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Michael J. Matt | Editor

This morning I received a call from Archbishop Viganò, who informed me that his Twitter account has been suspended. 

Below are His Excellency's most recent tweets. One day he is talking about Schwab, Harari and AI; Cardinal McElroy and LGBTQ; and Vatican II — the next day he's kicked off Twitter... Wonder why? 

vigano tweet1

The translation of the this tweet is here: 

  • Schwab and Harari theorize a politically correct "new bible", written by Al.
  • The UN wants religions to change their doctrines in a woke sense.
  • The EU recommends not to baptize children with Christian names.

What does the Bergoglian sect do?

  • Orders to obey the UN, censoring the Scriptures under the guise of incorrect translations.
  • Change morality by legitimizing gender, LGBTQ, polygamy, divorce, concubinage.
  • Appoints Prefect of the former Holy Office a heretic involved in the cover-up of cases of harassment.
  • Declares that the moral condemnation of Catholics against the vices of sodomites is a "diabolical mystery of the human soul".
  • He claims that he has no intention of "converting young people to Christ".

How much longer does it take for good Catholics - and above all Cardinals, Bishops and priests - to realise that they are governed by a cupola of traitors and renegades, at the orders of the enemies of God and the Church?

vigano tweet2

vigano tweet3 

Latest from RTV — INSIDE the VATICAN: Pope Francis, Bill Clinton & Alex Soros

Michael Matt's video address to the International Symposium held in Tokyo, the theme of which is "Counter-revolution, a medicine for our times."

Indeed, it is a medicine, agrees Michael, but it is also an honor borne out of love.

New from Remnant TV...

“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” – that is what the LGBT folks are shouting in the streets of America. But when a woman in Minnesota tried to defend the children, they called her the hater.

Thirty years ago, Andres Serrano became infamous for photographing a crucifix in a jar of urine, but Pope Francis just invited him to the Vatican. The neo-Catholic useful idiots insist that Francis is just calling for “dialogue.”  What do you think?

The Remnant Newspaper is a 56 year-old Traditional Catholic bi-weekly journal — the oldest in the world!

New from Remnant TV...

Covid is finally over. In this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt discusses VC Day -- victory over Covid – as Young Globalist Leaders fall and even reliably liberal SNL legends mercilessly mock Tony Fauci.

New from RTV...

Michael Matt shows you original footage of a French church turned Devil's playhouse... literally! The vaults are now painted with images from the video game, El Diablo. All, they say, in the name of "Restoration"! This, while priests are being murdered throughout the world and sacred buildings become targets for arsonists. 

What can the leaders of the Catholic Church possibly do with this epidemic of anti-Christian sentiment setting in worldwide? Evidently (3-year-long-Synod on Synodality), they've decided to ignore it!

It's up to us, friends.

Watch the Full Video here:CHURCH in FLAMES: Traditional Catholics, Predator Priests & the Latin Mass

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New from Remnant TV...

Before getting into the controversy surrounding breaking news about Fathers Jackson (FSSP) and de Maillard (SSPX), Michael Matt looks at the post-Vatican II Church under fire in just about every conceivable way – from 9 priests murdered in Mexico, to cathedrals burned by arsonists in Europe, to iconic churches being repurposed as restaurants, climbing walls, and even Satanic temples all over the world. And what’s Pope Francis doing about cancel culture cancelling the Catholic Church? Why, he’s canceling the Latin Mass, of course.

Plus, the politicization of sex scandals involving Latin Mass priests: Critics accuse traditional Catholics of believing that, since they offer the Latin Mass, traditionalist priests can never fall from grace. Is this true?

The same critics also insist that Traditional Catholics say there was no problem with predator priests before Vatican II. Is this true? How could it be when St. Peter Damian was warning against perverts in the priesthood a thousand years ago?  

Uh-oh! What’s an “investigative journalist” going to do now? Are any of these charges true, or is this just part of their anti-Trad narrative?

Michael takes it head on: What do traditionalists actually believe? What is the truth of the matter? And are Latin Mass priests above the law?

Check out this week's sponsor - Our Lady of Victory School

After our last Remnant Underground, a number of viewers expressed interest in Michael Matt’s take on the Vatican’s World Meeting of Human Fraternity – an embarrassingly underattended major event that took place on June 10.  Apart from featuring prominent gay dancers, this meeting was geared for what they call the ‘children of the hug” who sang Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World.”  (Michael Jackson songs at the VATICAN? Really?!)

New from Remnant TV...

In this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt covers the following topics:

  • George Soros is finally stepping down.
  • Elon Musk says Soros hates Humanity, and now the Left says Musk is an antisemite.
  • Ross McKnight: He’s a traditional Catholic homeschool dad who took a stand for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the woke mob made him pay. (Or did they?)
  • Roberto Bolle, Italy’s most famous gay dancer, performs for the ‘Children of the Hug’ at the Vatican’s World Meeting on Human Fraternity. (Spoiler Alert: Bolle is also one of Klaus Schwab’s ‘Young Globalist Leaders.” Well of course he is!
  • And finally, are traditional Catholics really a bunch of rad trad nasties as the guys with the huge microphones on YouTube say they are?

All that and more, including a Chartres Pilgrimage follow up.