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Monday, January 11, 2016

Modernist Bishop Olson Endangers His Flock With PC Gun Policy Featured

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Bishop Olson & Pope Francis Bishop Olson & Pope Francis
Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth has done it again.  Olson, a Francis appointee, began his episcopal career by forbidding priests to say the Latin Mass at Fisher-More College resulting in its demise.  The reason? Bishop Olson wrote a letter to Fisher-More’s president saying it was “out of my pastoral solicitude and care for the students of Fisher-More College as well as for your own soul.” Yes, you heard that correctly. The good bishop forbade the Traditional Latin Mass on this college campus for the “care” of the students and the “good” of the president’s soul!

Remnant columnist Peter Crenshaw then did a superb job of researching Bishop Olson’s past, discovering several obscure videos of then Monsignor Olson participating in ecumenical roundtables where he spewed various textbook modernist bromides, including:

A modernist definition of Faith:


Redefining “Outside the Church, No Salvation”:


And pondering, along with Bishop Barron, if Hell is empty:


As if this weren’t enough, Bishop Olson recently banned all firearms whatsoever, upon any Church property in the Fort Worth diocese. The Ft. Worth Diocesan website writes:

…the Diocese of Fort Worth strictly prohibits the possession of, exhibiting or threatening to exhibit or to use, or use of any and all weapons, including firearms, on Diocesan premises by anyone whether licensed or unlicensed and whether concealed or visible. Parishioners, volunteers, students and employees are further prohibited from the possession of, exhibiting or threatening to exhibit or to use, or the use of any and all weapons while conducting business on behalf of the Parish/School/Diocese off of Diocesan premises...

Thus, the same flawed liberal logic we see in Francis’ “mercy” as well as his reckless promotion of unfettered Muslim immigration into Europe makes its way into his appointees.  For who in the world is actually protected by this policy? Only in the delusional world Bishop Olson apparently lives in, will a criminal with a gun obey Olson’s directive.  Common sense dictates that the only people who will obey this pharisaical edict will be the faithful of Bishop Olson’s own parishes.  Therefore, if, God forbid, a peace-loving Syrian "refugee" should walk on diocesan property with a firearm and begin shooting, Bishop Olson has all but guaranteed that no one in the congregation will be able to stop him.   How, pray tell, does this make one member of Bishop Olson’s flock safer? It doesn’t. Instead, it puts them at higher risk to be victims of gun violence.

But Churchmen like Bishop Olson and Pope Francis either do not care or haven’t stopped to apply a modicum of logic to situations like these. Instead they are prisoners of a shallow politically correct ideology; an ideology, which selfishly puts the appearance of compassion and non-violence ahead of protecting the flock from the wolves.

The worst part, however, is the fact that both Olson and Francis are being used by an ideology which could not care in the least about gun control or open borders. It simply uses these concepts to play upon the fickle emotions of the intellectually shallow. This ideology’s true goal is power. Gun control, immigration, global warming, racism, transgenderism, poverty, and every other liberal cause is merely a deceptive Trojan horse.  As all Trojan horses, hidden motives are cloaked with the shallow appearance of truth, with poison lurking underneath. In the words of the late Bishop Gaume:

I am not what you think I am. Many speak of me but few know me. I am not Freemasonry, nor rioting, nor the changing of the monarchy into a republic, not the substitution of one dynasty for another, not temporary disturbance of public order. I am not the shouts of Jacobins, nor the fury of the Montagne, nor the fighting on the barricades, nor pillage, nor arson, nor the agricultural law, nor the guillotine, nor the drownings. I am neither Marat nor Robespierre, nor Babeuf nor Mazzini nor Kossuth. These men are my sons but they are not me. These things are my works but they are not me. These men and these things are passing objects but I am a permanent state... I am the hatred of all order not established by man and in which he himself is not both king and god.

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Last modified on Tuesday, January 12, 2016