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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Italian Archbishop Invites SSPX Priest to Offer Bimonthly Mass for His Faithful Featured

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Abp. Lorenzo Ghizzoni Abp. Lorenzo Ghizzoni

As Archbishop of Ravenna-Cervia,  Msgr. Ghizzoni is allowing, on the first and second Sundays in October, a priest of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX) to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

The celebration will take place in the parish of Saint Maria del Torrione and follows from the formation of a stable group of  the faithful desiring the Traditional Rite, who've asked the Archbishop for it. 

The celebrant was Father  Enrico Doria of the priory of  “Madonna di Loreto” in Rimini.

The online edition of the paper „Prima Pagina Reggio“ described it: “It seems that Pope Francis' recognition of the legitimacy of the sacrament of reconciliation given by lefebvrian priests has also quickly led to a new course in the Italian Episcopate.  This, what was unthinkable yesterday, (the opening of parish property to Lefevrians, who had previously been regarded as lepers), are today not only tolerated but welcome.  Those of the faithful community close to Econe will celebrate, but also all other faithful of the Catholic Church, we are convinced, will make use of this." 

Msgr. Lorenzo Ghizzoni was named in Dezember 2012 by Pope Benedict  XVI. as Archbishop of Ravennaand enthroned in January 2013. 

REMNANT COMMENT: So, what have we here? An SSPX priest was invited by an Archbishop to say the Latin Mass in his diocese at a parish Church for his faithful twice a month! As more time passes, the position of Michael Voris and his friend, Fr. Paul Nicholson, becomes more and more embarrassing. Voris’ CMTV recently devoted an entire week to denigrating the Society, calling it schismatic, heretical, and various other things. Similarly, his friend Fr. Nicholson is on record saying that a Mass said by an SSPX priest is even worse than a black Mass. I wonder if Voris and Fr. Nicholson will alert Abp. Ghizzoni to the fact that he is permitting a “schismatic” priest to commit “mortal sin” by offering a Tridentine Mass to his faithful? By the logic of our Neo-Cath friends, the Archbishop would have been better off letting a Satanic priest offer a Black Mass at the parish twice a month.

Regardless, let us give thanks that the Church hierarchy is slowly recognizing that the SSPX has always been in material, de facto, Full Communion, even if they have taken great pains till now, not to admit it. With the news of the tragic annulment documents of Pope Francis, coupled with the ongoing travesty of the Synod, we need to rejoice when we can.

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Last modified on Wednesday, October 14, 2015