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Thursday, February 28, 2019

JOHN PODESTA’S CATHOLIC SPRING PART IV: America Magazine: LeftCat Kitty Litter or Deep State Propaganda?

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Fr. Matt Malone | Editor, America Magazine Fr. Matt Malone | Editor, America Magazine

Among Pope Leo XIII’s best known encyclicals is the 1899 letter to James Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore, Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae. While fading figures of neoconservative Catholicism like George Weigel have attempted to obscure its message, the meaning of Testem is perfectly clear. Pope Leo’s famous encyclical is a direct and serious response to the attempts by many Catholics in America to reconcile Catholicism with the philosophical liberalism that underpinned the American Republic.

Attacking this heresy of “Americanism,” Pope Leo condemns the belief that “the Church should shape her teachings more in accord with the spirit of the age and relax some of her ancient severity and make some concessions to new opinions”—this very selfsame idea, will, of course, become known as John XXIII’s aggiornamento or “updating” of the Church a little more than sixty years later. At the same time, Pope Leo accepts that Americans—including American Catholics—are a unique people with “certain endowments of mind which belong to the American people” and a “political condition” as well as “laws and customs,” which should be respected. Thus, Catholics in America should be patriotic and loyal citizens without imbibing the false credo of Americanism.


Like he did with his earlier 1892 letter to the Catholics of France, Au Milieu des Sollicitudes, which offered the policy of ralliement or reconciliation with the political structure, but not the liberal philosophical ideas, of France’s Third Republic, Leo hoped to establish a temporary modus vivendi with the ruling political system of the United States.

Despite the efforts of the saintly, brilliant, and strong pontiff, the policy of ralliement worked neither in America nor France, nor anywhere else for that matter, for the fuming vapors of hell that erupted at Vatican II completely neutered the ability for Catholics to defend themselves against the toxic culture and corrosive ideas of liberal modernity.

Moreover, during the course of the twentieth century, Catholics living in the United States were simultaneously assaulted by an organized campaign to finally “Americanize” them, removing their sensus Catholicus and making them fully fledged citizens of what George H.W. Bush would later call the “New World Order.”

As documented in scholar David Wemhoff’s book John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition, the WASP and emerging globalist establishment utilized figures like Fr. John Courtney Murray, SJ to push liberalism at the Second Vatican Council with documents such as Dignitatis Humanae as well as at home through a slew of publications—both in and outside the world of Catholic publishing.

One of the major outlets through which Fr. John Courtney Murray pushed his Americanism was through the aptly titled Jesuit weekly America, a magazine that even in our own day preaches the gospel of Americanism—albeit a modified version—just in time for the “post-millennial” period.

America is, without question, one of the most prominent and important Catholic newspapers in the English speaking world. Its print edition has a circulation of 25,000 and can be found in the homes, rectories, and chanceries of Catholics of a host of political and theological opinions.

While America at its beginning had a conservative leaning and anti-Communist political slant since the late 1960s, America, along with the National Catholic Reporter, itself a newly minted and proud member of George Soros’s Media Consortium, has become the dominant voice for left wing Catholic journalists in the United States.

In perhaps a tremendous coincidence, in the late 1960s, America’s editors began to form very close relationships with big money WASPish and globalist foundations and organizations that pushed for radical left wing social issues as well as, you guessed it, increasing integration of globalism.

America’s editors have had a long history of relationships with intelligence agencies. Rev. Donald R. Campion, S.J., editor of America from 1968-1975, was a member of the National Council of Churches, a group heavily funded by the Rockefellers. Fr. Drew Christiansen, SJ, editor from 2005-2012, is a member of the Deep State connected Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs (more on that in a second). Finally, the disgraced former editor of America, Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, who was removed by Pope Benedict for his publishing of errant and heretical material is a regular guest at Foreign Affairs magazine, a publication of none other than the Council on Foreign Relations.

With a long pedigree of links to Deep State foundations, today America is the mouth piece for the new post-Obama, Francis Church left. Having learned its lessons during the Fr. Thomas Reese era, however, America focuses more on pushing a specifically left wing political agenda as opposed to changing Church doctrine outright.

America, under the editorial leadership of Fr. Matthew Malone, SJ, is a smorgasbord of Soros-funded left wing causes. Authors at America routinely screech against phantom “racists” and promote terrorist organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

However, unlike the post-60s old liberal era, the editors of America are smart enough not to go all the way and pull a Fr. Thomas Reese, so they sprinkle in some nice “conservative” pieces to reel in confused conservative Catholics.

America is clever enough not to push the limit on the abortion issue. Under Fr. Malone, America has made what could be called a deceptively (Fr. Malone supports abortion 'in some cases') prolife stance.

There is even a strongly-worded recent piece from seasoned journalist Kenneth L. Woodward, chastising the bloodthirsty and cowardly Governor Andrew Cuomo’s support for late term abortions.

However, this supposedly “prolife” position is an ingenious masterstroke of America’s editors, worthy of Saul Alinsky’s tactics.

The editors of America know very well that many Catholic millennials, even those who are liberals, are prolife. They also know that it is the official position of the USCCB to be “prolife” but, of course never to put any teeth behind their prolife politics.

The prolife articles are simply a veneer to cover America’s tracks and to allow its journalists to inject their readers with a host of leftist claptrap.

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However, this claptrap is not merely produce of the ideal musings of left wing Catholics or “LeftCats.”

In addition to being a cheerleader for Soros-funded terrorist organizations and supporting bogus prolife Democrats, the current incarnation of America also has some interesting ties into the Deep State of the Democratic Party.

The current editor of America Magazine, Fr. Matt Malone SJ, has an interesting history of working both with the Democratic Party and with left wing think tanks. As a young man, Fr. Malone was deputy director for MassINC, which Fr. Malone’s profile at the New England Province of the Jesuits describes as “an independent think tank.”

Yet, MassINC is anything but an “independent” organization. MassINC is funded by groups such as the Barr Foundation, which, as its website states, combats make believe “climate change,” as well as the Hyams Foundation, which advocates for “racial justice,” i.e. a South Africa style “white people = evil / everyone else = good,” nightmare judicial system.

MassINC itself also advocates for “criminal justice reform,” which like “racial justice,” is simply a code word for what Chris Farley humorously called in the 1996 film, Black Sheep, “kill whitey.”

Is it little wonder then that the former director of MassINC, Fr. Matt Malone, promotes Black Lives Matter and Antifa to Catholics?

Fr. Malone also interestingly has a profile at Georgetown University’s Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.

The current president of the Berkeley Center is Shaun Casey, a former member of the Obama State Department’s Office of Religion and Global Affairs. He further is a member of the Luce Project on Religion and Its Publics at the University of Virginia.

If the name “Luce” rings a bell, it should, for the Luce Project on Religion and Its Publics is funded by none other than the Henry Luce Foundation.

It seems as if the ghost of our old WASP friend, Henry Luce, who used Fr. John Courtney Murray to push Americanism to Catholics at home and abroad in the 1960s is still with us.

As an added bonus, the current managing director of the Berkeley Center, Michael Kessler, was formerly a recipient of the Henry Luce Dissertation Fellowship at the University of Chicago.

This long history of connections, not merely with the Luce family, but with an extended network of left wing think tanks makes America magazine much more than a garbage-tier LeftCat publication.

Is there, however, dear reader, a connection to our old friend and Soros agent John Podesta to America magazine?


podesta rainbow rev

America writer, Michael J. O’Loughlin, who has a very interesting and revealing Instagram account, wrote a piece in September of 2017 titled “Here’s what Hillary Clinton says about Pope Francis and other Catholic subjects in her new book” in which he defends not only Hillary Clinton, but also John Podesta as noble, Christ-like victims of vicious and cruel hackers.

O’Loughlin quotes approvingly from Madame Clinton’s defense of Podesta, who had been caught red handed, plotting revenge in the Church: “He felt bad about some of the language he used. He felt even worse for the friends and colleagues who had sent him private messages and now had to see their words printed for all to see.”

We have already treated the infamous “Catholic Spring” emails to which O’Loughlin is referring and some of their implications as part of a wider assault on the Catholic Church. But conspiring with non-Catholics to radicalize the Catholic Church is not the only strange thing in the Podesta emails.

The most disturbing and famous material in the emails, the so-called the “Pizzagate” files, is perhaps the most unsettling aspect of John Podesta’s Catholic Spring and deserves, in light of the most recent wave of gay pedophile clerical scandals, a second look.

Stay tuned for the final installment of John Podesta’s Catholic Spring: “Pizzagate Revisited.”


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