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Monday, July 17, 2017

When Jesuits and Popes Dance With the Devil

By:   Father Celatus
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frankand isis

Years ago I was brought in as a priest to a psych ward in a VA hospital to work with a suicidal Vietnam veteran. His family was convinced that the root of his problem was not merely mental but diabolical. After spending some time with the tormented veteran, I agreed that something diabolical was at work. One thing I remember the veteran saying was that he “danced with the devil.” I shudder at the thought!


So I prayed the Rosary with him, taught him the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel and enrolled him in the scapular. For a while he seemed better but then one day he hanged himself in the hospital. He was rescued before he died and as he was wheeled away a priest noticed the scapular and gave him absolution. The veteran died shortly after and I am hopeful the Blessed Mother saved his poor soul from the devil.

We should never underestimate the unsurpassable power of prayer and sacramentals but neither should we underestimate the powerful preternatural activity of the demons. If that veteran was, in fact, diabolically obsessed then it is no wonder that he was so suicidal and intent upon destroying himself.  

But not all people believe in the devil. Take, for instance, the recent comment by the Superior General of the Jesuits: “We have formed symbolic figures such as the devil to express evil. Social conditioning can also represent this figure, since there are people who act [in an evil way] because they are in an environment where it is difficult to act to the contrary.” Predictably the Jesuits are spinning his denial.

Bad enough that a Superior General does not believe in the devil but remember that another prominent Jesuit denied damnation: “There is no punishment, but the annihilation of that soul. All the others will participate in the beatitude of living in the presence of the Father. The souls that are annihilated will not take part in that banquet; with the death of the body their journey is finished.” So said Francis of Rome.

No wonder the Vatican regime has now so tightly aligned itself with diabolically driven suicidal causes, including its obsession with massive Islamic immigration—jihad invasion— of a radical religion whose adherents are determined to preside over the final demise of western culture and Christianity. Can we not say that these reckless advocates of such a suicidal cause are “dancing with the devil?”

How else can we explain the diabolical disorientation that has so completely infested the institutional Church and western society? How else can we make sense of the suicidal strategy of ecclesiastical and political leaders to collapse western culture and Christianity through an overwhelming Islamic invasion? Consider this list of documented Islamic terrorist attacks that have occurred the past few years in Europe: 

- June 3, 2017: London Bridge: 7 killed, 48 injured
- May 22, 2017: Manchester Rock Concert: 22 killed, dozens injured
- April 17, 2017: Stockholm, Sweden: 5 killed, 10 injured
- March 22, 2017: Westminster Bridge: 4 killed
- December 19, 2016: Berlin, Germany: 12 killed, 48 injured
- July 14, 2016: Nice, France: 84 killed, 202 injured
- June 29, 2016: Istanbul, Turkey: 41 killed, 230 injured
- March 22, 2016: Brussels Airport: 32 killed, 100’s injured
- November 13, 2015: Paris, France: 129 killed, others injured
- January 7-9, 2015: Paris, France: 17 dead, others injured
- May 24, 2014: Brussels Jewish Museum: 4 dead, others injured
- May 22, 2013: London streets: 1 killed
- March 19, 2012: Toulouse Jewish School: 7 killed, others injured
- July 22, 2011: Norway: 77 dead, others injured
- July 7, 2005: London subway: 52 killed, hundreds injured
- March 11, 2004: Madrid commuter trains: 200 killed, 1800 injured
- November 20, 2003: Istanbul, Turkey: 27 killed, 450 injured

Notice that the higher the Moslem immigration rate the greater the frequency of Islamic terrorist attacks.

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In addition to these terrorist attacks consider these headlines related to other Islamic jihadist behavior:

- Underage Migrant Refugee Rapes 15-year-old on Second Day in Sweden
- Swedish Police Chief Tells Girls: “Don’t go out after sunset or you’ll be raped or worse”
- Muslim Migrants Force Police to Flee Refugee Center (Sweden)
- Muslim Migrants Tear up Bibles, Assault Christians, Sexually Abuse Women and Children, Beat up Gays in Asylum Centers (Germany)
- Christian Converts flee Asylum Centers after Muslim Intimidation (Germany) 
- Muslim Migrants Screaming “Allahu akbar” Charge Police, 6 Cops Hospitalized (Germany)
- Locals Fled Pool after Migrants Masturbated into Jacuzzi, Defecated into Kid’s Pool, Invaded Girls Changing Rooms (Germany)
- Sharia Patrol Beats Man who told them to Stop Threatening his Wife and Daughter for not being Correctly Dressed (Austria)
- Migrant Child Brides as Young as 11 Arriving In Europe
- Muslim Raping of Women Epidemic in Refugee Camps (Germany)
- New Year’s Migrant Sex Assault in Every Major German City
- ISIS Immigrant Attacker Urinated on Wife’s Feet, Stabbed Kids’ Toys and Spread Feces on Walls (France)
- Muslim father ‘honor rapes’ Daughter's Boyfriend (Denmark)
- 149 Dead so Far in Ramadan 2017 Attacks

Though few in number, there is a small faithful remnant among the modernist Black Robes (and White Robe) who have not embraced the diabolical disorientation that so widely afflicts the Church and the world. One notable exception is Father Henri Boulad, a former Provincial of Jesuits in Egypt, who knows from his personal experience and scholarly study the extreme danger that Islam inherently represents.

In an interview with the National Catholic Register, Father Boulad stated that “Islam is an open ended declaration of war against non-Muslims” and that Islamic “extremists are just applying what their religion teaches them to do.” In a personal letter to the wayward Jesuit, Francis of Rome, Father Boulad wrote:

“It seems to me that — on the pretext of openness, tolerance and Christian charity — the Catholic Church has fallen into the trap of the liberal left ideology which is destroying the West. Anything that does not espouse this ideology is immediately stigmatized in the name of “political correctness”. Many think that a certain number of your positions are aligned with this ideology and that, from complacency, you go from concessions to concessions and compromises in compromises at the expense of the truth.”

In support of his contention that Islam is inherently intolerant and violent, Father quotes from the Koran:

- 'Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.' (2:191)
- 'Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.'  (9:123)
- 'When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.'  (9:5)
- 'Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.'  (3:85)
- 'The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.' (9:30)
- 'Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam' (5:33)
- 'Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.' (22:19)
- 'The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.' (8:65)
- 'Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.' (3:28)
- 'Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.'  (8:12)
- 'Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.' (8:60)

The evidence is overwhelming, expressed in texts of the Koran and headlines of the world, that Islam is an intolerant and dangerous religion that demands complete submission and crushes all opposition. Only someone dancing with the devil would be so suicidal as to welcome the spread of such a diabolical force. If Jorge Bergoglio wants to swap his zucchetto for a fez and Hillary Clinton wants to hide her face under a burka so be it, but as for The Last Word, we remain faithful to the one true religion and the one true God. 

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Last modified on Monday, July 17, 2017