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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Soft racism’: German Bishops’ website attributes African Catholics’ strong faith to simplemindedness

By:   James Cunningham
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This week on LifeSiteNews: "The only reason the Catholic Church is growing in Africa is because the people have a “rather low level” of education and accept “simple answers to difficult questions” involving marriage and sexuality, posited an article on the official website of the German Bishops' Conference posted yesterday. The article targeted particularly Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea, the Vatican's prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and ardent defender of Catholic tradition.First Things blogger Leroy Huizenga, who translated a portion of the article, criticized the article's view as “soft racism.”

"In his article, titled “The Romantic, Poor Church,” editor Björn Odendahl writes: 

So also in Africa. Of course the Church is growing there. It grows because the people are socially dependent and often have nothing else but their faith. It grows because the educational situation there is on average at a rather low level and the people accept simple answers to difficult questions (of faith) [sic]. Answers like those that Cardinal Sarah of Guinea provides. And even the growing number of priests is a result not only of missionary power but also a result of the fact that the priesthood is one of the few possibilities for social security on the dark continent.

"Huizenga said that such an article has no place on a bishops’ conference website." READ MORE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT See what Francis hath wrought!  There is something particularly loathsome about racism, and when it comes from German Catholic hierarchy it reeks of rotten NAZI ideologues.  All indications point to the cooperation and input by Pope Francis in his promotion and statements concerning the Kasperian Ostpolitik incorporated into the contraversial Synod on the Family.

Unless and until Pope Francis corrects the direction of the Rhine, the Church will drown in its wake. I pity those who for whatever reasons are still locked into the belief that Pope Francis is chiefly concerned with pleasing God.  On the contrary, he seems to be amused by the contradiction of what Jesus said and did vs. what the humble Pope's 'new Church' wants to say and do.

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Last modified on Saturday, November 28, 2015