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Jason Morgan | Remnant Correspondent, TOKYO

There has been a flurry of articles in the press recently about a subject which comes up from time to time: Will the United States Supreme Court in its next session overturn Roe v. Wade? The first time this kind of speculation started, at least as far as I can remember, was Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992). City of Akron v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health (1986) and Webster v. Reproductive Health Services (1989) were important, too, but not nearly as monumental as Casey. Pro-lifers hoped mightily that Roe would be undone then. However, the Supreme Court held in Planned Parenthood v. Casey that Roe was fundamentally sound, that the Constitution of the United States, although the word “abortion” appears nowhere within it, guaranteed the right of a woman to “choose” to end the life growing within her.

GERMAN FILMMAKER LENI Riefenstahl’s 1936 cinematic encomium to the Berlin Olympics, Festival of Nations, opens with a montage of marble statues of Greek gods and goddesses in the ruins of ancient temples. One statue, of a discus thrower, comes to life, after which the action is of human beings engaging in the ancient Greek sports of javelin hurling, shotput, and long-distance running. Apollonian men strive in dramatic lighting, bodies glistening with sweat, taut with exertion. Aphroditic female nudes cavort with rings and dance in the glory of the human form. This prelude soon gives way to a stadium in modern-day Germany, where athletes from around the world have gathered to display their sinews and test their strength on the world stage. Only the best win the laurels, though. Only the strongest win through. The will conquers all.

When most of us see the police, we see them on the front lines of the war for our country. The police are on the streets, chasing down Democrat-supported mobs burning down Black businesses or dealing drugs on the corners of Democrat-run cities. The police run toward gunfire, toward traffic accidents, toward scenes of domestic abuse. We see the police in uniform, the thin blue line between our safety and the chaos of the Woke American Revolution (WAR).

When the People’s Republic of China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in late 2001, there were many in the Western political establishment who assured working-class skeptics that admission into the liberal world order would change China. Once fully integrated into the globalist regime, we were told, China would learn how to live like late-capitalist Americans and Western Europeans. The Chinese would give up on their old Communist ambitions and learn to be content with the material comforts of the twenty-first century, the argument went. Even today, there are those who still argue ( that the “liberal international order” is the way to compete with the PRC.

When the Military Was Critical of Race Theory

In recent months, Americans have been dismayed to learn that their military has been infiltrated by Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other divisive, racist indoctrination. The American ideals of equality and respect are now under attack in the heart of what has long been the most patriotic institution in the country. Protecting the country becomes harder day by day as recruits and officers are taught to detest their nation and see their fellow soldiers, sailors, and airmen as “oppressors” filled with “white rage”.

In a powerful way, the police of America have become surrogate fathers to the legions of fatherless children who grow up to eke out a life of crime. Gilcrest didn’t become a priest—but that is because God had much more urgent pastoral work for him to do.

Morgan Gilcrest just started his career as a police officer last year. In July of 2020, as the country exploded in anti-police violence ginned up by the China-controlled media, Gilcrest walked into a regional police academy in rural Virginia and began training to do the job he does now: patrol the streets of America with a target on his back.

Being a police officer is a calling. Time and again, police officers say that no one gets into police work for the glory or the money. Chasing after dangerous, drug-addled criminals—and then having to fend off defense attorneys who attack cops in court for keeping the rest of us safe—is not anyone’s definition of an easy desk job. You either love the work, or you quit early on.


In recent days the news has been filled with headlines about Martin Bashir. Bashir, a longtime mainstay at fake news outlets such as NBC, ABC, and MSNBC in the United States, first made his name in the same way that he and his fellow mainstream “journalists” make their careers: by lying. The headlines in the papers recently are about Bashir’s stunning downfall when it was finally admitted that he’d shot to the top of his profession by sinking to the depths of human depravity.

Editor's Note: One of the key indicators of the pandemic insanity presently infecting our “enlightened” society is the war on law and order, specifically the push by communist agitators posing as social justice warriors to defund and disband the police. The same radicals that years ago decided parental discipline is detrimental to  the self-esteem of children, now assume the preposterous position of judging those whose job is to police the  urban chaos the “progressive” policies created.  And rather than admitting to the colossal failure of their own harebrained schemes, the “progressives” blame the cops to the point of making it nearly impossible for them to do their job.  But the “progressives" idealogues don’t actually intend to disband the police.  Once every homegrown, hometown, American-born cop has left the beat in disgust over the bureaucratic hogwash he’s got to endure on a daily basis, the push will be to bring in the “replacements”, i.e., the national and even international troops of the police state. One of the things we can do to prevent this and, by the way, stall The Great Reset in the process, is to back the blue. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with this new Remnant series. Good cops are the last line of defense and the only thing that stands between us and the police state of the New World Order.

Calling All Cops

I’m asking Remnant readers to get the word out to police officers and their spouses—Catholic or not—to share their stories with us,  or to sit for a Remnant interview,  or at least to submit the names and accounts of fallen police officers whom we will then honor in this new Remnant series. The cops are not the problem in the streets of America today. The politicians and their globalist puppeteers are. MJM

Growing up in the South is hard. Ask anyone from Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta, the cane fields of Louisiana, or the Hill Country of south-central Texas whether they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and you’re likely to get a wry smile in reply. ‘Silver spoons? Son, we didn’t even have a ceiling fan.’ “Luxury” is not on the menu wherever cornbread and collard greens are served.

On April 1, 2021, a man named Watanabe Mitsuomi emerged from a secluded enclave on the grounds of the Enryakuji temple on Mt. Hiei, on the outskirts of Kyoto. In keeping with a tradition stretching back nearly unbroken for twelve centuries, Watanabe—an unassuming-looking monk dressed in pale saffron robes and wearing nondescript eyeglasses under his shaved head—had spent every single day for twelve years rising at four a.m. to read aloud the Buddhist sutras. The former engineering graduate and company employee entered monastic life in 2002, and in April of 2009 he swore off television, newspapers, and other contact with the outside world. For twelve years after that, he devoted himself to prayer on Mt. Hiei, utterly alone.

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