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Friday, July 15, 2016

A Call to Holiness in Northeastern Pennsylvania

By:   Stephanie Pendrak
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Fr. Gregory Pendergraft Addresses Juventutem NP Fr. Gregory Pendergraft Addresses Juventutem NP

One More Reason to Never Lose Hope…

(A Remnant Exclusive) In a world ever-looking to ensnare and trap youth, there is a great need for an effort to rebuild a Catholic society. Each society is made up of many groups. Each group is made up of many individuals. The holiness of the individuals therefore defines the sanctity of the society. It is therefore necessary that each individual must strive to be holy.

One such group which aids its members to be holy is the Fœderatio Internationalis Juventutem, or Juventutem for short. (Aside from the debate on whether or not the name should be with an “I” or a “J”) Juventutem is an organization that seeks to unify and sanctify Catholic Souls to the Traditions of our Holy Catholic Faith. It is a mission that is inspiring and slowly taking root across the world.

Juventutem knows that as a young Catholic, you can’t leave your faith to chance, hoping that you can endure the onslaught of the world. Catholic sacraments, fellowship and evangelization are key to matching the world, the flesh and the devil, punch for punch.

Their newest Chapter just opened in Scranton, PA, by a small group immediately drawn to the idea of helping Catholic youth discover, grow and live the Catholic Faith. As it says on the Scranton Chapter’s website, “Our Catholic Faith is our passion.” Thanks to the vision of FSSP pastor Father Jose Zepeda, Juventutem Scranton has its base of operation at the FSSP Parish St. Michael’s, in Scranton, PA.

Anyone 18 years old and up, living in Northeastern PA, is welcome to join Juventutem Scranton. Each month they will meet for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, followed by a meeting or activity, depending on what is scheduled. Apologetics, Devotions, and Catholic comradery will be employed to help all grow in holiness.

For more information or schedule of current events, please visit the Juventutem Scranton website at: . And please, pray for us, we need it!

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(Left to right: Stephanie George, Anthony George, Stephanie Pendrak, Father Jose Zepeda, FSSP, Caroline Gillenkirk, Jim McWhirter, Mary LaFata, Brian Palmiter)


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