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The Remnant calls for worldwide support of all traditional Catholic priests

pope and lefe 2Pope Francis/Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

When a group of feminists in Argentina wanted to mark International Women’s Day a couple of years back, they dressed a woman up to look like the Mother of God and had her perform a mock (with fake blood) abortion on herself in front of Our Lady of the Incarnation Cathedral in the city of San Miguel de Tucuman. The photographs of this blasphemy are too vile to display again here.

Though the anemic post-conciliar Church in that once-Catholic country could do nothing to stop this, one Catholic priest, Father Leandro Bonnin, wrote an open letter on Facebook, arguing that this “blasphemy has exceeded all limits. A blasphemy with all the unmistakable signs of the diabolical: with his malice, his perversity, and above all with his hatred of Mary.”

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In this next print/e-edition of The Remnant, Michael Matt consults The Remnant archives, considers what was being said about the "Lefebvre Question" and Masonic infiltration back in 1976, and then asks the question:

"Quite obviously, Archbishop Lefebvre's stand has now been justified by history itself. Archbishop Viganò is proving it right now—that for decades, evil and corruption have been allowed to flourish in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church of Vatican II. This is so obviously the case, that one wonders when we get to formally announce the total vindication of Archbishop Lefebvre. In fact, I personally wonder why the Society of St. Pius X has not already done so."

Remnant Editor Calls on Traditionalists Worldwide to Support Viganò

"At this most critical moment in the life of the Church, we call on all traditional Catholics—including the priestly orders of the Society of St. Pius X, the Fraternity of St. Peter and the Institute of Christ the King—to prayerfully consider expressing public solidarity with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò since the condition of the Church is now so critical."

Plus, back in 1976 Remnant founding editor spoke to the true nature of the Lefebvre controversy: 

"What it is that still lies hidden behind the so-called 'Lefebvre question” is the far more formidable and truly appalling scandal of Masonic infiltration and impenetration of the Church – which, of course, Archbishop Lefebvre himself has repeatedly touched upon and condemned...Archbishop Lefebvre’s position at this point in history will one day be vindicated – whether by a Third Vatican Council or even by this or a future Pope, remains of course to be seen.  It is all in God’s hands."

lefebvrePREVIEW all this and so much more in this action packed issue of The Remnant! 

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