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Michael J. Matt | Editor

On the Council and the Duties of the Pope

Rome, December, 20 1966

Your Eminence,

Your letter of July 24, concerning the questioning of certain truths was communicated through the good offices of our secretariat to all our major superiors.

Few replies have reached us. Those which have come to us from Africa do not deny that there is great confusion of mind at the present time. Even if these truths do not appear to be called in question, we are witnessing in practice a diminution of fervor and of regularity in receiving the sacraments, above all the Sacrament of Penance. A greatly diminished respect for the Holy Eucharist is found, above all on the part of priests, and a scarcity of priestly vocations in French-speaking missions: vocations in the English and Portuguese-speaking missions are less affected by the new spirit, but already the magazines and newspapers are spreading the most advanced theories.

To the extent that they learn anything at all about history these days, Spanish or otherwise, American school children for several generations have been told bald-faced lies about the Spanish Catholic freedom fighters depicted in the following video.  Modern history is written by those who slaughtered the heroes, and, as we rummage through the ruins of Christendom, if we’re not prepared to question EVERYTHING with which the revisionists brainwashed us as children, we will be at a significant disadvantage and will ultimately become the useful idiots of the Godless revolution.


Look at this video, and tell me what you see: Haters?  Or Catholic heroes fighting for their Faith, freedom and traditional way of life? This is the song of the Spanish Royal Catholics who fought the Communist Republican Revolution and won.  Listen to the refrain, "Viva Cristo Rey" -- over and over again.


Like the Vendeans of France and the Cristeros of Mexico, their battle cry was always: "Viva Cristo Rey!"  It is essentially for this reason, in fact, that our modern, democratized society calls them 'haters' – even though we are the ones so consumed with self-gratification and so filled with hate that we think nothing of aborting millions of babies, euthanizing our elderly and infirmed, crushing the Christian conscience, institutionalizing Christophobia and brainwashing children to hate their own parents, past and traditions.


Question is: Who are the real haters?


Don’t believe the lies!