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Friday, March 5, 2021

ABORTED BABY VACCINES: Why Doesn't Francis Care?

By:   JP
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ABORTED BABY VACCINES: Why Doesn't Francis Care?

If the Vatican is willing to instruct the faithful to passively cooperate with abortion derived vaccines, then the Vatican will likely disown their failure to resist immoral research.  As more light is shed upon this depravity of the Vatican, it will become clear that the conflicts of interest prevent the Vatican from offering any credible guidance regarding the grave sin of murder derived vaccines.  Along with the multiple scandals tied to the Dermatopathic Institute of the Immaculate (IDI), the IDI is responsible for various experiments with HEK 293.  In light of the murdered child being repeatedly used by the Vatican research center, it is reasonable to suspect that all current and future Vatican hospitals, research centers and drug labs will not prohibit the use of other murdered children. 

The illicit experiments found in these papers were performed in Vatican owned and operated laboratories.  The Vatican owns these sins.

The following examples are seven published research papers:

The Equine Herpesvirus 2 E1 Open Reading Frame Encodes a Functional Chemokine Receptor


An Integrated Approach for Experimental Target Identification of Hypoxia-induced miR-210


Nutrient withdrawal rescues growth factor‐deprived cells from mTOR‐ dependent damage  

AGING, August 2010

Proteolytic Activation Cascade of the Netherton Syndrome–Defective Protein, LEKTI, in the Epidermis: Implications for Skin Homeostasis

Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 23 June 2011

p63–microRNA feedback in keratinocyte senescence

PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), January 24, 2012

Kindlin-1 Regulates Integrin Dynamics and Adhesion Turnover

PLOS ONE, June 2013

miR-200a Modulates the Expression of the DNA Repair Protein OGG1 Playing a Role in Aging of Primary Human Keratinocytes

Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, 25 March 2018

These studies, credited with contributions from Vatican entities, conducted experiments with HEK 293.  The illicit experiments found in these papers were performed in Vatican owned and operated laboratories.  The Vatican owns these sins. 

The Pontifical Academy for Life’s 2005 document, Moral Reflections About Vaccines Prepared From Cells of Aborted Human Fetuses, admitted that it is sinful to use aborted fetal cells for scientific research.  The Vatican owned and operated Dermatopathic Institute of the Immaculate has continually committed this sin.  The examples above show that the Vatican directly participates in the grave sin of using aborted fetal cells for medical research. 

Though the Congregation for The Doctrine of Faith may have failed to stand against murder derived vaccines, they did manage to leave no excuse for the Vatican’s direct participation in evil.

Though the Congregation for The Doctrine of Faith may have failed to stand against murder derived vaccines, they did manage to leave no excuse for the Vatican’s direct participation in evil.  The Congregation for the Doctrine of The Faith offers the following teaching from their 2008 document entitled Instruction Dignitas Personae on Certain Bioethical Questions:

"In this regard, the criterion of independence as it has been formulated by some ethics committees is not sufficient. According to this criterion, the use of “biological material” of illicit origin would be ethically permissible provided there is a clear separation between those who, on the one hand, produce, freeze and cause the death of embryos and, on the other, the researchers involved in scientific experimentation. The criterion of independence is not sufficient to avoid a contradiction in the attitude of the person who says that he does not approve of the injustice perpetrated by others, but at the same time accepts for his own work the “biological material” which the others have obtained by means of that injustice. When the illicit action is endorsed by the laws which regulate healthcare and scientific research, it is necessary to distance oneself from the evil aspects of that system in order not to give the impression of a certain toleration or tacit acceptance of actions which are gravely unjust.  Any appearance of acceptance would in fact contribute to the growing indifference to, if not the approval of, such actions in certain medical and political circles."

It should not surprise us to discover that along with the sins of clericalism, the same hierarchy mired in financial corruption, sexual perversion, and systemic child abuse, is also guilty of illicit participation in the trafficking of murdered babies.  Along with direct participation in the grave sins of death-cult science, the Vatican leads the faithful to participate in direct communion with the antisacrament of vaccines derived from child sacrifice. 

The evil lie is caught in the tangled web of the 2005 Pontifical Academy for Life document.  In spite of that document’s many deficiencies, there was still a moral guideline that prevents the faithful from receiving murder derived vaccines.  According to the document, for murder derived vaccines to be received, the following four conditions must be met:

  1. Grave risk to health.
  2. No moral alternative.
  3. The recipient of the vaccine or the parents of the child that receives the vaccine must make known their objections to the many evils associated with the murder derived vaccines.
  4. Those who accept murder derived vaccines must actively work towards moral alternatives.

Only when these four conditions are met, only then is it morally permissible to receive these evil vaccines.  These four conditions have never been met. 

  1. Mild childhood diseases are not a grave risk to health.
  2. There are moral alternatives but the pharmaceutical industry refuses to provide them.
  3. Rarely, if ever, do those who are willing to receive murder derived vaccines make any objections known. If they did make those objections known then they might stir up enough moral courage to reject them.
  4. Neither the Vatican, nor those who follow the Vatican’s mediocre moral reflections concerning murder derived vaccines, are actively working towards moral alternatives.

Though, under certain conditions, it may be tolerable to accept murder derived vaccines, these vaccines are never capable of being accepted as moral goods.  They are evil.  They are Satanic.  They pose grave danger to your embodied soul.  Vaccines derived from murdered young ones are not moral goods. 

Any and every golden-calf-vaccine associated with murdered offspring, murdered children sacrificed for the lie of Satan, any and every vaccine of this kind, should be destroyed and abolished.  This should be the clear statement of the Pontifical Academy for Life, were it worthy of the name. 

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Last modified on Saturday, March 6, 2021