retrofit Chicago Commercial Buildings Initiative” and “Chicago Solar Express project” as well as the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan”, which, his Excellency assures us, “will protect our children from 100,000 asthma attacks, and help the U.S. avoid nearly 2,100 heart attacks — and that’s in 2030 alone.” The good Bishop made no mention about the number of heart attacks avoided in 2031, but it’s bound to be substantial.

It’s the Archbishop’s hope “that congregations across the nation will be encouraged to join this effort to promote environmentally important behavior by way of education and education through action.”

What about the Church’s more traditional role? Here are the exact words the Archbishop used to discuss the state of the souls of his flock with respect to global warming and carbon footprints:

*crickets chirping*

If you follow Church news, you’ll know that these are the same words used by many prelates and priests on this subject. These words prove that the Catholic Church in the West has voluntarily morphed into yet another hectoring humorless NGO, albeit one that vaguely, kinda-sorta, mumbles about “spirituality” from time to time. All communications are monitored to ensure Church messages are full of “respect, compassion, and sensitivity.

Not convinced? The Vatican under the auspices of the Pontifical Academies of Science and Social Science recently gathered together mayors and other politicians from around the world . Guess their topic. The necessity of salvation? The acceleration of sexual sin and immorality? The horrible and gruesome evil from killing the lives inside of millions of would-be mothers and the trafficking and profiteering from the slaughter? No, none of these. Instead we got sustainability, global warming, and the poor.

The poor. You mean like all those people who found themselves without paychecks caused by mass layoffs in the coal industry, layoffs which were necessitated because of the increasingly onerous, detached-from-evidence regulatory burden imposed by the state?

No, not those poor. They had it coming. Better that they should go hungry and save the world from the possible perils of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Forget that none of the predictions of peril have come to pass, and that the theory upon which these forecasts were made has been proven almost certainly wrong , because what about the children!

So, fine; whatever. Reduce emissions at all the churches, piously and repeatedly lecture us on sustainability, and redistribute the wealth in what is left of the energy industry and of the Koch brothers to the poor. Then what? Will that get more people into heaven? Or fewer?

Used to be that poor were blessed. But that was back in the days of yore when a priest could mount the pulpit and say, “Cut that out “. Any priest even skirts a hard saying of Our Lord these days is likely to be reported by a sensitive parishioner.

What gives? Is it really true that Church leaders are figuring that by remaining quiet on “controversial” social matters people will see the Church in a better light, or, at least, that they won’t be frightened away? Yet appeasement never works, and since any man of intelligence knows this and our prelates are men of intelligence, the explanation must lay elsewhere.

We could be forgiven for thinking that a large part of the Church has given up the Ghost: the Holy Ghost, that is.

All evidence points to a Western prelacy more fascinated by politics and worldly comforts (not necessarily for themselves, but for all people) than in eternity. The case is scarcely, and usually never, made that the initiatives sought by bishops in the “fight” against global warming or whatever other supposed economic ill will lead to an uptick in the only metric that counts: the number of souls who make it to Heaven. Instead we get loose words about “cleaner, healthier, more prosperous future[s]” here on earth.

What a strange inversion.

The Remnant is fighting back. But we need your help!

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Last modified on Thursday, July 30, 2015