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“Like the child who takes a perverse pleasure in destroying, it seems that Congar had no greater joy in life than that of witnessing the dilapidation of the treasure of the Church and the destruction of the unity of the Mystical Body of Christ.” (Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, One Hundred Years of Modernism)

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Michael Matt, on the road in Cajun country, discusses the slaughter of 500,000 pioneer traditional Catholics a couple hundred years ago in the Vendee. Never heard of it? Not surprising! Before Michael Matt and the late Michael Davies led a pilgrimage to the Vendee in 1995an event that led to the publication of the book, "For Altar and Throne: The Rising in the Vendee"very few Americans had ever even heard of the Vendee. And what's worse, most French didn't know anything about it, either, since this massive civil war was not taught in French schools. It still isn't, in fact, because it puts the lie to the fake news story that the Enlightenment was all about liberty. Not so!  The first act of the Enlightenment in France was a genocidal extermination of half a million French Catholics.

In one of my latest efforts, I sort of took some heat from readers who felt that my piece had a stronger political tone than the spiritual one which I had hoped to achieve.

It is understandable. The topic of human trafficking in general and more specifically child sex trafficking has finally come out of the shadows with the release of the movie “Sound of Freedom”. So stories that for decades only saw the light of day in alternative media and were roundly delegitimized as figments of some delusional imagination have become validated as the movie took the nation by storm.

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Donald Trump is done with the Branch Covidians, finally. Enough is enough. Every rational person in America knows this Covid think is a sham and a scam designed to control us and, while they're at it, eliminate free elections in America once and for all. Operation Warp Speed, RIP. Thanks be to God!

Thursday, August 31, 2023



There is only one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one can be saved.” (Innocent III and the Fourth Ecumenical Council of the Lateran, 1215)

Spadaro’s words [from his article "Seeds of the Revolution: Jesus Praises great Faith of Pagan Woman" see below] are like a puddle of sewage containing the scum of the worst Modernism that has been plaguing the Church for more than a century.

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It’s coming back this fall, but are the covid lockdowns absolutely necessary to keep you safe? Well, it depends on how you score on the Asch Conformity Experiment.

Padre DJ “pumps up the jams” for young people in devil’s horns and witches’ costumes. But Pope Francis blessed his headphones, anyway, and then invited him to World Youth Day.

“This is magisterium: the Council is the magisterium of the Church. Either you are with the Church and therefore you follow the Council, and if you do not follow the Council or you interpret it in your own way, as you wish, you are not with the Church. We must be demanding and strict on this point. The Council should not be negotiated in order to have more of these... No, the Council is as it is.” (Francis, January 30, 2021 Address)

A significant part of the articles and discussions held in traditional and conservative Catholic circles describe and lament the current situation of both the world and the Church. If we notice that unlike the era before the French Revolution (1789), in our times sin has not only become widespread but has also been institutionalized through so-called “laws” that directly contradict the Ten Commandments and the Christian Gospel, this is an easily understandable fact. Instead of attempting to describe the extent of the social and institutional disaster of our days, I will simply state that everything proves the truth of the words of the Saint John, the Eagle of Patmos, who affirms that “the whole world is seated in wickedness” (1 John 5: 19). But what is the root of such a situation? What is lacking in the Church and the world today? The answer, I think, is self-evident: saints. We lack saints.

Blessed Pius IX’s words about “liberty of conscience and worship” from his 1864 encyclical, Quanta Cura, likely sound familiar to many faithful Catholics:

"Liberty of conscience and worship is each man’s personal right, which ought to be legally proclaimed and asserted in every rightly constituted society.”

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In this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael puts the fourth indictment of Donald Trump into perspective, noting that this has little to do with Trump and everything to do with the Globalists’ plot to cancel America.

To that end, this episode also includes an impassioned plea from Michael Matt to stand and defend the family. As the entire Globalist experiment is all about cancelling marriage and the family, nothing is more important than that.