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Monday, October 14, 2019

THE AMAZON FRAUD: A Tale of Two Popes Featured

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THE AMAZON FRAUD: A Tale of Two Popes

Today’s Vatican bureaucracy is much like the USCCB. It is filled to the brim with political activists from various institutions and think-tanks who care not one whit about Catholic doctrine or the salvation of souls. This can be seen very clearly in the ongoing Amazon Synod. These types of people are constantly presenting and speaking on behalf of the Church at the Synod press conferences. They are clearly only interested in using the structures of the Catholic Church, and whatever influence and power these structures still have, to further their vision of a humanist, globalist, utopian society ruled by left-wing elites.  One element of this vision is to bring about a one world religion, which this synod marches boldly towards by calling for measures that would either weaken or destroy the Catholic priesthood. They surround this poisoned spiritual pill with justifications based on socialism, environmentalism, naturalism and pantheism.

Meanwhile, in the midst of Francis and his minions professing their anti-Catholic ideology over the Catholic Faith at this synod, Francis, on October 9, warned Catholics to “not profess ideology over faith.”  This is one of countless examples proving that the man who is supposed to be the Vicar of Christ, is instead more concerned with constantly trying to play rhetorical games with his opponents. For  Francis constantly accuses his enemies  (True Catholics) of doing the precise things that he himself does. If this sounds familiar to Americans, it should, as the Democrats in our own country do this all the time. It’s a preemptive tactic to take attention away from their own bad acts while shifting attention to their opponents, making them suspect of something they aren’t guilty of. Then, if their opponents truthfully accuse them of the same thing, it looks like it’s just a tit for tat accusation and deprives it of legitimacy. Francis is skilled at this tactic, though all but the dullest can see right through it.  

Clearly, the only “ideology” being professed in the Amazon Synod is left wing political ideology disguised under cover of religion. For the Synod is nothing more than climate and environmental activism coupled with socialism. This diabolical brew is then attempted to be shoehorned into religious concepts and practices. For instance, the summary that Vatican News put out on the Synod press conference today mentions God, soul, and sin a grand total of zero times. However, it mentions environment, ecology, culture, and justice several times. Francis’ Amazon Synod is pure ideology. Meanwhile, Francis is so trapped in his neo-modernistic, humanistic, naturalistic, and socialistic fog that he mistakes this concoction for “faith.” As long as he remains so blinded, he stands incapable of executing the very mandate his office requires of him.

Francis used a slightly different tactic on October 7, as he warned the Daughters of St. Paul to, “be bold missionaries during this winter of religious vocations.”  Ironically, if there is a winter of religious vocations, Francis is running the snow blower. What Francis is doing here is patently obvious, yet he is never called on it by our sycophantic Catholic press.  As our President is fond of saying, “How stupid are we?” Francis knows very well that he and his partners in crime have been destroying vocations for the last 60 years. It’s not hard to figure out why, as these folks see vocations as basically generic callings to naturalistic causes such as the environment, socialism, feminism, and every other “ism” there is. And what young man or woman wants to forego a family to pursue these causes in celibacy? None, because they can pursue these causes without the hassle.  Thus, the Amazon synod serves as a first step to rid the priesthood, and perhaps even the religious life, of celibacy. This will open the vocation doors to many political activists who will then have to sacrifice very little to buy their ideology the cover and approval of the Church. After all, error laden political ideology spewed by a man in a roman collar gives it an air of officiality and holiness that it wouldn’t normally command from otherwise unaware indigenous people.

As Francis and his supporters well know, the only way to foster true Catholic vocations is through Traditional Catholic theology, liturgy, and practice. The method has a proven track record for 1965 years before Vatican II. The monumental drop off in vocations after Vatican II is so glaringly obvious as to be beyond all debate. Yet Francis misleadingly acts as if the “winter of vocations” simply came upon us as the weather does. As if some random chance event has left us with hardly any priests. The issue is that Francis does not want truly Catholic vocations to the priesthood and religious life. This can be clearly seen by his treatment of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and other Traditional leaning Catholic orders, as well as his many statements against those he calls “rigid.” The kind of priests and religious Francis is looking for would not be attracted by the ancient practice of celibacy as they see it as an absurd and ridiculous archaism

To add insult to injury, Francis then instructs the Daughters of St. Paul “be bold missionaries” in the face of the crisis his very “ideology” created. This command is nonsensical to anyone who has been paying attention to Francis’ words and acts over the last several years. Francis has repeatedly discouraged the Catholic faithful from converting any non-Catholics, especially the Jews and the Orthodox. He even felt uncomfortable recently when a young woman excitedly told him how she converted people to Catholicism.

Francis Pius XII 002

As has been pointed out, what true Catholic reacts with concern and anxiety upon hearing of conversions to the One True Faith? One who believes that the Catholic Faith is necessary for salvation or one who believes it doesn’t really matter? Thus, the absurdity of Francis continually speaking of missionaries. To what will these missionaries witness? Will they evangelize the ecological virtues? Will they preach woke feminism to indigenous women? Will they conduct some community organizing of the natives to get them to vote for socialist candidates? Will they witness generic friendliness and worldly niceities? In the words of Cardinal Parolin, “Sustainable development entails working for the common good, not 'ideological colonization,'” Thus, the only proselytism that is not acceptable to the Vatican these days is following the Divine Commission. 

In other news, Francis recently said that the “Holy Spirit is at the forefront of the Pan-Amazon Synod.” This statement reminds me of the unforgivable sin of blaspheming the Holy Ghost. For the Holy Ghost is nowhere to be found at this Godless synod, which rarely mentions His name except to attribute to Him all sorts of heresy, blasphemy, and apostasy (See pantheism, pagan fertility goddesses, sacrilegious dancing with lectionaries, pagan rings, the worshipping of idols, and photos of an Amazonian woman nursing a dog.) Watching the events unfold at this “Synod” is like watching a fascinating horror movie. The only fascinating part is how unbelievable it is that this fraud of a Synod still has true believers who think it is anything other than a pretext for married priests and female deacons.

The few brief moments of serenity I’ve had during the last week, came upon remembering the death of Pope Pius XII. Pope Pius XII was the last truly Catholic pope our Church was blessed to have. It is hardly imaginable in our day that his figure once graced the inside of the Vatican walls which are now being sullied by Francis and friends. I watched the following moving video and urge you to do the same.  It is like a time machine that transported me out of our own mad world, back to a time when we had a truly Catholic pope, Catholic bishops, a Catholic clergy, and Catholic faithful. Things were as they should be in the Church and sadly, the last time they would be like it since. It seems almost like a dream now, but it shouldn’t. We thankfully still have some video footage to crystallize in our imaginations what such a world once looked like, and what it might look like once we eventually return to it.

I then read about Pius XII’s life, and his death. As I read about his death, chills came over me. The saintly Pope Pius XII ended his life with a directive addressed squarely to each one of us. It reaches across the decades and pierces our hearts. I leave you with it.


In the room where the Pope died, his body lay on a shiny brass bed. It was dressed in flowing white robes, topped by the ermine-lined scarlet "mozzetta" or cape. The top of the head was covered by a scarlet camauro, also trimmed with white ermine, which fitted closely around the ears and left only the face exposed.

In the Pope's hands, clasped on his breast, were the small crucifix and the rosary he held when he died.

Only the communists showed no regrets. He had fought them bitterly, and for hours Moscow Radio did not even mention his death. During the final hours of his illness Russia jammed news bulletins on his condition.

In Rome where the solemn ceremonies will be held bells tolled in pre-dawn darkness and the altars of the city's many churches were draped in purple, the sign of mourning. Italy declared three days of mourning and closed schools and places of entertainment.

Last Rites

The Pope had been unwell for a week and his final illness came at 8:30 a.m. Monday when he suffered a stroke, which left him paralyzed and weak. He received the last rites of the church but appeared to be making a recovery.

Then yesterday he was felled by a second stroke and the Vatican announced to the world there was little hope for his recovery. In mid-afternoon the doctors reported a grave cardio-pulmonary collapse. At 3 p.m. doctors abandoned hope. Just before sundown, pneumonia set in. Doctors brought in oxygen and blood plasma.

The end followed swiftly. Prof. Antonio Gasbarrini, one of the four doctors, signaled that death was near. All gathered at the bed--the family and the high papal officers. They recited prayers for the dying. There was a choked, rasping sound from the patient.


Sister Pasquilina, the faithful housekeeper for more than two decades, gently wiped the unconscious Pope's lips with water during the recital of the prayers.

At one point she took the crucifix, which had been resting on the Pope's chest and put it near his mouth.

At 3:52 a.m. Prof. Gasbarrini put a stethoscope to the Pontiff's chest, felt the pulse, turned and said: "E morto"--he is dead.

Msgr. Tardini repeated the words: "E morto." And then in a break from tradition intoned the inspiring "Magnificat":

"My soul doth magnify the Lord.

"My spirit doth rejoice in Him…"

All present slowly filed past the Pope's deathbed – the noble guards, the Swiss guards and gendarmes on duty.

Msgr. Angelo Dell-Acqua, Vatican assistant Pro-Secretary of State, moved into the adjoining chapel and recited the first funeral Mass…

The Pope's last words before lapsing into unconsciousness showed that the church was foremost in his mind.

"Pray," he said. "Pray that this regrettable situation for the church may end."

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