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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chartres Pilgrimage, the Last Day, Notre Dame de Chartres in View

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chartre third day
WHIT MONDAY, 16th May 2015


Under the patronage of all Christian martyrs, past and present

The infant Church rose from the blood of martyrs. Christ’s ultimate sacrifice was the standard to which countless courageous men and women held themselves. Their sacrifices were a great boon to the early Church; through the merits of her martyrs, Rome – the site of some of the world’s most vicious Christian persecutions – transfigured into the very heart and soul of a mature and powerful Christendom.  Today the saga continues; Christians in the Middle East die each day for their convictions, and their deaths cannot be in vain. The Pilgrimage to Chartres proves this. It unites the spirit of these champions with the Cause for which they shed their blood – the martyrs of Christendom died for that Mass, the same one celebrated before thousands with such solemn, triumphal beauty today in Notre Dame de Chartres; martyrs today die that the one true Faith might never vanish entirely from the earth. Your participation in this event, physically or spiritually, raises a cry toward Heaven which cannot but be heard there: “Look what your martyrs have won! Victory belongs to God and His Church! Thanks be to God!





Pilgrimage at a Glance:

1h35 From Gas to Bois du Séminaire from Gas to Seminary Wood

Chapter prayer on starting the day. 

Simple presentation of the theme for the day. The Holy Spirit, soul of the Mission.


Dear pilgrims, you know that the aim of the Christian is not to accumulate material wealth or to drown in ephemeral pleasures, but to go to heaven to live in perpetual joy, contemplating the burning love of God. To get to heaven, we must become saints.

But how can we become saints?

The previous meditation has already given us a part of the answer: to live true to the truth; to conform our actions to Jesus’ commands. In this way of sanctification the Holy Spirit, also called “the Holy Spirit Sanctifier,” can help us greatly, as we will see now.

Saints of the day: All Christians martyrs for the name of Jesus, past and present. Love is not loved. 

Recitation of the Rosary: The Joyful Mysteries

Meditation : ‘The Holy Spirit and the family’. 

Rosary : continuation with hymns and songs

2h05 From Bois du Séminaire to Saint Prest from Seminary Wood to Saint Priest

Presentation : ‘Tradition, Christendom, Mission’. The three pillars of Notre Dame de Chrétienté (‘Our Lady of Christendom’, the pilgrimage organisers). Invite chapter members to read the Charter in the pilgrim booklet.


1. He is the source of all holiness, and makes us participate in the divine life.

2. For every act of this spiritual life God gives his actual grace; a one-time gift, a passing relief that supports and directs such a thought, word or deed of this life. This actual grace increases the intensity of my spiritual life, or grants me the presence of and union with God if I have lost it by mortal sin. God always gives, thus, an aid for us to return to Him; the grace conversion, repentance, justification, “spiritual stimulus” that pushes me to return to God, like the prodigal son in the parable.

3. Sanctification refers to the action of God in the souls to make them perfect, loving God with all their strength and their neighbor as themselves. Thus we become followers of Christ, we are led by His Spirit and we walk towards the Father. Everything that is related to this movement can be attributed to the Holy Spirit. All of that can be called sanctifying and actual grace, but there also are the sacraments that communicate this grace.

The seven sacraments are the ordinary and privileged channel of this grace. Dear pilgrims to Chartres, our souls on the way down here must leave converted, “returned to God through God.” May God return to dwell in our souls, and increasingly, by grace. And for that, let us turn to the sacraments instituted by Our Lord. Let us receive, in particular, God’s forgiveness in the Sacrament of Penance, and the real presence of God in the Holy Eucharist. Let us live for God and in God.

Presentation : ‘Vocation’ 

Presentation : of the 2002 teaching ‘On the participation of Catholics in Politics’ 

Rosary : continuation with hymns and song


This is the last stop before entering the town of Chartres. The anticipation is palpable and adrenaline runs high as French chapters perform acrobatic tricks, cheered on by fellow pilgrims. 
1h55 From Saint Prest to Notre Dame Cathedral Chartres          


The New Testament clearly establishes a link between the Person of the Holy Spirit and the sanctification of souls. “The charity of God is poured forth in our hearts, by the Holy Ghost who is given to us.” (Rom. 5:5).

Yes, God comes in person to dwell in our souls: “If any one love me,” says Jesus, “he will keep my word. And my Father will love him and we will come to him and will make our abode with him.” (Jn 14:23). The soul in state of grace is the abode of the living God. It is raised by grace, able to unite with God through acts of supernatural knowledge and love. And God gives us this grace because He loves us. The whole Trinity comes to dwell in our souls through grace, the gift of love. And as personal love in God is none other than the Holy Spirit, the divine dwelling in our souls is specially attached to the Holy Spirit.

“Veni Sancte Spiritus... dulcis hospes animae...”, “Come, Holy Spirit, sweet guest of the soul,” sings the liturgy of Pentecost (Sequence).

Presentation : ‘The Holy Spirit and Mission’. ‘Go teach all Nations’. 

Rosary : continuation with hymns and songs

Presentation : ‘A Rule of Life’.

Hymns and religious songs in the streets of Chartres


Mass Offered by Dom Pateau, Abbot of Fontgombault

Sermon : Sending forth on Mission

The recessional hymn of the final Mass in Chartres Cathedral: the grand and glorious Chez Nous--love song to Our Lady. 

Here is a rather long video, at the end you can get an idea of the glorious happening at the end of this great pilgriamge. Though, of course, no video does it justice. 

Thank you, and we'll see you next year.

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