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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Simcha Fisher and Christendom College: The Plot Sickens

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If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”  –Machiavelli

The devil will make great effort to destroy Catholic schools.”  –Prophecy of Our Lady of Good Success

In one of his finest roles, Sean Connery plays the part of an apparently honest but ultimately Machiavellian Irish-American beat cop named Jimmy Malone in the 1987 classic gangster film, The Untouchables. In one of the film’s most famous scenes, tutoring the family man WASP, Eliot Ness, brilliantly played by Kevin Costner, on the “Chicago Way,” Connery states in Welsh/Irish brogue, “If you open the ball on these people, Mr. Ness, you must be prepared to go all the way.”



This method of “doubling down” or refusing to give up when one is pressured has proven extremely effective for president Trump during both his election campaign as well as his brief tenure as president. Under constant pressure from the left wing, “fake news” media as well as “Deep State” cells in the FBI, CIA, and State Department, our current president has fought off every accusation against him, and, in the process has redefined American politics.

While, in the past, Republicans and Democrats had run away in shame when something they said at a high school party in the 1970s was brought to their attention, Trump simply applies the Chicago Way and hurls a more serious accusation against his accusers, sending them to the medicine cabinet for the Ativan.

The lesson learned is that some things are worth fighting for, and apologizing and showing weakness only emboldens one’s enemies.

However, there are times when the evidence against a person is so overwhelming that one simply must surrender.

The most prominent contemporary example is the #metoo movement, which is cleansing the Augean Stables of American media, politics, and sports. And, thankfully, the repulsive monsters who preyed on young American men and women have no option but to capitulate to justice.

As Americans of a variety of political stripes agree, the never ending parade of celebrity abusers who decorate the nightly news with their hangdog faces such as Larry Nassar, Harvey Weinstein, Bryan Singer, and Al Franken (who, although born in New York City, somehow ended up as senator in frosty Minnesota) are all degenerates who deserve worse than jail, and their victims deserve the satisfaction of justice.

Hoping to jump back into the journalistic spotlight, Simcha Fisher, a once popular writer for the National Catholic Register, who was summarily fired for her crude online behavior, discovered a series of allegations against Christendom College.

However, although Fisher was within her rights to bring these accusations to the attention of Christendom, her solution that Christendom loosen up its rules regarding interactions between the sexes was an unjustified attempt to strike back at the conservative Catholic culture by which she had been chastened in the past.

Turning to her blog, Fisher attacked Christendom, not only for its alleged mishandling of the very serious matter of abuse, but as a Catholic institution attempting to follow traditional Catholic ethics.

Christendom initially doubled down and said that the accusations against the college were inaccurate and exaggerated, but at the same time offered an apology to anyone who had been harmed.

Fisher appeared moderately satisfied that there was some response, and then the matter went quiet for a few days.

But then something weird happened.

Christendom College responded again with a stronger admission of guilt and a thank you to the Fishers for giving the abused a platform to present their accusations.

However, Christendom’s response emboldened Fisher (and her husband, who seems to be Fisher’s little helper in the whole process) and has prompted her to call for the resignation of Christendom President Timothy O’Donnell, an action that would no doubt draw nationwide media attention to Fisher and her husband’s detective work. 

Again, your author here has no idea whether or not or to what degree the accusations against any former or current students are true or the degree to which any one administrator at Christendom is culpable for their actions. Moreover, any administrative activity at Christendom is the business of Christendom, not The Remnant or any of its humble writers.

Rather, what needs to be addressed (again) is Fisher’s goal of self-promotion and attack on the traditional Catholic culture of modesty and decorum, which Christendom officially represents. Secondly, Fisher’s attack on The Remnant, and its readers, which came after the Christendom apology and thanks, is at the very least childish and at the most, slanderous.

As part of her attack, Fisher has also called for the resignation of another employee of Christendom for the dastardly crime of commenting under an article in The Remnant Newspaper.

As part of her assault, Fisher has reached into her arsenal for the “nuclear option” of accusing The Remnant of being anti-Semitic, for, apparently, any criticism of Simcha Fisher is an attack on her Jewish ancestry.

Fisher seemed especially incensed at some of the comments made under The Remnant piece, although, oddly enough, the strongest comments were made by--wait for it--Jewish converts to Catholicism who were ashamed both as Jews and as Catholics of Fisher’s long history of bad behavior.

Fisher’s accusations of anti-Semitism are not only unjust but are, in all honesty, very typical of her erratic online behavior.

If anyone is anti-Semitic, it is Simcha Fisher whose spastic, narcissistic behavior and obnoxious waving around of her ethnic identity (including borrowing images from the grotesque, neo-pagan Alt Right), should be more offensive to Jews than Christians, for it only feeds into crude and unfair anti-Semitic stereotypes.

What is more, Fisher’s accusations of anti-Semitism are merely part of the attempt by the cultural left, around which she and her fellow writers at America orbit, to label any and all conservatism as essentially racist and anti-Semitic.

The sad reality of Fisher’s crying wolf is that, amidst the grotesque flowing tide of genuine racism on the internet, Fisher has decided to hide behind lies and childish name-calling in order to defend her own selfish, cruel, and reckless behavior. By accusing fellow Catholics of anti-Semitism, she only emboldens those genuine racists on the internet who capitalize on leftists like Fisher who use inaccurate and rude labels to attack their conservative enemies.

Catholics must unquestionably denounce any unjust and untruthful attacks on the Jewish community. While recognizing the importance of family, community, and tradition, we also must denounce any racial hatred or chauvinism directed against Jews or any other people.

As traditional Catholics, we condemn both the degenerate Alt Left and the neo-pagan Alt Right, for we are followers of Jesus Christ, not any ideology cooked up in the ruins of Christendom by the Church’s enemies.

However, Simcha Fisher knows this. She knows that The Remnant and its readers are not anti-Semitic. She knows she can attack us by calling us anti-Semitic because she knows we adhere to the Gospel of true charity for all humans and that such crude and stupid accusations offend us.

She also knows that were she to attack actual anti-Semites in the Alt Right and genuine Neo-Nazis, she would summon an army of trolls that would quickly drive her off the internet.

In the end, there are two codae or “tails” to the sad tale of Simcha Fisher.

As the story of Christendom is unveiled, we can only hope and pray that anything hidden by any party involved will come to light, and God’s justice will prevail.

Nonetheless, the accusations are disturbing.

Moreover, whatever is going on or has gone on at Christendom College, there is definitely something wrong with the contemporary state of many of the conservative Catholic schools listed in the famous Newman Guide produced by the Cardinal Newman Society.

Having taught at a heavily-advertised “rock solid” and “orthodox” Catholic university for three years, this author can tell you that by no means is the Newman Guide a guarantee that the school profiled is a soundly Catholic school or in any way a healthy environment for students and staff.

While scandals and rumors of scandals at some of the most prominent Newman Guide schools have drifted across the internet, the degree of incompetence, financial chicanery, as well as sexually immoral activity among faculty in and outside of the classroom, once brought into the light of justice, will be a tremendous and horrifying scandal. 

 This is not to blame the Newman Guide for misrepresenting these schools. There are, in fact, some Catholic schools in the Newman Guide that “cook the books” and deliberately lie about enrollment figures and other information to the Cardinal Newman Society’s guide.

These statements neither support nor are they (obviously) meant to refute Fisher’s accusations against Christendom, and only time will tell what the whole story is at the Northern Virginia college.

But all of this is another story for another time.

The second brief tale in our codae is the sad story of Simcha Fisher herself. 

While Simcha Fisher is an offensive social media presence who provides temporary “memed” solace online to effeminate “Catholic” men (including many clergy) and lonely and depressed “conservative” Catholic housewives (often married to the aforementioned effeminate men), she is also a fellow Christian who merits our prayers and penance.

If anything, Simcha Fisher, her “wingman” husband, and her devoted readers (and their many, many cats) deserve our pity.

Let us thus ask for the prayers of that noble, brilliant, and courageous Jewish convert and martyr, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, for the conversion of Simcha Fisher and her husband as well as a just resolution to the situation at Christendom and the healing and strengthening of Catholic higher education.

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