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Michael J. Matt | Editor

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Michael J. Matt From the Editor’s Desk: The Selective Limits to Ecumenical Outreach.

Fr. Ladis J. Cizik The Exaltation of the Holy Cross and the Traditional Latin Mass A sermon delivered by Father Cizik at the Catholic Identity Conference in Weirton, WV on September 13, 2014.

C. Jackson Traditional Catholic Answers: Why the Mass is Said in Latin

The Real Life Series 29 Years in Laogai: The Father Koo Story. Remembering what they did and are still doing to our Catholic brothers in China

Vincent Chiarello A Remnant Book Review… The Marian Restoration of England: A Successful Failure? FIRES OF FAITH: Catholic England under Mary Tudor by Eamon Duffy

Walter L. Matt (RIP): This Too Shall Pass... All in God's Good Time

As for the heavy curtain of gloom and foreboding that hangs over the Church in our time, let us never fear nor lose courage.

Kenneth M. Weinig We   Need a New Holy Day of Obligation:

Question: “ What   is the most important day in the history of the world?”

Christopher A. Ferrara THE Rise of Bergoglianism:  A Caution to the Reader: What follows is a very harsh assessment of the current pontificate. I felt compelled to write it, but no one is compelled to read it. I am nothing and nobody in the great scheme of things, although I am privileged to contribute to the record of a venerable traditional Catholic journal that will surely have its place in the history of these times. I have no illusions that my little lamentations will have any effect on the Pope, for whom I pray each day, or on events in the Church. But at least I, at least The Remnant, at least traditionalists in general will be able say to one day, concerning what was done to the Bride of Christ, “Not us. Not us.”


John Salza Remnant Apologetics Series: Who is a Member of the Church?

Seainin Mac Bradaigh, Irish Correspondent A View from County Monaghan
Why I’m Concerned about the Style of Pope Francis

John Medaille It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine It is not the ballot box that will change things. But growing your own food is a blow against globalized factory farms; educating your own children defeats the power of the state; making your own music and entertaining your neighbors defeats the whole wicked world.

Father Celatus The Last Word: Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!


The Remnant Speaks Letters from the Catacombs; In Reparation for the Black Mass; Salza’s Response to Father Harrison; Black and Gay “Masses”; Neumann Classical School;Diabolic Disorientation?; Civitas is making a Difference in France ; Remnant TV; SSPX and the Vatican

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Ever wonder why people get a little cynical when it comes to the Vatican getting all indignant over that "terrible" and "scandalous" lack of canonical status on the part of the Society of St. Pius X?

Could it be because everyone knows the SSPX has not deviated one iota from Church teaching, dogma and doctrine while countless priests and even bishops and cardinals have and do every single day?

Could it be because to the extent that Vatican II itself reiterates the traditional teaching of the Church the SSPX accepts substantially more of the teachings of the Council than 90 percent of the rest of the Catholic faithful?