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Michael J. Matt | Editor

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In this RTV Short, Michael Matt discusses the rise of the One World Religion as formalized by the Abu Dhabi Agreement and the Abrahamic House – both blessed, singed, and approved by Pope Francis.

Trouble is, the ideology behind it all was solemnly condemned by Francis’s own predecessors time and time again.

Full video:  Franciscan U Latin Mass Canceled, Delaware Criminalizes Confession, Canadian Catholic Arrested

Ten years ago, I was standing outside of St. Peter's Basilica when the white smoke rose up over the roof of the Sistine. It was dark and rainy by the time we first heard that weird little voice I've since learned to loathe: "Buona Sera".

New from RTV...

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt discusses the rise of anti-Catholic persecution:

  • Even though his diocese is in total collapse the Bishop of Steubenville cancels the Latin Mass at Franciscan University.
  • A new law in Delaware would criminalize the seal of confession.
  • A Catholic high school student gets arrested for defending Catholic moral theology on campus.
  • Even though Zelensky is turning Ukraine into a Davos-styled surveillance state, most of the Catholic bishops still support Joe Biden's efforts to escalate war against Russia.
  • Faithful Catholics prepare to go back to the Mass rocks as the Pope of Mercy tells them all to go hell.

Bishop Jeffrey Monforton of the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio, ordered an immediate end to the Latin Mass on Franciscan University’s (FUS) campus.

New Spotlight from RTV...

In this RTV SPOTLIGHT, Michael J. Matt takes a quick trip back to Iraq, with the insufferable Lindsey Graham as tour guide.

New spotlight from RTV...

During the 17th Century post-Reformation persecution in England and Ireland, the so-called Penal Laws were imposed against Catholics to prevent them from practicing the Roman Catholic religion. 

The various acts of the Penal Law prescribed fines, imprisonment, and severe penalties – including execution – for Catholic priests who offered the Latin Mass and Catholic faithful who participated in it. 

If you're not Catholic, you must find it absolutely bizarre that the most powerful organizations in the world are positively obsessed with the Catholic Mass as it was said for more than a thousand years, right up and until 1969.

New from Remnant TV...

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt thanks Bishop Thomas Paprocki for defending Latin Mass Catholics and for calling out heretical cardinals near and dear to the heart of Pope Francis. 

Plus, what's with this bizarre fascination with the Latin Mass on the part of all the bad guys? Why does the FBI care about the Latin Mass? Why is Big Brother Francis obsessed with canceling it? Obviously, we’re dealing with something more than mere human pettiness.