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From RTV on Memorial Day:

Long before the spirit of Vatican II had reinvented the Catholic priest in the image and likeness of Jimmy Martin, there were so many heroes numbered among Catholic priests that even Hollywood used to make movies about them.

Whether it was the more than 2,500 Catholic priests who were murdered by the Nazis at the Dachau concentration camp, or the thousands killed or tortured alongside József Cardinal Mindszenty under the Soviet regime, or the untold numbers of military chaplains who gave their lives on the battlefields of WW I, WWII, Korea and Vietnam, they are the unsung heroes we would like to remember this Memorial Day in a special way.

New from RTV...

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father addresses a major point of division that has divided serious Catholics for the past 30 years. Rather than pushing his own agenda or insisting that it's his way or the highway, Father encourages Catholics from all camps to unite, if not physically, in the same places of worship, then at least in spirit as one united force against the builders of a diabolical New World Order.

Introduction by Michael Matt

Let’s go back ten years and imagine me telling readers of The Remnant that the day is coming when the pope will abdicate and be replaced by a globalist who will order every church in the world to close its doors, suspend Sunday obligation indefinitely, ban all private Masses in the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome and initiate a plan to abolish Summorum Pontificum worldwide.

You would have cancelled your subscription to The Remnant and rightfully so, its editor having obviously lost his mind. And yet here we are.   Among his increasingly bizarre initiatives, declaring all-out war on the Mass—the Traditional Latin Mass, as well as Novus Ordo private Mass—may go down as the hallmark of this ridiculous pontificate.

New from RTV...

In this episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt asks the question: Are the wheels falling off the Covid Cult?

Consider this:

- The Department of Defense lifts masks and does NOT require proof of vaccination
- Target stores, Lowe’s, Walmart, Starbucks all drop masks without requiring proof of vax
- Pope Fauci is mocked on SNL
- Leftist golden boy, Bill Gates, is discredited by everyone, including his wife

New From RTV...

Whether you’re Catholic or not, this sermon will be of interest to you. This is how Catholic priests used to speak, before the Vatican teamed up with the globalists in the 1960s.

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father recalls several dire predictions which were delivered in Fatima, Portugal to three shepherd children back in 1917.

The predictions were delivered in a public setting by a woman believed to be the Blessed Virgin Mary, although the Catholic bishop at the time was very skeptical and did not encourage it to be taken seriously. In fact, it was only after years of investigation that finally, on October 13, 1930, the Church declared the events at Fatima ‘worthy of belief’.

Vos ex patre Diabolo estis, et desideria patris vestri vultis facere.

You are of your father the Devil, and the desires of your father you will do.

- Jn 8:44

vigano crest

New from Remnant TV...

When the “science” can no longer support the agenda, it’s time to change the science.

Last week the “experts” said we all had to wear our cute lil masks even after being vaccinated. This week they changed their minds, and even Uncle Joe gets to shuffle around mask-less.

What changed?

Michael J. Matt, Katie Matt and Tess Mullins--members of the Remnant Team--join 2,500+ in running, walking, and rowing together around the globe  Michael J. Matt, Katie Matt and Tess Mullins--members of the Remnant Team--join 2,500+ in running, walking, and rowing together around the globe 

Today is the day!

Back on May 7, the Biden White House issued an order to lower flags to half-staff around the nation to honor fallen police officers during National Police Week 2021.

The flags would have been lowered today, had it not been for the fact that the Biden Administration abruptly reversed the decision last week, eliminating any call to lower the flags in honor of fallen police.

Editor's Note: One of the key indicators of the pandemic insanity presently infecting our “enlightened” society is the war on law and order, specifically the push by communist agitators posing as social justice warriors to defund and disband the police. The same radicals that years ago decided parental discipline is detrimental to  the self-esteem of children, now assume the preposterous position of judging those whose job is to police the  urban chaos the “progressive” policies created.  And rather than admitting to the colossal failure of their own harebrained schemes, the “progressives” blame the cops to the point of making it nearly impossible for them to do their job.  But the “progressives" idealogues don’t actually intend to disband the police.  Once every homegrown, hometown, American-born cop has left the beat in disgust over the bureaucratic hogwash he’s got to endure on a daily basis, the push will be to bring in the “replacements”, i.e., the national and even international troops of the police state. One of the things we can do to prevent this and, by the way, stall The Great Reset in the process, is to back the blue. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with this new Remnant series. Good cops are the last line of defense and the only thing that stands between us and the police state of the New World Order.

Calling All Cops

I’m asking Remnant readers to get the word out to police officers and their spouses—Catholic or not—to share their stories with us,  or to sit for a Remnant interview,  or at least to submit the names and accounts of fallen police officers whom we will then honor in this new Remnant series. The cops are not the problem in the streets of America today. The politicians and their globalist puppeteers are. MJM

For over a year, the whole world has been held hostage by an elite that, under the pretext of the pandemic, intends to create the conditions for the Great Reset and the establishment of the New World Order. This latest revolution, planned by the enemies of God and the human race, is certainly an infernal work, and as such it must be combated by recourse to the spiritual weapons of prayer, fasting, and penance. I exhort faithful Catholics to recite the Holy Rosary daily during this month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, adding this supplication. May the Mediatrix of All Graces, the Queen of Victories, assist us with her patronage in these moments of apostasy and grant us the virtue of Fortitude to resist evil and obtain the conversion of sinners.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

August Lady and Queen of Heaven, turn your gaze upon us Your children in this hour of darkness and affliction. Do not disdain to hear and answer our humble and confident prayer, at a moment when the forces of the Enemy are multiplying their infernal assault against God, His Church, and the human family.

You who are the model and example of humility and obedience to the will of God, enlighten our rulers, so that they may remember that the authority they exercise comes from the Lord, and that they will have to answer to Him, the Just Judge, for both the good they have not done as well as the evil they have committed. You who are the Virgin Most Faithful, teach those who administer public affairs to honor the moral obligations of their office, refusing any connivance with vice and error.

You who by your intercession before the Throne of God heal the evils of soul and body and are rightly invoked as Health of the Sick, guide doctors and health care workers in their profession. Help them to care for the sick and to give assistance to the weakest among us. Give them the courage to oppose those who would force them to cause death or illness with inappropriate treatments or harmful drugs. Invoke the Divine Physician of our souls, Our Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to awaken in their conscience an awareness of their role and their duty to promote the life and health of the body.

You who during the Flight into Egypt saved Your Divine Son from the massacre of Herod, deliver our children from the moral and spiritual threats that loom over them. Protect our little ones from the true pestilence of sin and vice, and from the criminal plans of the ideological dictatorship that wants to strike them in body and spirit. Strengthen parents and educators to oppose the experimental use of a dangerous and morally illicit drug on our children. Thwart the attacks of those who assault their innocence, trying to pervert them from an early age by corrupting their morals and warping their intellect.  

You who were consoled by the presence of Your Son in your passage to eternal life, be close to the sick, the elderly, and the dying, especially those who, due to inhuman regulations, face death alone in a hospital bed, deprived of the Sacraments. Bring them comfort. Inspire in them repentance for the sins they have committed and the desire to offer their sufferings in reparation for these sins, so that they may close their eyes with the consolation of the friendship of God.

You who are called Mother of the Priesthood, enlighten our Shepherds. Open their eyes to see the present threat. Make them consistent witnesses to Christ Your Son, courageous defenders of the flock that the Lord has entrusted to them, and valiant opponents of error and vice. Shake off from them, Virgin Most Holy, all human respect and all connivance with sin. Inflame them with love for God and their neighbor, enlighten their minds, and strengthen their will.

You before whom all the demons of Hell take flight, defeat the diabolical plans of this hateful tyranny, the deception of the pandemic, the lie of the workers of iniquity. Make the light of Truth shine upon the lie, just as the true light of Christ shines upon the darkness of error and sin. Confuse Your enemies and humiliate under Your Foot the proud head of those who dare to challenge Heaven and want to establish the Reign of Antichrist.

You who by divine decree are Mediatrix of All Graces and Our Co-Redemptrix, obtain for us the grace of seeing the triumph of Your Immaculate Heart, to which we consecrate ourselves, our families, our communities, the Holy Church, our Homeland, and the whole world.

So may it be.

13 May 2021
In Ascensione Domini
In Apparitione B.M.V. Immaculatæ

Editor's Note: Thanks to the Internet, is so easy to familiarize ourselves today with the history of yesterday-- history that we as a society DO NOT WANT TO REPEAT. Much of what is happening right now under Herr Schwab and Herr Biden and Herr Gates happened during Sophie Scholl's time, too. She and her brother endured everything we're facing now. 

All throughout 2020, we gained firsthand knowledge of the awesome power of propaganda and how easy it is to use fear tactics to enslave an entire people in a very short period of time. After COVID and the 2020 election and Klaus Schwab's threatened Great Reset, nobody will ever again wonder how the Nazis took over Germany. We get it.

If Sophie Scholl were around today, she’d be banned by Facebook for spreading misinformation and canceled for being a "racist" by a woke mob of peaceful protesters. Trust the government, Sophie, and shut your mouth! Stop spreading "conspiracies". Put on the armband. Put on two armbands!

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