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Friday, August 6, 2021

Justin Trudeau: Canada’s Pro-Death Dictator

By:   Ernie Curry (
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Justin Trudeau: Canada’s Pro-Death Dictator

In preparation for gaining absolute control over the people, Marxists in China, Nazis Germany and Russia created divisions among its citizens, singling out distinctly identifiable groups to be viewed as enemies. Once the prejudice was instilled those citizens would often malign and attack the targeted groups. The government would give tacit approval through silence or by encouraging the violence. This was the case for the Jews in Germany. The Nazis presented the Jews as being the cause of all the countries problems. This instilled prejudice toward the Jews led to violent attacks and persecution by their fellow citizens. Ultimately, the Nazis initiated the genocide of the Jews while the prejudiced general population stood by as the holocaust was taking place.


When the Communist regimes took over countries, they took control of the media in order to control and subvert the population. They also recognized that the Catholic Church is a universal (global) religion that teaches that all human life is sacred to God and that the nuclear family is foundational for establishing a just society. The Church formally condemns communism as an evil and consequently, the communists will forbid the practice of the Catholic faith. By introducing no fault divorce and the legalization of contraception, abortion and euthanasia the communists will attempt to destroy the Church and the nuclear family. However, they know that to be human, is to be religious and so they can’t just leave a void but rather they want to introduce a new religion where the people will worship the state.

It might become an offence to criticize Trudeau and other politicians on social media.

The control of the mainstream media is critical for exercising the Marxist’s desired control over the population. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (the CBC) which has a history of anti-Christian bias, is taxpayer funded to the tune of a billion dollars a year. According to journalist, Derek Fildebrandt, Trudeau has been gradually influencing the content of various media and magazines through a long process of regulation, licensing and cash handouts. Writing in the Western Standard newspaper on October 10, 2020, he revealed how Marxist infiltration has allowed Trudeau to complete his plan to bring the entire Canadian media under government supervision. “In its 2019 budget, the Trudeau government rolled out nearly $600 million in subsidies for select media outlets that obtain the federal government’s approval. Now, the overwhelming bulk of Canada’s media is bought and paid for by the federal government. In particular, by the Liberal Party which has extended generous taxpayer subsidies to outlets that comply with its diktats.” The “Free Press”, which is crucial for protecting Canada’s democracy, has been bribed out of existence by Trudeau.

Having succeeded on this front, Trudeau introduced legislation in parliament which would give his government control over the content on social media. He wasn’t able to complete this facet of his plan before the Senate adjourned for their summer recess. If an election is called in the meantime the bill will die but if he is re-elected, he can and will try again. The Liberals have already drafted a proposal of what they would like in this new legislation. Most of it is filled with matters like hate speech and inciting violence which is already covered by existing legislation. The purpose of repeating these issues is to portray objectors to the package as being in favour of these crimes while covering up what they are really looking to accomplish. That is, censoring what they determine to be harmful speech directed at themselves. If successful, it might become an offence to criticize Trudeau and other politicians on social media.

Recently, it was falsely reported in the media that mass graves of native children were discovered in the areas where Indigenous Residential Schools were located. The operation of many of the schools was contracted by the government to Christian churches including the Catholic Church. When reporting on the event, the Canadian media recklessly and erroneously used the term “mass graves” when referring to the burial sites containing the deceased Indigenous children. As it turned out, these locations were in fact abandoned community cemeteries which contained the graves of people of different backgrounds. A 2015 report on Indigenous Residential Schools in Canada determined that the primary cause of the failure to protect the lives and wellbeing of the children was largely due to government policies, underfunding and mismanagement. The government also failed to implement the recommendations contained in the 2015 report. 

This deliberate hate propaganda fueled the vandalizing of nearly 60 Catholic churches, many of which were burnt to the ground.

In keeping with the Communist objective of destroying the Catholic Church, Trudeau seized the opportunity to portray the Church as the culprit responsible for the deaths of the Indigenous school children. To create the scenario, Trudeau publicly called on Pope Francis to come to Canada and personally apologize to the Indigenous people. The government-controlled media picked up on Trudeau’s agenda and promoted a smear campaign against the Catholic Church. This deliberate hate propaganda fueled the vandalizing of nearly 60 Catholic churches, many of which were burnt to the ground. Other complicit politicians, bureaucrats and journalists jumped on the band wagon to further build up prejudice against Catholics. The head of the BC Civil Liberties Association, once the country’s strongest voice for protecting the rule of law and civil liberties said “Burn it all down”. When questioned by the media, Trudeau refused to condemn the violence. However, his friend and top advisor, Gerald Butts said that burning churches isn’t cool but it “may be understandable”. Where the government was mostly to blame for this tragedy, would Mr. Butts consider it “understandable” if the rioters burnt down the House of Parliament?

To gain ever more control and further divide the people Russia invented a national crisis to justify the temporary suspension of rights and freedoms. What was promised to be temporary lasted for 70 years.  In the case of Canada, Trudeau was presented with a health crisis that affected the whole world, Covid-19. The temporary suspension of our rights and freedoms was supposed to be a two-week lockdown to flatten the curve on demand for hospital beds. It has now gone on for 16 months. I fear that it will be a great emotional crisis for Mr. Trudeau to relinquish his hold on dictatorial power. Should we expect the announcement of a fearful virus variant or maybe a pending climate disaster that will require the ongoing suspension of our rights and freedoms? Will this go on for 70 years?

As Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau has openly expressed his admiration for Chairman JinPing of China. The cozy relationship has already led to allowing Chinese military pilots to train in Canadian air space. When we observe Trudeau’s arrogant totalitarian approach to pushing his agendas, we can see that what was admiration has evolved to become imitation of JinPing.

Trudeau’s totalitarian mindset was evident even before his election when he prohibited any pro-life person from running as a Liberal Party candidate.

Trudeau’s totalitarian mindset was evident even before his election when he prohibited any pro-life person from running as a Liberal Party candidate. As Prime Minister, he threatened to withhold healthcare funding to the province of Prince Edward Island if they didn’t arrange to provide for abortions. In July of this year, he issued a similar threat to New Brunswick. Even though abortion is not a legal right and management of health services is a provincial jurisdiction, Trudeau thinks that he has the authority to pay or withhold health funding on the bases of his personal obsession for murdering more unborn babies.

When renewing the annual “Summer Jobs Program” Trudeau required all applicants to sign a testimony agreeing to endorse his policies for a woman’s right to abortion and same sex marriage. Of course this was a direct attack on those of the Christian religion and others who would claim conscientious objection. Consequently, this discrimination led to disqualifying many potential applicants.

Having his baby killing program fully funded by taxpayers’ money and operating at maximum capacity, Trudeau then set his sights on the sick, elderly and mentally depressed. He introduced a bill into parliament to legalize the euthanizing of the vulnerable and as part of the bill he prohibited any consideration for religious or conscientious objections by doctors or other medical practitioners. His disdain for fair representative government, was demonstrated when he had his party shut down democratic debate in parliament in order to push through the suicide/euthanasia bill which he dubbed MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying).

Trudeau would like Canadians to think that his policies are borne out of his concern for the welfare of women. Killing people is never about peoples’ welfare and so the more likely motivation would have to do with Globalism. Members of the Globalist Movement promote the legalization of murdering people through abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia as a means to shrink the world’s population. This would account for Trudeau unilaterally announcing 650 million dollars of taxpayers’ money to promote sexual/reproductive rights (abortion) in poor countries. He then pledged another $81 million dollars to the UN Population Control Fund. All dictators want a smaller more manageable population, preferably with people who don’t own guns. Guns can be used by people to defend themselves against an illegitimate oppressive government. The Liberals previously tried to establish a national gun registry and having failed, they are now proposing a gun buyback program.

The Covid-19 pandemic created the opportunity for Trudeau to exercise the powers that his friend JinPing has been wielding for years.  

The job of Prime Minister of Canada is a very powerful position and that power is meant to be checked by effective political opposition, laws and an independent free press. Trudeau has demonstrated nothing but contempt for any democratic processes that stand in the way of his totalitarian rule. The Covid-19 pandemic created the opportunity for Trudeau to exercise the powers that his friend JinPing has been wielding for years.  

With Trudeau’s totalitarian regime in place the government now controls or dictates:

  • What news you will have access to and what will be hidden from you by the government controlled media.
  • Whose businesses will close and go bankrupt and which big corporate businesses will be allowed to remain open and flourish.
  • Order that all churches be closed, while Wal-Mart and the liquor store remain open and accessible. When churches are allowed to open temporarily, they tell you that only 10 people can attend a service, 5 people for a funeral and 10 for a wedding, regardless of the capacity of the church.
  • You are not allowed to visit your dying mother in the hospital or nursing home.
  • They will tell you how many people that you are allowed to have visit your home.
  • You are not to ask pertinent questions about the government’s policies concerning Covid-19. Remember that you can no longer rely on your right to free speech as a Canadian citizen. Recently, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Dr. Chris Milburn who was in charge of local hospital emergency rooms made a comment during a local radio talk show citing medical data that appeared to challenge the policies of the Provincial medical authorities. If the health department’s policies were backed by solid science, Dr. Strang, the director, could have defended his positions. However, if the policies were mandated by the dictator Trudeau, his only course of action would be to fire Dr. Milburn, which he did. A similar fate befell Dr. Francis Christian of Saskatchewan, Dr. Charles Hoffe of BC and Dr. Roger Hodkinson in Alberta. If we were living in a democratic country with free speech, how many other doctors would be publicly opposing the government’s policies?
  • As part of the national health system, all doctors and hospital personnel are employees of the government. Therefore, any among them who expresses a view that challenges the official government policy, risks the same fate as the other doctors.
  • The government has been dictating the curricula for primary to post- secondary education in Canada for generations. They want absolute control over what our children will be taught and how they are formed intellectually and morally. All schools and universities are financially dependent on government funding and therefore can be silenced due to threat of government retaliation.
  • In our newly created police state, if you do not obey Trudeau’s rules you may be fined $500.00 or $5000.00, arrested, put in a detention facility, or literally dragged off to jail as did happen to Artur Pawlowski, a Christian pastor in Calgary, Alberta.

To achieve their goals, Marxists will first promise you an idyllic life where the New Green Deal government will look after your every need and you will be happy. You may even be able to receive government cheques without having to work to earn it.  But first you must agree to hand over all of your money, possessions and your independence. Once you have given up your freedom, you will be completely dependent on the government for everything and the “State” will be your new god. They will not tell you in advance that you must be completely obedient to their every command and that you will obey out of fear of retaliation. You can be fined for not wearing the government required face mask or for gathering with more people than the government allows. You might be dragged off to jail for going to a church that is not approved by the government. If you dissent against any government policies you will likely lose your job and may have to go to a detention center for re-education. If you fail the grade at the center, you may be listed among the missing.

Once you have given up your freedom, you will be completely dependent on the government for everything and the “State” will be your new god.

Before Covid-19 struck, Trudeau had been working on expanding the socialist nature of government in Canada. He was already running the country with dictatorial rule to the fullest extent that he could get away with. Using the Covid-19 crisis for justification, he has suspended many of the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Canadian Charter. The bribed media repeat the one-line government response to all objections, “We are following the science”. I have yet to hear a scientific explanation to justify lockdowns, social distancing or wearing masks as means to prevent the spread of the Covid -19 virus. Is everybody “following the science” or just following “Trudeau’s commands”? Is there some power held by China’s Chairman JinPing that Justin Trudeau doesn’t currently possess?

The word is that Trudeau feels confident that he will win a majority government in the next federal election. Is this because he used $600 million of taxpayer’s money to bribe the national media? Unfortunately, the official government opposition, the Conservative Party of Canada, has not been effective in curbing Trudeau’s totalitarianism, nor are they proposing meaningful measures to change the disastrous direction which Canada is presently heading. Instead, it looks like their leader, Erin O’Tool, is more interested in becoming Canada’s next dictator.

Because of the infiltration of socialist secular humanism, God has been forced out of our society. We defy His commandments with every abortion, assisted suicide and the attacks on the nuclear family. If we care about what kind of Canada that our children and grandchildren will inherit then we must pray that God will free us from these draconian attacks on our rights and freedoms and save us from the evil of communism.

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Last modified on Friday, August 6, 2021