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Sunday, April 8, 2018


Written by  Remnant TV
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New from RTV's 'The Remnant Underground'

Down in the Catacombs, Michael Matt takes a closer look at the upcoming Synod on Young People (October 2018). The Synod on the Family opened the door for public adulterers to receive Holy Communion. So, what will the Synod on Young People bring? Church blessings of 'gay unions'? Women deacons and cardinals? A general relaxing of discipline where Catholic moral theology is concerned?  The most dumbed-down generation of Catholics in history have submitted their demands to Pope Francis. So what now? Plus, Cardinal Burke is back, reinforcing the Church's position on public resistance to a wayward pontiff. Is this too little too late, or is the Cardinal signaling that his long awaited 'formal correction'  of Pope Francis is finally imminent? 

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