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New from Remnant TV...dear dems tnail 2

Michael J. Matt makes an impassioned plea for all Americans to come to the aid of our country. What's happening to the United States right now transcends political parties, religious affiliation, gender and race.

If you love America, you must understand what going to happen to her in 2021. Senator John Kerry (another apostate Catholic) told the World Economic Forum that Joe Biden, if he's sworn in, will make the Great Reset a top priority. But does Sen. Kerry even understand what that means? Do you?

New from Remnant TV...fauci biden godless

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father takes the gloves off on medial dictatorship that is making lepers of us all.

What is happening to our world is ungodly in every sense of the word. The world God created is being turned over to the enemies of God Himself. And in that case, only God Himself can save us.

nativity smaller St Andrew novena

Whoever recites the St. Andrew Christmas novena prayer FIFTEEN times each day from the feast of St. Andrew (November 30th) until Christmas Eve will obtain the favor requested.

Monday, November 30, 2020

St. Andrew's Novena Starts Today

Written by

New from Remnant TV...thumbnail birds of a feather

In this episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt reports on the world premier of Pope Francis’ Economy Francesco, starring the woke youth of the world and Jeffrey Sachs.

Next up, Michael encourages his non-Catholic viewers to consider the “Great Reset” of the Catholic Church that took place a half century ago as an indication of what we might expect from the Great Reset Sorors, Gates and Schwab have in store for the world come January.

thanksgiving Trump Melania turkey pardon

Are we worse off now than we were on Thanksgiving Day of 2019? Since then, we have encountered COVID-19 with the associated lockdowns and other anti-health measures, the BLM/ANTIFA riots, a stunning increase in media dishonesty and censorship, an apparently fraudulent presidential election, the threat of a Global Reset, child exploitation passed off as popular entertainment, and ever more heartbreakingly anti-Catholic actions and pronouncements from the Catholic hierarchy. By almost every measure, we are much worse off now than we were in 2019.

And yet, if we step back and reflect on where we are, there are reasons why we should consider this our greatest Thanksgiving.

New from Remnant TV...just a little bit of Mike being Mike thumbnail

The day after Governor Tim Walz announced new lockdowns in the state of Minnesota, Michael Matt address the "Stuff Your Mandate" rally outside of the governor's mansion.

Michael touches on the questions of the Great Reset and the long-term plan behind the lockdowns and ongoing war on civil liberties in America and around the world.

New from Remnant TV...ready reset go thumbnail

In this week's "Editor's Desk", Michael J. Matt discusses the moral breakdown in America which renders democracy a practical and theoretical impossibility.

The McCarrick Report: Apparently there are only two people to blame for the scandal -- Archbishop Viganò and Pope John Paul II. Isn't that fun!

morrison graphic vatican ii trump biden new order

What do the circumstances surrounding the Mueller Report tell us about the importance of safeguarding the presidential election process? If we as a nation are concerned about a candidate potentially working with a foreign actor to release true information about his or her political opponents, does it seem likely that we would be unconcerned about a candidate coordinating with the media, polling firms, state officials, poll workers and vote counters to directly manipulate voting? In other words, if we think there is a problem with a relatively minor threat to the democratic process, do we think there is a problem with the most significant threat to the democratic process?

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

ELECTION 2020: America’s Vatican II Moment

Written by

New from Remnant TV...Kathy covid thumbnail

In this RTV Special Report, Michael Matt reveals that COVID has been contracted not only by his own brother-in-law but also by RTV producer Tess Mullins.

After some preliminary commentary about the Million MAGA March in D.C., Michael questions whether the national lockdown will do anything more this time than it did during the first wave, especially after World Health Organization special envoy on Covid-19, Professor David Nabarro, has spoken out against lockdowns.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Remnant TV Producer Gets COVID

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New from Remnant TV...thumbnail final biden davos logos

From the Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt considers the good, bad and ugly fallout from Election 2020.

Here's something: Why did JFK have to promise never to let the Vatican influence him as a Catholic president, while Joe Biden is vowing to let Francis do just that?

By the way, why does nobody mind anymore if a "Catholic" is elected president? Maybe it's because the most radical politicians in America--from Pelosi and Newsome on the West Coast the Cuomo and Fauci on the East--are "Catholics".

Raymond Vigano

November 12, 2020

RA: Your Excellency, the report claims you “did not come forward” to present evidence for this Vatican inquiry: were you asked to provide information? Did anyone reach out to you?

+CMV: I am surprised to discover that a Report in which I am mentioned 306 times accuses me of not having “come forward” to testify in this Vatican inquiry on Theodore McCarrick. But according to the norm of canon law, the calling of witnesses is the responsibility of the one who is in charge of the process, on the basis of evidence gathered in the investigation phase.