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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Handy Dandy Laudato Si Roadmap

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Handy Dandy Laudato Si Roadmap

1.                Condemn throwaway culture—need more recycling. (¶¶ 20-22)

2.                Condemn rise in greenhouse gasses—rising ocean levels. (¶23-26)

3.                Condemn water scarcity and inequality of water rights. (¶¶ 27-31).

4.                Condemn extinction of plants and animals—be sure to mention children’s loss and God’s glory—we have no right!. (¶¶ 32-42).

5.                Lament decline in quality of life. (¶¶ 43-47).

6.                Condemn global inequality—food, wealth, water, foreign debt. (¶¶ 48-52)
7.                Condemn overuse of air-conditioning. (¶ 55)

Talk about the Judeo-Christian “Gospel of Creation”—be sure to explain why religion is being mentioned! (¶¶ 62-100)

Quote Canticle of Brother Son—leave out serving omnipotent God and reference to mortal sin and damnation. (¶ 85)

10.             Condemn technological paradigm and misguided anthropocentrism. (¶101-116).

11.             Mention “human embryo”—avoid calling embryo person; relate killing of embryos to mistreating poor and disabled persons and to inconsistent concern for environment; avoid condemning abortion as immoral and criminal. (¶117, 120, 136)

12.             Avoid contraception. Avoid abortion for remainder of encyclical—say something general about “integrity of human life” and “great values.” (¶ 224)

13.             Condemn relativism, unemployment, biotech, raise concern about genetically modified foods, etc—need “cultural revolution.” (¶¶ 114-136)

14.             Call for “integral ecology”: environmental, social, economic, cultural, and in daily life. (¶¶ 137-163).

15.             Call for solutions and various kinds of dialogue. (¶¶ 164-201).

16.             Call for “ecological education,” “ecological spirituality” and “ecological conversion.” (¶¶ 202-221)

17.             Talk about joy, peace and love. (¶¶ 222-232).

18.             Add Catholic material at end—maintain ecological slant. (¶ 233-245).

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Christopher A. Ferrara

Christopher A. Ferrara: President and lead counsel for the American Catholic Lawyers Inc., Mr. Ferrara has been at the forefront of the legal defense of pro-lifers for the better part of a quarter century. Having served with the legal team for high profile victims of the culture of death such as Terri Schiavo, he has long since distinguished him a premier civil rights Catholic lawyer.  Mr. Ferrara has been a lead columnist for The Remnant since 2000 and has authored several books published by The Remnant Press, including the bestseller The Great Façade. Together with his children and wife, Wendy, he lives in Richmond, Virginia.