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Michael J. Matt | Editor

Last week, Michael Matt made a guest appearance on the Stew Peters Show. Remnant readers are well aware of Michael's opinions on Big Vatican politics, so the real story here is the vehemence with which the producer of the popular documentary "Died Suddenly" rips into Big Brother Francis. 

The takeaway? The most unpopular pope in history is alienating just about everybody now, Catholic or otherwise.  

New from Remnant TV...

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt takes a quick trip back to Iraq, with the insufferable Lindsey Graham as tour guide. Twenty years later, what did our country gain from Mr. Graham’s war? More to the point, what did Iraq gain other than a million dead and a totally destabilized homeland?

Then it was Afghanistan that we had to liberate, then Syria, and now…Ukraine. And old Lucky Lindsey has been beating the war drum for all these wars.  Now he says Biden needs to send the F16s and declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

In this RTV Spotlight, Michael Matt discusses the truly unprecedented papal endorsement of sodomidical unions. Although Pope Francis says not one word about the act of sodomy, he is now calling for states to legalize same-sex unions, by which homosexual couples can establish themselves as a "family". He even encourages homosexual couples to bring their adopted children to church, as he brags about how he meets with them publicly inside the Vatican.

Editor’s Note: What follows could double as a form letter for those priests who will be forced to disobey an unjust order in the very near future. They will be ordered to stop offering the Traditional Latin Mass, and many of them will disobey. But this need not be an act of defiance against their bishops. The villain here is Pope Francis. He is the one who has issued orders that put the bishops in a difficult spot. And neither should this disobedience be seen as permanent. The situation under Francis is completely unsustainable, and, in God’s good time, the Latin Mass will be restored, just as it was after the 1970s when the Latin Mass was “abrogated,” “outlawed,” and “never coming back.” No force on earth can destroy the Latin Mass, not even a Jesuit bulldozer like Francis. Please share this letter with your priests so that together we can all prepare for the inevitable. And, remember, this has all happened before. God is in charge. MJM

New from Remnant TV...

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt takes on YouTube, Facebook, and the superstar of Big Tech – Pope Francis.

RTV was banned from posting on YouTube this week for allowing pro-life warrior, Abby Johnson, to explain how Big Abortion exploits women and contributes to human trafficking.

This, according to YouTube, “violates our medical misinformation standards.”  Well, of course it does!

The irony is this: Francis just got his very own YouTube Original documentary, all about – you guessed it! – him!

New from RTV...

In this RTV Spotlight, Michael Matt discusses the accusation leveled against Traditional Catholics by everyone from Pope Francis to the FBI to the radically Leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, i.e., that we “reject Vatican II”. Well, is that true? If so, what does it mean? And if it’s not true, why are they all accusing us of it? What is it about Vatican II that makes it absolutely essential for all Catholics to “accept” under pain of being suspect of “domestic terrorism”?


The irony is rich – conservative Catholic faux “journalists,” reacting to the FBI witch hunt by joining in on the blanket party against traditional Catholics: “We’re not like THOSE people!”  These useful idiots actually did their damnedest to substantiate the FBI’s trumped-up charge that traditional Catholics are basically one migraine away from becoming “domestic terrorists.” 

Saint Valentine, officially known as Saint Valentine of Rome, is a third-century Catholic saint.  Setting aside the chocolate, flowers, cards, and "sexy getaways" now associated with the great Catholic bishop, February 14th is a Catholic feast day. The unimaginative post-Christian world has dropped the "Saint" part, for obvious reasons, but Valentine's Day provides yet another opportunity for us to remind the Brave New World that, without Christianity, they've got nothing. 

New from RTV...

Good news! The FBI helps to raise the profile of the worldwide traditional Catholic movement.

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt provides the backstory behind the recent  FBI memo recommending surveillance of Latin Mass Catholics as potential domestic terrorists. Although the FBI HQ recalled the Richmond memo one day after the FBI whistleblower leaked the memo, Michael argues that there is more to this story. A lot more!

In this address by pro-life warrior -- and former Planned Parenthood director -- Abby Johnson, the question of Pope Francis's position on the life issue is addressed.

Introduced by Michael J. Matt, Mrs. Johnson delivers one of the most powerful pro-life presentations of 2022. Every bishop in American must watch this video. Here's how a Catholic defends the unborn!

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