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Friday, February 26, 2016

The Pope and the Baby Killer Featured

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Emma “La Bicicletta” Bonino, abortionist Emma “La Bicicletta” Bonino, abortionist
Abortionist, Emma “La Bicicletta” Bonino, among Italy’s “greats” ... Pope Francis

In 2010, after I had lived in Italy about two years and had begun to understand the byzantine complexities of this country’s politics, Emma Bonino decided to run for the office of governor of the region of Lazio. Once I found out what kind of person she was, I was seized with the urge to buy a crate of spray paint and go around Rome writing, “10,000 bambini assassinati non abbastanza per Emma ‘la Bicicletta’ Bonino,” on all her posters. “10,000 murdered babies not enough for Emma ‘the bicycle’ Bonino.” I thought of it every time I got off the train at St. Peter’s station in Rome where her face was plastered on nearly every surface. Somehow, I was disuaded from this course of action, and now I wish I had done it. Instead I wrote a few articles about her, and what she stood for, by way of an introduction to English speaking pro-life readers.


It didn’t get around much in the English language press, but this month, the same woman has been praised by Pope Francis. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the pope, the Vicar of Christ, called Sra. Bonino, “among the great ones of today’s Italy.” The pontiff mentioned her work as foreign minister in Africa: “She offered the best service to Italy to learn about Africa.” 

“They say: ‘This is a person who thinks very differently from us [Catholics].’ True, but never mindWe have to look at people, at what they do,” the pope said.

Well, that’s reasonable enough. We do need to look at what they do; quite right. By their fruits ye shall know them, as the expression goes.

A brief resume: Emma Bonino entered Italian politics as a radical feminist and leftist extremist in the ‘70s after she had already made her name synonymous with illegal abortion. She boasted in the press of having invented a hand-held vacuum aspirator out of a jam jar and a bicycle pump, and has since continued to claim that using that device she had personally killed 10,000 “unwanted” children. She is, in short, the Henry Morgentaler of Italy.

(“But never mind.” She just “thinks differently from us.”)

But she had much more success even than these two in … ahem… “radically” altering Italian society forever. She entered parliament in order to take advantage of the law at the time that granted MPs immunity from prosecution, since abortion was still a crime at the time. Her wildly successful political career has been totally dedicated to a 40 year long campaign to systematically dismantle, in the name of “equality,” and “human rights,” the Catholic moral foundation of every political and social structure of Italian society.

“But never mind…”

Starting in 1979, as a protégée of billionaire socialist éminence grise, George Soros, she brought her campaign to the international realm as a Member of the European Parliament, and later, out into the wider world as Italy’s Foreign Minister and president and founder of the Transnational Radical Party.

“But never mind…”

Her party, the Italian Radicals, today is about to triumph over the country’s marriage laws to allow sodomitical partnerings to be taken as equal with natural marriage. At the height of her career in the ‘90s, an Italian survey, much publicized and promoted by Italian television and film celebrities, found that a majority of the public would have liked to see her as President of the Republic – that is, head of state, a position distinct from the Prime Minister, who is head of the government. This idea was put forward again by the Socialist party in 2013.

Wikipedia’s English language page describes her blandly as “a veteran legislator in Italian politics and an activist for various reform policies.”

“In 1975, she founded the Information Centre on Sterilisation and Abortion and promoted the referendum which led to the legalisation of abortion in Italy,” the entry says, without mentioning that she then started aborting babies in batch lots.

But she just “thinks differently from us…”

 “Along with Marco Pannella, another member of the Radical Party, Bonino has fought numerous battles for civil rights and individual liberty, mainly concerned with divorce, the legalisation of abortion, the legalisation of drugs, and for sexual and religious freedoms,” the page says. The only thing they forgot was her campaign for euthanasia.

(Attentive followers of Pope Francis’ career will note that this is the same Marco Pannella whom the pope reportedly telephoned in May last year, telling the old leftist to “carry on”. Pannella said later, “With Pope Francis we have a lot in common. We radicals have anticipated many of the things that Francis says and does.” It is also notable that Francis’ favourite interviewer, Eugenio Scalfari, is also a Radical Party founder and luminary. One begins to wonder what sort of company his electors in 2013 had been keeping among Italian politicians.)

As one might expect, Emma Bonino’s Italian Wiki page has more detail but also leaves entirely unmentioned her earlier proud career as Italy’s number one illegal “backstreet” abortionist (with all the medical expertise an undergraduate degree in modern languages can convey.) Sra. Bonino herself has never repudiated the claim of 10,000 bloodied and smashed infants of her early career. It’s one of her big selling points on the left, in fact, the sacrificial offering for her later stellar political success.

“But never mind…”

The scrubbing of her Italian Wiki page means having to dive into the Italian press archives to find the infamous photos of her conducting abortions with her home made machine. The photo has resurfaced on Italian websites, indicating at least that the Italian public has not forgotten what Emma Bonino is all about.

In 1973, abortion was a crime, punishable with two to five years imprisonment. Bonino founded the “CISA,” the Information Centre on Sterilization and Abortion in order to change all that. Through this illegal organization, Bonino recorded herself having committed 10,141 abortions. The group claimed in 1974 to have conducted about 4000 a year.

“But never mind...”

The CISA brochure that included the photo, carried a quote from Bonino herself describing her machine that included “a bicycle pump, a plastic dilator and a vase [jar] in which you create a vacuum, and it ends the contents of the uterus.”

“I use a two-pound can that had contained jam.Women do not care about that. I do not use a vase purchased at a health store, in fact is a good reason to laugh.”

“But never mind.”

This month, Bonino is quoted by Radio Radicale responding to Pope Francis’ nice compliment, saying, “These words are what have pleased me most in my entire life.” 

“That is what I have tried to practice with my radical teammates my life, namely that you can speak even if you have different ideas. I do not think I need to say more, it would be disrespectful.”

So, all smiles and compliments and warm hugs for a woman who has personally murdered 10,000 innocent unborn children; who entered politics to avoid prosecution for what was then a crime; who then made a life-long career out of systematically dismantling not only legal protections for unborn children but the entire moral framework of Italian culture and civil society and who has never shown the least flicker of repentance or even doubt that her stand was morally superior to that of the Catholic Faith.

As usual, the Italian commentators, refreshingly free of that weird American reflexive papolatry, have been rather blunt in their reaction. Camillo Langone said that far from being among Italy’s “great” figures, Bonino has helped to gravely diminish Italy, being personally responsible for the death of millions of Italians and for Italy’s current demographic crisis.

Not only for the past, but for the present, Bonino is a person who has built her political career on mass abortion; so she is there because she is pro-abortion,” Langone said in an interview with IntelligoNews.

“This is not an accessory fact or detail,” he added. “The Pope is a Jesuit and will have acted according to some political reasoning that escapes me.”

Asked whether he thought Francis’ comments were a mistake “due to lack of information on ‘la Bonino’” or whether it was “a specific choice of Pope Francis,” Langone is equally forthright.

It’s definitely a calculation, there are no errors. This stuff: ‘Ah, he did not know,’ is a calculation that escapes me, and I do not care either. I am Catholic and I’m not arguing. For me Emma Bonino is not a big Italian but a tiny Italian who has shrunken Italy not only demographically speaking.”

Of course, we can already hear the chorus of American papal apologists howling about how un-merciful I am. Pope Francis was just reaching out to a sinner, and calling her to repent… And anyway, the translations!

Now I’ll admit that Christ has ways of converting even His most deadly enemies, but these don’t generally involve warm hugs and airy compliments about their murderous achievements. Usually it’s more along the lines of knocking them off their horses and striking them blind. And in the case of Sra. Bonino, we encounter not only someone who has spent a lifetime dedicated to opposing Christ in every possible venue, but someone who has made the slaughter of millions of innocents the cornerstone of her career.

It is difficult today to convince even faithful Catholics of the supreme horror of abortion. Pro-lifers are regularly accused of “scaremongering” or of being intemperate in their language. It is why, in recent years, they have had to resort to graphic photographs to get the point across. But just think about it for a few minutes. If the children she personally murdered had been outside the womb instead of inside at the time she tore them to shreds, Emma Bonino would have been held to be one of history’s most revolting mass murderers. Her name would have gone down in history with the most infamous of the Nazis, (most of whom did not actually do the mass-murdering with their own hands.)

We easily and with a clean consicence apply the term “monster” to Hitler and Goebels and the whole crew for their murderous ideology and regime, for the war and for the camps and ovens and gas chambers and all their artifacts of industrialized horror and death. For Emma Bonino, whose ideology is essentially identical but who actually did the dirty work herself, and limited her slaughter exclusively to children … I’m not sure there is a word in any language for what she is.

But instead of putting her in a class with Hannibal Lecter and keeping her locked up in a glass box for the rest of her life, we give her the Gran Cruz of the Order of May (Argentina, 1995) and make her a Commander of the Legion of Honour, (France, 2009) and the Grand Dame Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Italy, 2015) and send her to the EU and to Africa and have photo ops with the “pro-life” pope.

We are always admonished to take the larger picture, to take into account the political and social contexts of the time. And we must always remember that Pope Francis’s high praise of Bonino is not to be taken as an isolated incident. This is what modern churchmen do, after all. They try to convince the world to convert by never mentioning religion if they can help it.
abortion boninoWe remember that Pope John Paul II, who continues to be a hero to the pro-life movement, known for his deep involvement in international politics, also granted a friendly meeting with the Italian Radicals, the abortionist Bonino and Pannella in 1986 [see photo], discussing their mutual interests in efforts to address “world hunger.” At that meeting, it was also polite political smiles all ‘round, and no sign of the wagging Pontifical finger.

But Francis’ mercy seems to be somewhat lacking. Bonino has spent the last year undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer, and has never shown any sign of repentance. One might think that his enthusiasm for “gradually” “accompanying” her to her death might involve some mention, some at least oblique reference, to the blood of those ten thousand children crying to heaven for vengeance. Her cancer is currently in remission. One wonders if this was a last chance given by a merciful God for a pope to say to a sinner, leave your sins.

Instead she got, “greatest Italian” and “never mind…she just thinks differently from us.” 

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Last modified on Friday, February 26, 2016
Hilary White

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