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There’s a crisis in Ukraine, but who’s invading whom, exactly, and when did it actually start? 

As the bodies of heroic Ukrainians pile up, Michael J. Matt takes a hard look at how we got here. 

Here’s the timeline:

  • Back in 2014, when Jen Psaki was a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton’s State Department, she was asked about plans for a secret U.S. coup d’état in Ukraine that had been leaked to the press. A year later, the Obama Administration helped set up the new, anti-Russia government. 
  • In 2015, a top Ukrainian political analyst wrote a letter to George Soros thanking him for spending hundreds of millions of dollars rebuilding Ukraine and then planting special operatives and political activists throughout the country.
  • Then in 2017, neocon Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain traveled to Ukraine and promised top military leaders that the US would give them “everything they need” to go to war against Vladimir Putin.
  • And now a top advisor to Klaus Schwab says war in Ukraine will unite the world against gas and oil so that the world economy can finally “go green”.

What’s the truth behind the biolabs in Ukraine? What did Putin actually say when he spoke at Davos? And what’s really going on in Ukraine?

This Remnant Underground will remove the blindfold.  

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In his Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre, Michael Davies devoted a chapter to Archbishop Lefebvre’s August 1979 visit to the United States. So much within the Church and world has changed in the years that have passed since 1979, but some of the things that are truly good — especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the immutable Catholic Faith — have remained the same.  As Archbishop Lefebvre explained during his sermon from the Pontifical High Mass on the Feast of the Assumption, the Blessed Virgin Mary has played an all-important role in helping the archbishop and others preserve everything good that we still have today:

“In a few words I would like to show you how much the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, in this painful crisis that the Church is going through, should be our guide and our model. With her we are certain not to go astray. We shall look to her, we shall ask her what she did during the course of her life, what she has to teach us, and we shall see that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary teaches us just what the Church has taught us ever since, in the course of twenty centuries.”

“Under Licinius, forty soldiers of the garrison of Sebaste (Armenia) were exposed on a frozen pond for refusing to sacrifice to idols. All persevered but one, whose courage failed him, and he perished in a bath of tepid water prepared for him. But their guard, inspired by grace, took his place and died with them, so there were forty martyrs still. They suffered A.D. 320.” (Roman Missal)

Vladimir Putin sent his Russian Federation troops into Ukraine in the last week of February 2022. Within a matter of days, Putin, his ministers, and then everyone in Russia had been hit with devastating sanctions. Indiscriminately, every single participant in the Russian economy was cut off from credit and reduced to using a currency spiraling into worthlessness. Russian mothers, children, the handicapped, the elderly—Washington wants them all dead.

As Ludwig von Mises Institute Director Jeff Deist and economist Bob Murphy point out on a recent Mises podcast, the sanctions against Russia are metastasizing rapidly. Valery Gergiev, the conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, has been fired. A Canadian youth hockey league and the Paralympics are banning Russians entirely.  A Russian soprano singer named Anna Netrebko was kicked out of the Metropolitan Opera in New York for not denouncing her country’s president. Russia has been banned from participating in the World Cup. The United States Department of Justice has already created a “task force” to seize the private property of Russian citizens whom Washington has decided—on what standard it is not known—are “oligarchs”.

Japanese Translation Here

Editor’s Note: This morning I received an urgent email from his Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, asking us to give top priority to his message on the crisis in Ukraine.

“In the Russian-Ukrainian crisis,” the Archbishop writes, “we must clearly recognize and denounce the coup d’état of the deep state worldwide, which has worked to install the New World Order, involving the WEF, NATO, UN, the European Union, the IMF…”

I could not agree more with his Excellency, that this is indeed a geo-critical moment and that this discussion must move beyond the realm of Fox News and CNN if we are to bring anything constructive to the de-escalation of this crisis. 

If this issue is not addressed with integrity and objectivity, Viganò cautions, “there is a real risk that the Biden Administration will take advantage of this crisis, of which Joe Biden himself is an accomplice and responsible.”

“There is also a real risk,” His Excellency continues, “that this crisis will serve to cover up Biden’s crimes, those of his son Hunter, the China virus pseudo-pandemic, the Durham investigation, the 2020 electoral fraud, as well as jeopardizing the mid-term elections in the United States.”

As the world finds itself on the brink of World War III—a war orchestrated by a globalist cabal and headed up by the likes of Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Team Biden—I urge readers to prayerfully reflect on this message from His Excellency. “The Truth,” Viganò reminds us, “is the foundation of justice and peace.”  Let us all, therefore, ask God to help us find and defend the light of that truth in this moment of Luciferian darkness.  MJM

As of the date of Putin’s invasion, it appears that some 65% of Ukraine’s population was unvaccinated.  Did Putin really have a choice?

War is no laughing matter.  But what is laughable, as well as criminal, is the manner in which the perpetually lying media and the bipartisan War Party have managed to hide the historical facts which demonstrate that what is happening in Ukraine at this very moment is yet another debacle orchestrated by the arrogant buffoons who administer an American foreign policy that could not have been better designed to destabilize existing regimes, throw vast regions of the world into turmoil, and generate endless war and suffering that never touches the instigating elites.  Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is the war these ghouls did everything in their power to provoke, as Pat Buchanan has rightly observed. Indeed, they would have been furious had Putin not invaded. Now they are delighted at the emergence of yet another self-made crisis they will exploit to the hilt.

When we opposed the invasion of Iraq in the pages of The Remnant some 20 years ago, many of our readers accused us of being a defender of Saddam Hussein. The truth is, I didn’t think much about him, one way or the other. My problem with that charade was the false flag being hoisted all day, all night, every day, every night on American TV.

At its climax—and fed by the most advanced propaganda machine in human history—the war campaign left virtually no room for dissent. If you didn’t go along with the Bush-Cheney crusade to eradicate the “axis of evil” from the face of the earth, well you were part of that axis and thus didn't deserve to speak. You didn’t even deserve to breathe according to the Freedom Fries gang.

Vigano crest 2Venite, convertimini ad me, dicit Dominus.
Venite flentes, fundamus lacrymas ad Deum:
quia nos negleximus, et propter nos terra patitur:
nos iniquitatem fecimus,
et propter nos fundamenta commota sunt.
Festinemus anteire ante iram Dei,
flentes et dicentes:
Qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis.

Transitorium ambrosianum
in Dominica Quinquagesimæ

Come and be converted to me, says the Lord. Come weeping, let us shed tears to God: because we have transgressed, and because of us the earth suffers: we have committed iniquity and because of us its foundations have been shaken. Let us hasten to prevent God’s wrath, weeping and saying: You who take upon Yourself the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

It is difficult for a man of today to understand these words of the Ambrosian Missal. Yet they are simple in their severe clarity, for they show us that God’s wrath because of our sins and betrayals can only be appeased by contrition and penance. In the Roman Rite this concept is made even more clearly in the prayer of the Litany of Saints:

New from Remnant TV...

Even war won't stop the World Economic Forum from flying its freak flag. The future is here! A national digital ID for Canadians, implanted microchips for the Swedes, and war for Eastern Europe.  Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, and everybody says he’s a madman. But mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the maddest of them all?

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt takes a deep dive into the politics behind the Crisis in the Ukraine. If you want to know what’s really going on, turn off Fox News and CNN. The last time war fever hit this pitch, we blew up the Mideast in a pointless war that lasted over twenty years.

Remember that Red Wave we hoped would help save this country in November? Yeah, well, you can kiss that goodbye. The Dems have gotten themselves a wartime president to fall behind. But what’s really going on here? Who’s the good guy? Who’s the bad guy? And is there any difference between the two?

While we look at the shiny new thing on TV every night, the Lunatics of Davos are plotting the end of homo sapiens and freewill. 

Plus, another Canadian premier calls out Justin Trudeau and the Great Reset crowd. The plot thickens. . .


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Praise be to Nero’s Neptune
the Titanic sails at dawn
and everybody’s shouting
“Which side are you on?”

—Bob Dylan, “Desolation Row”

In a February 23, 2022, Washington Examiner piece titled, “China’s support for Russia turns Ukraine into battleground for new world order,” foreign affairs reporter Joel Gehrke writes:

China has given “tacit approval” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest invasion of Ukraine, in the judgment of U.S. officials, as part of a joint effort to undermine the institutions that American and allied leaders established to minimize conflict in the decades following World War II.

“Russia and the PRC also want a world order,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said Wednesday. “But this is an order that is and would be profoundly illiberal. ... It is an order that is, in many ways, destructive rather than additive.”

In his 1984 lectures in Belfast and Dublin, the great Michael Davies began with an image to help his audience understand the manner in which the innovators had spread the novelties of Vatican II within the Church:

“I understand that there is a most effective method of killing goldfish which can be employed by tender-hearted people who do not wish to inflict pain upon these colorful little creatures and yet, for some compelling reason, wish to dispose of them. I had better point out, in order to avoid the wrath of any goldfish lovers, that I have never experimented to discover whether the method actually works. I can look any goldfish in the eye without the least tremor of conscience! The method is as follows: heat up the water in which the goldfish is disporting himself very, very slowly, degree by degree — over a period of days — if possible. The goldfish will continue on his merry way, evincing not the least sign of discomfort and then, almost imperceptibly, he will be floating upside down — dead, stone dead.” (The Goldfish Bowl: The Church Since Vatican II)