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Saturday, September 10, 2016

We Have Been Hijacked: A Tribute to Flight 93 and the Catholic Counter-Revolution Featured

By:   Fr. Ladis J. Cizik
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(This sermon was delivered at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Sunday, September 11, 2016.) 

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.  "We have been hijacked.”  Those were the words of passengers and crew calling from air-phones and mobile phones on the ill-fated Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.  The hijackers were Islamic terrorists.


We have been hijacked.  These are the words of the remnant of faithful Catholics calling out the message that our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith and our Catholic Identity have been taken away from us in an unholy revolution that moved ahead in earnest the 1960’s, and which now rules the present day.  The hijackers, revolutionaries in this case, are heretics known as Modernists.  Pope Saint Pius X defined Modernism as the “synthesis of all heresies” which seeks “… the destruction not of the Catholic religion alone, but of all religion” (Pascendi Dominici Gregis, par 39).  
Today marks the 15th anniversary of the infamous Islamic airplane hijackings of September 11, 2001.  On that day of infamy, several commercial passenger jet airliners that had been cruising high in the sky were taken over by Muslim pirates intent on physical destruction.  From their lofty heights these hijacked planes would plummet to the earth amid fire, chaos, death, and total destruction.

In 1962 on another September 11th,  Pope John XXIII announced his hopes that Vatican Council II, due to start in the following month, would lead the Church to “a new leap toward the loftiest heights.”  But since that time, the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and then-thriving Catholic Church would be driven to the ground by Modernist terrorists.   Amid doctrinal chaos, Modernist hijackers are intent on destroying the Catholic Church that they have commandeered; thereby causing spiritual ruin in this life and thus plunging souls into the fires of hell.  

Statistics in the United States show that the Church has suffered catastrophic losses since Vatican II, with continuing dramatic decreases in number of: Priests, Priestly Ordinations, seminarians, religious sisters, religious brothers, Baptisms, Marriages, and Mass attendance.   Rather than soaring “toward the loftiest heights,” the falling numbers indicate that the Church has plunged towards the ground.

Centuries of atrocities committed against the Church by Muslims have definitively established Islam as the antithesis of Catholicism.  However, in his Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, Pope Saint Pius X identifies Modernism as an even greater enemy of the Church, which is hidden within the Church.  In Pascendi, published on Our Lady’s Nativity, September 8, 1907, Pope Saint Pius X warned:   “… that the partisans of error are to be sought not only among the Church's open enemies; but, what is to be most dreaded and deplored, in her very bosom, and are the more mischievous the less they keep in the open” (par 2).   

Since the time of Pope Saint Pius X, the cancerous infestation of Modernism has expanded to incorporate other noxious beliefs including Freemasonry, Communism, and Protestantism.  The Church has been infiltrated by its enemies, who are now in positions of authority.  They wear Ecclesial garb, but they are truly wolves in shepherds’ clothing.  They have turned away from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith centered on God, the Blessed Trinity, and replaced it with a man-centered abomination.

The Islamic hijackers blended in with the passengers on the doomed jetliners.  In the Catholic Church, Modernists can be found throughout the ranks of clergy and laity.  They “… put themselves forward as reformers of the Church …” but “… assail all that is most sacred in the work of Christ, not sparing even the Person of the Divine Redeemer, Whom, with sacrilegious audacity, they degrade to the condition of a simple and ordinary man” (par 2).  The Modernist heretics, who act as if they are within the Church, deny the Divinity of Christ as do the Muslims.

The Muslim hijackers sought to cause maximum damage with their acts of terrorism.  They crashed into the World Trade Center buildings in New York, symbolizing the center of our commerce.  They then struck the Pentagon in Washington, DC, representing our military might.  Flight 93 was believed to have been headed toward the White House or the Capitol Building, the heart of our government.  

The Modernist hijackers of our Church, enemies within, seeking to cause the uttermost damage, targeted the center of our Faith, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  They have worked to destroy the God-centered Traditional Latin Mass, an unbloody re-presentation of Christ’s Sacrifice on Calvary, only to replace it with a Protestant-like man-centered memorial meal.  Pius X warned that the “many roads (of) Modernism lead to atheism and to the annihilation of all religion.  The error of Protestantism made the first step on this path; that of Modernism makes the second; atheism makes the next” (par 39).

Modernist terrorists have destroyed most of our traditional High Altars and replaced them with modern tables.  They have reduced the sublime role of the sacrificing Priest, acting in persona Christi to that of a ‘presider’ of a community celebration, entertaining the congregation ‘in the person of a performer.’  The Modernist hijackers of our Church have attacked the source and summit of our Faith, the Real Presence of Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament by: moving Tabernacles from a position of central prominence; by treating the Blessed Sacrament as if it were mere cookie with Communion in the hand; by eliminating almost all genuflections from the Novus Ordo Mass; and by numerous other sacrileges, outrages, and indifferences – warned of in the Fatima Message.  

In the decades following Vatican Council II, Priests were forbidden to offer the Traditional Latin Mass under pain of great punishment, including suspension from the Holy Priesthood.  Some Priests heroically continued to offer the Tridentine Mass in private venues, such as in the basement of Catholic homes, as if the Church was once again in the catacombs during the Roman persecutions.  A remnant of the faithful gathered around these Priests and refused to give up what was once considered so very holy.  

These suffering souls were justified in 2007 when Pope Benedict XVI declared in his Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum that the Traditional Latin Mass was never juridically abrogated.  In the official ‘Instruction’ for Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict is quoted as saying:  “What was sacred for prior generations, remains sacred and great for us as well, and cannot be suddenly prohibited altogether or even judged harmful” (par 7).

Modernists in positions of authority within the Church also terrorize clergy and laity by constantly changing Catholic teaching.  Pope Pius X warned that Modernists held that “Dogma is not only able, but ought to evolve and to be changed” (par 13).  Of these hijackers of the Catholic Faith, “… they lavish such praise and bestow such public honor on the teachers of these errors” (par 14).  They lead us “… to infer that all existing religions are equally true …” (par 15) and thus we are told not to ‘proselytize’ and are encouraged to ‘dialogue,’ which implies positions of equality with false creeds.

On September 11, 2001, the passengers on Flight 93 took action once they became aware that their plane was hijacked and was in all likelihood on a path to monumental destruction.  The passengers assembled and mounted a counter-attack against the Islamic terrorists.  The final words of one of the doomed passengers, Todd Beamer, just before they broke into the terrorists’ cockpit, were: “Are you ready?  Okay.  Let’s roll.”  Their counter-attack was successful in that those brave passengers stopped what could have been a disastrous attack on the White House or U.S. Capitol building.  They were heroes in every sense of the word.

As the Islamic terrorists of Flight 93 plunged into the pit of their destruction in an open field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, they were recorded on the cockpit voice recorder as shouting “allah akbar, allah akbar!”  Translated those cries mean: ‘god is greater, god is greater!’  The Muslim hijackers were diabolically confused.  Although they may have thought that they were serving God, they were actually doing the work of the devil.

Likewise, Pope Saint Pius X warned that Modernist terrorists are “… animated by a false zeal for the Church …” who are “… thoroughly imbued with … poisonous doctrines …” who “… put themselves forward as reformers of the Church” (par 2).  By attacking the Traditional Latin Mass, and dogmas, most especially that of the Real Presence, and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, “… they lay the ax not to the branches and shoots, but to the very root, that is, to the Faith and its deepest fibers. And once having struck at this root of immortality, they proceed to diffuse poison through the whole tree, so that there is no part of Catholic truth which they leave untouched, none that they do not strive to corrupt” (par 3).  Like the Islamic terrorists, they are diabolically disorientated into believing that they are serving God, when they are actually serving the great deceiver, satan.

Our Catholic Church has been hijacked by Modernists. These miscreants, in the wake of Vatican II, audaciously did away with Pope Saint Pius X’s “Oath against Modernism” in 1967.  I once asked a Priest-professor in the seminary why the Oath against Modernism was no longer required of Priests and seminary professors.  He said: “Because it is not needed anymore.”  Actually, since Vatican II it is needed now more than ever.

Hijackers take innocent people where they do not want to go.  Modernist hijackers have steered the Barque of Peter into a murky sea of doctrinal confusion and religious indifferentism.  Bewildered Catholics by the thousands have abandoned and continue to bail out of what appears to be a hijacked rudderless sinking ship.  It is now time to put an end to this infamous Modernist revolution against Christ and His Church.

It is now time for all Catholics to begin a counter-revolution against the Modernist heretics within the Church.  Be a hero in every sense of the word.  By the grace of God and the intercession of Our Lady, let us build up the faithful remnant into the majority.  We must return to the Traditional Latin Mass; return to the Traditional teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church; and return to a fervent devotion of the Blessed Virgin Mary, especially under Her title of Our Lady of Fatima.  Remember my Three R’s of Modernism: Recognize it; Refute it; and Return to Tradition.  

We have to take back our Church from the Modernist revolutionaries before a dreadful situation becomes even worse.  We need a Catholic Counter-Revolution NOW.  On this September 11th, may we be inspired by the heroic words from Todd Beamer, one of the heroes of Flight 93 on that infamous September 11th fifteen years ago; when putting his life on the line, with little time left, he said: “Are you ready?  Okay.  Let’s roll.”  Let us join together to defeat the Modernist terrorists or suffer martyrdom trying.  Are YOU ready?  Okay - LET’S ROLL.

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen

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