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Michael J. Matt | Editor

In this RTV Special, Michael Matt is interviewed by the high school students of the Youth Apologetics organization. In the wake of Pope Francis's crackdown on Traditional Catholics, the students ask Mr. Matt to go over the history of this movement and to help them develop strategy moving forward based on how traditionalists did it back when Mr. Matt was a boy.

Complete with photos and vintage video clips, this one might be called Traditionalism101, as Mr. Matt takes us back in time in order to prove his point that we're much better off today than the pioneer traditionalists were back then, right after Vatican II.

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In this RTV Short, Michael Matt explains why he has never (and will never) leave the Church.

The Church has always been subject to the betrayal of evil men within her walls, and today is no different. But this is beside the point, Michael argues. Truth is truth regardless of how well placed the men are who attempt to bury it.

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Question: Does Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate apply to people on welfare, or just to those gainfully employed?

New from RTV...

Speaking at a Catholic Church in Platteville, Wisconsin, Michael J. Matt addresses Traditiones Custodes, resistance, the Kingship of Christ, and coming underground Church.

Why is the Vatican attempting to shut down one of the few thriving movements in the Catholic Church today? Because the trads were right! It really IS the Mass that Matters. Rome has spoken!

Big Nov. 2nd wins for pro-life, pro-God, and pro-American politicians. What does it mean for 2022? Michael Matt is cautiously optimistic, now that Biden has left globalism banged up and bruised at the polls. 

Plus, what do Elon Musk, Bill Maher, and Greta Thunberg have in common? They’re all fed-up Leftist influencers, who are obviously not going to go down with the USS Biden. Are the wheels coming off The Great Reset even before liftoff? 

At the Catholic Identity Conference 2021, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski dropped a bombshell on the pious but wrongheaded belief that Catholics owe blind obedience to the pope, even when his commands are evil or unjust.

The Rhode Island Police announced Sunday, October 31, that they have arrested Fr. James Jackson, pastor of the FSSP's St. Mary’s Church in Providence, Rhode Island, for crimes related to possession and transfer of child pornography.

If convicted, he could face 21 years in prison. 

The FSSP was extremely quick to issue a statement on the matter, which appears below in its entirety: 

Fr. Jackson Statement

We, the FSSP, are shocked and saddened by news of Father Jackson’s arrest and the serious allegations against him.

Before starting his current assignment at the beginning of August, Father underwent a criminal background check and had a sterling record of priestly service. We had no reason to believe Father was engaging in any inappropriate behavior, let alone criminal conduct. Like all those accused of crimes, Father has a natural human right under both civil and canon law to the presumption of innocence and we will fully cooperate with the law enforcement authorities as they investigate this matter.

We are praying for all involved. Our hearts go out to all those who have been hurt by sexual misconduct of any kind.

I first met Fr. James Jackson 25 years ago. This news hits me like a punch to the chest, of course, even though it's important for all of us to presume innocence until guilt is proven. It is also very important  for the FSSP to do the right thing right away, which is precisely what they've done in this case. 

We ask our readers to pray for Father Jackson, whether he's found innocent or guilty. It is abundantly obvious that the forces of hell are keenly intent on corrupting good and holy priests at this pivotal moment  in history. We are witnessing the Devil's final battle, and it should surprise no one when he targets our priests first. 

We must pray for them all and for ourselves and for our children who are paying the terrible price of apostasy in the Church.   

In this first episode of the new show, The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt discusses the ramifications of Pope Francis promoting population control guru, Jeffrey Sachs, as a permanent member of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

Aside from being militantly pro-contraception, Sachs is also co-author of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which promote abortion worldwide.

So, here’s the question: How pro-life can Francis possibly be, when he has no problem partnering with pro-abort population controllers?

Next up, Francis says the whole world must get vaccinated and the “peaceful protesters” who burned down Minneapolis are today’s “Good Samaritans”.

And guess what? Francis also called on Big Tech to crack down on your freedom of speech...and this was AFTER he'd rolled out the red carpet for Nancy Pelosi inside the Vatican. 

We’re getting to the point now where one cannot be a sincere Catholic and a defender of Francis at the same time, the two being mutually exclusive.

Michael analyses a recent speech by Pope Francis that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that this man has betrayed the Church of Christ and turned her over to radical globalists who are hellbent on building a New World Order out of the ashes of Christendom.

Plus, Michael provides an update on his family’s COVID recovery.



Watch Francis’s Speech October 16 2021, IV World Meeting of Popular Movements HERE

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We've dropped a few clips from the recent Vatican conference on health and vaccines into one of the recent Project Veritas videos on the connection between the Pfizer vaccine and abortion.

Why? Because Pope Francis had the CEO of Pfizer speak at that Vatican conference, along with Tony Fauci and Chelsea Clinton. Is Francis ignorant of the Pfizer/Abortion connection? Is he malicious? Why would he not be calling for a religious exemption for the world's 2 billion Catholics? 

DJ Trump 45 office logo

Today, President Donald J. Trump filed a lawsuit in defense of the Constitution, the Office of the President, and the future of our nation, all of which the sham Unselect Committee is trying to destroy. The fact is America is under assault by Pelosi’s Communist-style attempt to silence and destroy America First patriots through this hyper-partisan and illegitimate investigation.