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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Depraved Leading the Morally Bankrupt

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The Depraved Leading the Morally Bankrupt
Norway offering sex ed for Islamic migrants

I must admit I laughed yesterday to read an article from the New York Times saying that Norwegian “refugee” officials had, rather tentatively and with many apologies, launched “training sessions” for their Islamic migrants in European standards of sexual behaviour. This was admitted to be an effort to try to teach them “right from wrong.” Cynic that I am, my first thought was, “Do you know?”

I suppose it requires the point of view of a traditionally-minded Catholic to see the bizarre irony of the morally bankrupt European secularists preaching their deranged version of sexual morality to Muslims. It’s like watching a contest to see which set of norms are more degrading and dehumanizing.

“Fearful of stigmatizing migrants as potential rapists and playing into the hands of anti-immigrant politicians, most European countries have avoided addressing the question of whether men arriving from more conservative societies might get the wrong idea once they move to places where it can seem as if anything goes,” the Times brightly writes.

I found the irony amusing because Norway, like nearly all western European countries, is in fact, a place where nearly anything goes. “Gay marriage” was launched there in 2009 and the country prides itself on following the Scandinavian model of total, unfettered sexual license and rigid adherence to the fashionable gender ideologies. The Times notes that Denmark and Bavaria are among the places considering such programmes.

We have all watched in growing horror as millions of military aged single Muslim men, mainly from countries where war, violence and moral degradation have been the norm for decades, have begun flooding into European countries. The German government recently admitted that this year alone at least 1.1 million such migrants have been allowed to enter the country. Last summer the world learned how far European self-loathing had come when we were shown the bizarre spectacle of German citizens gathering in train stations, singing and handing out gifts as the crowds of these young Islamic men were ushered into a manifestly culturally suicidal Germany.

One of the things the world is learning about Islam - or perhaps re-learning – is how integral rape is to Islamic culture. The news flashed around the internet a few months ago that government statistics in Norway showed that 100% of that country’s rapes were perpetrated by Islamic immigrant men on Norwegian victims.

The government of Sweden announced recently that they have the distinction of being the “rape capital” of the western world after welcoming hundreds of thousands of Islamic immigrants into their midst. The stories broke last year of more than a thousand young girls – most of them under the “care” of the British government – had been “groomed” through a concentrated campaign of sexual and psychological violence into sexual slavery to Pakistani Muslim men. Raping non-muslim women is a big thing in Islamic culture.

It turns out that in Islam, women exist solely for the sexual gratification of men. The surprise for those of us paying attention, is how neatly this behavioural model fits in with our post-Christian sexual mores where, now that we have thrown off antiquated Christian notions of confining sexual behaviour to procreative marriage, women now exist solely for the sexual gratification of men.

Those who live in these European countries and are charged with dealing directly with this problem are increasingly at a loss, stuck between an ideological rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they have devoted themselves to a rabid, post-Christian, secularist ideology that above all insists that under no circumstances may they claim that their own culture is superior, morally or otherwise, to any other. This cultural relativism that 40 years ago was limited to academics has become the state religion of the European Superstate, rigidly enforced at all levels of society. Heaven help a Christian family in Germany who want to teach their children to actually believe the tenets of their own religion – or worse to homeschool them.

On the other hand, they are now suddenly faced nose-to-nose for the first time with what it really means to have a radically different concept of morality, coming from a culture that favours violence and oppression and makes no bones about its aggressive intentions.

The idea of giving “sex education” to recent Muslim immigrants was supported by Henry Ove Berg, who served as police chief of the Norwegian town of Stavanger when there was a “spike in rape cases” there. This merely coincided in time with the sudden influx of new arrivals from North Africa and the Middle East. Just a coincidence, because, according to Berg, “there was a link but not a very clear link” between the sudden dramatic increase in rape cases and the arrival of the immigrants.

I could not help but wonder how they are going to explain how “gay marriage” and legal and state-funded abortion are superior moral values to the Muslim hobby of rape. I imagined myself briefly in the position of one of these young men from these “more conservative” African countries, trying to sort through the contradictions of a society addicted to total sexual license telling him that it was not OK to rape. But join a political campaign for legalised prostitution and lowering the age of consent for homosexual activity or murder your unborn child and the state will congratulate you on your progressive ideals and foot the bill.

I suppose the only thing these immigrant sex education sessions will really need to teach them is the notion of “consent.” Whatever you want to do with your body parts is just fine, as long as your “partner” consents. In Germany, perhaps they could recommend to these young men that their carnal desires could be fulfilled in a more socially acceptable way in one of the state-licensed brothels.

It is rare that any mainstream media outlet will include quotes from the immigrants themselves, with most journalists preferring to talk to the like-minded officials. But in this case the NYT dared to quote a man from Eritrea who said that he had indeed found it difficult to figure out what was and was not acceptable. He said he had had to adjust to the notion of women being allowed to smile in public or walk about alone; such behaviour in his country being simply an invitation to rape.

“Men have weaknesses and when they see someone smiling it is difficult to control,” Abdu Osman Kelifa said. In Eritrea, “if someone wants a lady he can just take her and he will not be punished.”

Indeed, it is not difficult to discover the attitude toward women from the Muslim world. YouTube videos regularly make the rounds showing groups of young Arab and African men, often only teenagers, engaging in what here would be considered criminal sexual assault – tearing off a girl’s clothing in public places in full daylight with onlookers standing by – with the explanation that they simply happened to want to “try” her.

Who knows, maybe some good will come of this. Maybe some of these officials will be forced themselves to confront their own insane contradictions. Meanwhile, it still strikes me funny to watch the spectacle of their mental contortions as they break their own cardinal law, trying to justify imposing their own Christian-derived moral standards while at the same time continuing vociferously to deny there is any such thing.

The whole thing highlights the main difficulty of post-Christian Europe: the total failure of their entire intellectual system. Moral relativism has been described as a self-immolating concept. Logically absurd slogans like, “It’s wrong to impose your moral beliefs on others,” and “There’s no such thing as objective truth,” have never given any of the intellectually stunted adherents of the ideology a moment’s pause until now. What has been required so far has been a universal unspoken agreement that we are all going to continue to hold the old Christian behaviour codes, while denying they exist. But in Islam, for the first time they have met people who haven’t the least intention of playing along with either the lies of moral relativism or the uncompromising moral standards of Christendom.

Islam does not care at all about the delicate politically correct sensitivities of secularized European elites and bureaucrats. It despises them, in fact, and rightly so. And it is clear that these Islamic men arriving in Europe for the first time can hardly believe their luck. They are, to put it briefly, wolves let loose among the 500 million sheep of the EU. The evidence is growing daily not only that Europeans can certainly count on more violence from their Muslim immigrant guests, but that their own governments, both local and national, have no intention whatever to protect them.

This was demonstrated this week when the mayor of Cologne, a woman named Henriette Reker, recently elected on a liberal pro-immigration platform, told media that a night of horrifying sexual assaults and rapes committed in a crowd of over 1000 “migrant” men during that city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations had nothing whatever to do with migrants. It is up to the girls, she said, to be more prepared in future.

They should still “go out and have fun,” Reker said helpfully, “but they need to be better prepared, especially with the Cologne carnival coming up.” Her municipal government will also publish “online guidelines” to help young women “to prepare themselves.”

To understand how close many European countries are to outright civil war, Reker’s advice to young German women to “be more prepared” to be raped by migrant Muslims – for whom such behaviour is perfectly normal – can be put together with comments from a Cologne opposition party councilor who said, “The city and the police… are unable to guarantee the safety of locals and tourists.”

Last week, Cologne police were by their own admission totally unprepared for their first New Year’s Eve with Germany’s new population of Islamic guests, at first sending only a handful of officers. Eventually the station square was evacuated, but not before what Der Tagesspiegel newspaper described as “massive sexual violence against women.”

Cologne police chief, Wolfgang Albers, admitted that the effort to keep the New Year’s incident out of the press had been a mistake. On Monday, Albers admitted that the majority of the perpetrators had been young migrant men, many recently arrived from “North African and Arab countries.” This admission represents a step back from the normal clamp-down on any mention of a criminal’s ethnicity. In hyper-sensitive Germany, any mention of race is normally publicly taboo. But Albers said that in these circumstances, the public “must see who it was.”

The question remains open; will the “migrant crisis” be a catalyst for European secularists to start reevaluating what they believe and why? It seems doubtful. That would require the ability to think clearly and rationally, to recognise logical contradictions and make distinctions based on objective reality, all intellectual accomplishments that are no longer practiced among European “intellectuals”.

But the whole thing is fascinating in a kind of “pop some corn, load your shotgun and watch the world end” sort of way. What happens next will be interesting to watch, though I could have wished not to be watching quite so close to my front door.

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Hilary White

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