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Sunday, January 3, 2021

A COVIDIAC NEW YEAR: Lost in a Maskerade

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Are we really happy here / With this lonely game we play? / Looking for words to say / Searching but not finding understanding anywhere / We’re lost in a masquerade.
-George Benson
__________joe biden mask

Remember me? I used to write regularly for this newspaper until the advent of COVID-19 and the overnight installation of police states by Democrat governors (and their counterparts throughout the Western world) on the pretext of “containing the spread of the virus”—an effort that has proven about as successful as containing the spread of malicious gossip. 


Having joined the Thomas More Society as a Special Counsel at the beginning of this year, I found myself at the forefront of challenges to the COVID-19 dictatorships in New York, New Jersey and California.  All of them have this in common:  the pseudo-scientific superstition that houses of worship are deadly viral vectors that must be shut down or strictly limited in capacity, while Walmart shoppers go their merry way and abortion mills conduct mass murder at full capacity. Perhaps you have followed press accounts of the judicial victories my co-counsel and I have obtained:

  • Soos v. Cuomo: my clients, two SSPX priests (Fathers Steven Soos and Nicholas Stamos) and three members of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn (Mayer Mayerfeld, Elchanan Perr and Daniel Schonbrun), won an injunction by a federal district judge compelling Governor Cuomo and his minions to afford the same capacity to churches as he does to abortion mills, laundromats and liquor stores (currently on appeal by both Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio);
  • Burfitt v. Newsom: my client, another SSPX priest (Father Trevor Burfitt), won an injunction by a California state court judge prohibiting Governor Newsom from imposing greater restrictions on Father’s five churches in four different counties, including Los Angeles County, than are imposed on “essential businesses” such as liquor stores, Hollywood and, of course, abortion mills.
  • Following our victory in Burfitt, Los Angeles County dropped its total ban on indoor church services and allowed full occupancy, subject only to “social distancing” and mask-wearing, which we will challenging at the final hearing in
  • Robinson v. Murphy: My clients, yet another SSPX priest (Father Kevin Robinson) and an Orthodox rabbi (Yisrael Knopfler), won an order from the United States Supreme Court vacating the district court's refusal to grant them an injunction prohibiting enforcement of New Jersey Governor Murphy’s restriction of houses of worship to 25% capacity while numerous “essential businesses” and schools are at 100% capacity—along with abortion mills. The Supreme Court ordered the district court to reconsider its decision in light of the high Court’s holding in a pair of cases decided together: Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v. Cuomo and Agudath Israel v. Cuomo.

Chris mask 1In Brooklyn Diocese-Agudath Israel, the Supreme Court—by a bare 5-to-4 majority, including Amy Coney Barrett—enjoined enforcement (pending an ongoing appeal in the Second Circuit) of Cuomo’s draconian and totally arbitrary 10- and 25-person caps on houses of worship in the Red Zone and Orange zones, respectively, of his absurd “Cluster Action Initiative,” a localized enhancement of his total dictatorship over the State of New York. 

In our own separate appeal in the Second Circuit, stemming from the “Cluster Initiative,” Father Soos and the other plaintiffs noted above (plus three new plaintiffs) were assured by the State that the draconian in-person caps would not be enforced as long as the Supreme Court’s injunction in Brooklyn Diocese remained in effect.  But then the Second Circuit  itself, in an appeal by Agudath Israel,  directed the district court to issue a preliminary injunction against the in-person caps because they violate the Free Exercise Clause, and  also directed the district court to reexamine under “strict scrutiny” (a standard almost never met) the 25% and 33% capacity limits applied to houses of worship. The “Cluster Initiative” should now be considered a dead letter, and we will be taking that position in further proceedings in our case at the district court level.Chris mask 2

The initial victory in Brooklyn Diocese came in a suit filed by the Bishop of Brooklyn, Nicholas DiMarzio.  While DiMarzio is known as “a forceful voice on behalf of migrants and immigrants,” his voice could have been a lot more forceful on behalf of the Catholic Church.  In Brooklyn Diocese the Bishop’s lawyers were at pains to stress that the Bishop is quite content to suffer that his churches, including a co-cathedral seating 1,500, be limited to 25% or 33% of of capacity—depending on Cuomo’s whims—and to insure that all his congregants worship in masks as if their churches were typhoid wards.

Nevertheless, despite DiMarzio’s rather timid request for relief, Brooklyn Diocese does stand for the proposition that, to quote Justice Gorsuch’s concurring opinion, “there is no world in which the Constitution tolerates color-coded executive edicts that reopen liquor stores and bike shops but shutter churches, synagogues, and mosques.”  And, as the majority opinion holds: “But even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten. The restrictions at issue here, by effectively barring many from attending religious services, strike at the very heart of the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty.”Chris mask 3

In short, at the very least, what’s good for Costco is good for the Church. But now it falls to us civil rights lawyers to hammer out victories based on the general principles enunciated in Brooklyn Diocese, which is why the Supreme Court is remanding subsequent challenges to COVID-19 regimes to the lower courts for reconsideration of their earlier errant decisions upholding tyrannical COVID-19 pandemic regulations of religion.

But the tyrants of the Republic of Covid are endlessly inventive when it comes to maintaining their iron grip on disturbingly sheeplike masses.  The key to their continued reign has been the replacement of a dwindling pandemic with a “casedemic” in which “cases” of COVID no longer mean clinical illness, but merely a supposedly positive PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test.


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The PCR Con Job

Blue State tyrants have uniformly seized upon PCR testing as a power-grabbing gimmick to continue their insane lockdowns and shut down houses of worship.  The basic ruse is to set up an arbitrary “metric” that triggers new or reimposed draconian restrictions on human life  when a certain percentage of PCR tests—always an absurdly low percentage—come back “positive” after a sufficient number of doubling cycles finds any trace of viral RNA that can fraudulently be characterized as a “case” of COVID-19 (with the cycle threshold data being well-hidden from the public). 

Even The New York Times has exposed this scam: “Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.” As the Times reports: “In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found.”  That is, when the number of cycles is revealed along with the test results, it is readily apparent that anything more than 30 cycles produces a trivial result that is nothing but a false positive. Lost on the Times, however, is the irony that its own article on “your coronavirus test” is being read by potentially millions of people who are in no danger of death from the virus yet have had themselves tested because they have been convinced by state propaganda, broadcast incessantly by the lying media, that testing is somehow vital to ending the pandemic. For people who aren’t sick “your coronavirus test” is about as pointless as a “your subscription” to The New York Times.Chris mask 5

In fact, as this study shows, at 30 cycles PCR testing will yield false positives 80% of the time, as shown by the inability to obtain a confirmatory lab culture from the test sample.  At 35 cycles the number of false positives rises to a staggering 97%.  Citing this study, a Portuguese court found that “if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.” As the cycle threshold for testing in Portugal is unknown, the court concluded that PCR testing could not be used to justify the forcible isolation of one person who had tested “positive” and three others who had been in contact with him. 

Given the PCR cycle threshold of 35 or higher in the US, it is clear that the PCR testing regime here is a massive fraud upon the American public. Then there are the innumerable accounts of people who were informed that their tests were positive even though they were never tested because they missed the appointment, never had an appointment, or left the waiting room when their patience ran out.  The lying media have deployed their lying “fact checkers” to assure the public that there is no truth to any of these accounts.

Now that even the fraudulently inflated number of deaths being attributed to COVID-19 is no longer large enough to support the official depiction of a world-ending plague, the PCR testing regime, with its mass production of fake “cases” of COVID-19 in people who aren’t sick or are only mildly affected, is the primary basis for perpetuating the enslavement of millions of hapless citizens, who were led to believe that all the testing had something to do with “containing the virus” as opposed to containing them.Chris mask 6

Fauci and the Threnody of Doom

For nearly a year now, the psychopathic tormentors of cable news, allied with an army of leftist politicians and ideologues disguised as concerned public health officials, have been reveling in the fake doomsday statistics and anecdotal horror stories that feed the narrative of the endless lockdown. These members of a newly emergent Covidian oligarchy, who never miss a paycheck and live in luxury while millions are deprived of the most basic freedoms, including the right to make a living, can barely contain their glee as they move the goal post of a return to normal life ever further downfield: Flattening the curve morphed into containing the virus once the curve not only flattened but disappeared. Then containing the virus morphed into waiting for a vaccine before normality could return. Next, “surging  cases” revealed by dodgy PCR testing supplied the rationale for declaring that even post-vaccine the masses must wait for herd immunity to develop before the oligarchs would even consider dispelling the miasma of panic they themselves have created and freeing their subjects from prison-like lockdowns, useless cloth muzzles and ridiculous floating six-foot personal bubble zones.

No freedom, therefore,  until 70% – no wait, 80% – no wait, 90% of the entire population of the United States is vaccinated and the herd is deemed immune.  So, 297 million people must be vaccinated in order for Americans to get their lives back—vaccinated not just once, mind you, but twice, as the COVID vaccines are a two-dose affair.  And that’s for starters.  Because even then freedom will remain beyond reach, as there is now a “new strain” of COVID-19, first discovered in the UK, EVEN MORE CONTAGIOUS THAN THE OLD ONE!!!!.  The CDC has ominously dubbed it the “B.1.1.7 variant”, full name SARS-CoV-2 (VOC 202012/01 or B.1.1.7).

The oligarchs’ new Big Bertha has arrived! Already the first “case” of  even-more-contagious-and-possibly-deadlier B.1.1.7—a viral B-1 Bomber—has been reported in California. As if it could possibly have been any other state. But wait!  Now there’s a “case” in ColoradoOf course there is! Two “cases” already! Soon there will be too many “cases” of the B-1 Virus to count.  Oh the horror.

Chris mask 7Which means that a new vaccine will be in order not just for the “new strain” this year but every year as “new strains” appear, just as new strains of influenza require another round of huge profits for Big Pharma when the latest largely ineffective flu vaccine is rolled out. 

Which means many more months of socially destructive “hunkering down” in Blue State territory as the first senile President-elect in American history, who appears to have climbed into office on a huge pile of contested ballots appearing in the middle of the night, promises to “unite” the people in one Nation, under Covid, with liberty and justice for none. 

Meanwhile, no Christmas or New Year’s celebrations allowed.  And all the stadiums and arenas must remain empty, even next Spring.  The people must never be allowed to see that mass gatherings really don’t harm them, for then the spell would be broken.  That explains the major allocation of law enforcement resources to busting up parties and other mass gatherings and arresting the participants as a determined minority attempts to demonstrate that COVID-19 is not the bubonic plague.  Hence, for example, LA County’s “Superspreader Task Force,” which has just detained 900 people at five different New Year’s Eve parties.  And in New York City, deputy sheriffs—the NYPD having refused to enforce this nonsense—broke up “illicit New Year’s Eve bashes” in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.  As the linked news report recounts with a note of stern disapproval, “Some of the partygoers were seen not wearing masks or social distancing…” 

Under no circumstances can people be allowed to gather together as if there were nothing to fear!  For then everyone else might realize that indeed there is nothing to fear.Chris mask 8

On other hand, mass gatherings of unlimited size for leftist causes will of course continue, complete with rioting and looting, but only in that parallel universe, in full view of this one, wherein nobody has to worry about “superspreader events” and it is permissible to recognize that they don’t exist, and have never existed, but rather that viruses generally spread in the home not the wider world. “COVID-19 household transmission is way higher than we thought,” declares a website called LiveScience, expressing astonishment at its discovery of common knowledge.

So, the threnody of doom expands interminably like the fabric of spacetime according to the myth of the eternal inflation of the universe, the endpoint unreachable across a distance that can never be traversed. From the very beginning, the high and mighty oracle of this death knell for society has been Tony Fauci, an arrogant, passive-aggressive prevaricator, who likes to place his perfectly manicured fingertips together as he pronounces the life-destroying edicts of a mediatic demigod, whose surreally amplified littleness is reminiscent of the Man Behind the Curtain in the Land of Oz. 

Chris Pic 1

Aptly cutting Oz, the Great and Terrible down to size, Tucker Carlson described Fauci as “The chief buffoon of the professional class.”  But thanks in large measure to this buffoon’s incompetent and self-contradictory advice, Blue State lockdowns have ruined the lives of millions: mass unemployment, mass death in locked-down nursing homes, treatable diseases made terminal because routine medical screening was suspended due to hysteria over COVID-19, loneliness, despair, spiritual desolation, bankruptcy, drug overdoses and suicides. These are just some of the consequences of the reign of the same buffoon who infamously said no to handshaking but yes to sexual encounters with random strangers encountered on Tinder because “that’s your choice regarding a risk.”  Perhaps the single biggest blunder of Trump’s presidency was to take this hack seriously, or at least to pretend that he did.

To no one’s surprise, Fauci has been invited to stay on as Biden’s “chief medical adviser,” meaning chief of the lockdown that Biden—that is, Biden’s handlers—will attempt to extend to all fifty states. The diminutive dictator has already decreed that even with universal vaccination and “a rather strict adherence” to face diapers by the entire US population, “hopefully, as we get into the end of the summer, the beginning of the fall of 2021, we can start to approach some degree of normality.”  Start to approach some degree of normality.  A year from now, with another Spring and Summer gone. Which is just the little creep’s way of saying never. 

In sum, on the pretext of a virus whose infection fatality rate is no worse than the worst flu, your life now belongs to the State, body and soul.  Just like that.Chris mask 4

The Key to Freedom: Ending the Maskerade

Nearly a year into an epochal travesty the likes of which the world has never before witnessed, we are told that the situation is worse than ever despite all the lockdowns, social distancing and ritualistic mask-wearing by a bamboozled 90% of the American population. As for the cult of mask-wearing, never has there been a greater example of the public’s gullibility than its acceptance of the preposterous claim that literally everyone, symptoms or no, is capable of infecting everyone else with COVID-19, and that walking around with a stupid piece of cloth on one’s face—a typically reused and dirty ritual talisman—could contain the spread of virions so small that crude face coverings make about as much sense as colanders in a bucket brigade.  To recall the emphatic admonition against reliance on face masks by Trump’s useless weather vane of a Surgeon General, Jerome Adams:

Chris Pic 2

To which I would add: Seriously, people—stop wearing the stupid things.  You are making fools of yourselves.

Even more fundamentally than PCR testing, the myth of widespread asymptomatic transmission keeps the masks on people’s faces and the Covidiacs in control. For when all the other justifications of their tyranny have finally worn thin, fear of a silent killer lurking in everyone maintains the requisite mentality of abject submission to a new way of life dictated from above. 

In short, the Great Reset—a universal event in which every nation must participate, with the Pope as globalist stooge leading the way, donning and doffing his useless ritual mask as the occasion requires and demanding the Sacrament of Vaccination, even when derived from dead babies, in order to unite the world in one Disease, one Cure, and one Vaccination for the remission of COVID. Consider the diabolical analogue here: the world is to be united in a “communion” involving lines of cells taken from the flesh of children sacrificed on the Altar of Moloch.

Most of Western Europe is now a virtual concentration camp—based on the same PCR testing scam at work here—and the Italian government has announced there will be no freedom before 2024 (per John Rao’s contacts there).  That is, never.  In Italy, a purported 364 people died of COVID on December 31 out of a total population of 60,000,000. But, you see, there are 576,214 “cases” of COVID-19 in Italy.  Never mind that less than ½ of 1% of these “cases” are deemed serious or critical, and that an even tinier percentage—almost all very elderly people with multiple comorobidities—will die.  Chris mask 9

The entire globalist scheme to lock down the world and bring the nations to their knees is being driven now solely by the myth of asymptomatic transmission producing pseudo-“cases” of a virus almost entirely non-lethal in the first place. But none other than Fauci, speaking on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services, had this to say about asymptomatic transmission at the beginning of the COVID-19 debacle: 

The one thing historically people need to realize [is] that even if there is some asymptomatic transmission, in all the history of respiratory-borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is always a symptomatic person. Even if there is a rare asymptomatic person that might transmit, an epidemic is not driven by asymptomatic carriers.

Thus did Fauci reveal a pathological mendacity that allows him, with complete tranquility, to reverse himself to suit the political needs of the moment even if the consequences are the ruin of a nation. But like all revolutionary elites who commit crimes against humanity, Fauci luxuriates in the perquisites of the power he has seized, including attendance at a professional baseball game sans masks and social distancing in the same stadium he deems off limits to everyone else. (Notice the characteristic fingertip pose,  so fitting for the little King of the Realm.):

Chris pic 3

In like manner, Governor Gavin Newsom, who presides over the most draconian of all the Blue State lockdowns, including the total ban on indoor worship throughout the State of California declared unconstitutional in Burfitt v. Newsom (our victory noted above),  infamously dined with 30 or so family and friends at the absurdly expensive French Laundry in Napa Valley:

Chris Pic 4Chris pic 5

Here we encounter what our reply papers in Burfitt dubbed the French Laundry Protocol for dealing with COVID-19: “(1) don’t live in fear of the virus; (2) forget the masks and the social distancing, which haven’t worked; (3) get together with friends and family and live your life. That is, do what Newsom did, not what he said, and view ‘containing the virus’ as not compelling enough to suspend indefinitely the exercise of fundamental rights and the basic human need for social interaction.”

In order to regain our freedom, we must all follow the French Laundry Protocol in imitation of our tyrannical elites, who live in the real world while they try to consign all of us to the fantasy world of an omnipresent plague from which there is no hope of escape without total obedience to their insane dictates, which are literally destroying the world. Legal victories are one thing, but each of us has an inherent right under God to refuse to follow the unjust commands of political authority, especially when those commands threaten the very foundations of social and spiritual life.

Therefore: Catholics of the world unite!  You have nothing to lose but your stupid masks.

And a Happy New Year to all!  From the eternal perspective, that is.

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Christopher A. Ferrara

Christopher A. Ferrara: President and lead counsel for the American Catholic Lawyers Inc., Mr. Ferrara has been at the forefront of the legal defense of pro-lifers for the better part of a quarter century. Having served with the legal team for high profile victims of the culture of death such as Terri Schiavo, he has long since distinguished him a premier civil rights Catholic lawyer.  Mr. Ferrara has been a lead columnist for The Remnant since 2000 and has authored several books published by The Remnant Press, including the bestseller The Great Façade. Together with his children and wife, Wendy, he lives in Richmond, Virginia.

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