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Monday, February 7, 2022

FREE CATHOLIC ITALY: An Appeal for International Cooperation from the Old World

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FREE CATHOLIC ITALY: An Appeal for International Cooperation from the Old World

The title of this article has a two-fold significance. On the one hand, it points to that network of people, organizations, and blogs that I want to introduce to The Remnant family; a network that represents precisely what the title indicates: Freeas opposed to Oppressed, Muzzled, Suicidal, or openly CollaborationistCatholic Italy. On the other, it reveals its members’ goal: to liberate their fellow believers and fellow countrymen from a regime with clearly totalitarian and viciously anti-religious ambitions, making it inevitably anti-rational and utterly inhuman in consequence.

It is important for us to know about their work because it is being done at the very center of what remains of the devastated vineyard once called the Western Church, because it requires a great deal of courage to undertake under current circumstances, and also because many of the leaders of Free Catholic Italy would be happy to have Americans provide them information about our own problems and initiatives and, if possible, to write for their journals and blogs as well. All of the men, women, groups, and blogs listed below promote the Traditional Liturgy, Catholic Social Doctrine, and are engaged with all their heart in the current battle against the anti-Christian global oligarchy and those Church authorities more illegitimately unified to the Regimes under their control than the Church has ever legitimately been unified to an honest State in history.

As horrible as the state and city governments of New York have been as local agents of the global coup d’état that the worldwide oligarchy has forced us to endure, I cannot say that I personally have felt the heel of the Tyrants as much as the members of Free Catholic Italy have felt it.

Allow me to preface this introduction to what will basically simply be a list of the members of Free Catholic Italy with an explanation of how I came to learn of them. I have been travelling to Italy, my grandparents’ homeland, for the past half a century, but my real knowledge of the courageous  “honor roll” to follow began in the years 1991-1992, at the time that the Roman Forum was planning its Summer Symposium on Lake Garda and a sabbatical year that my wife and I spent primarily in Rome. It was at that moment that I came to know three intersecting groups from out of which all of my other connections have providentially emerged over the succeeding decades.

One of these was concerned primarily with the Traditional Liturgy. It included Una Voce International---whose future President, Michael Davies, was a close friend---which was holding one of its regular meetings in Rome while I was present. Another of the liturgical connections was the Institute of Christ the King in Gricigliano, whose founder, Mgr. Gilles Wach, arranged for Alfons Cardinal Stickler to come to St. Agnes in New York in 1992 for a Solemn Pontifical Mass in the Traditional Rite and as a week of lectures to open officially the Roman Forum’s future program, both in the United States as well as in Italy. [Nota bene: Someone who is part of Free Catholic Italy, but whom I only really came to know as a result of this liturgical connection, and therefore should be mentioned at this juncture is Calogero Cammarata, from Piedmont in northwestern Italy, the Director of Inter Multiplices, Una Vox (; direct contact with Calogero is through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)].

For one thing, the NYPD has been much more on the side of us serfs than on that of the Oligarchs.

A second of my intersecting circles in 1991-1992 was a group of young Catholic Traditionalist activists in Rome, one of whom, Professor Massimo Viglione, figures prominently in the list below. I have found myself in ever more frequent contact with Professor Viglione since the beginning of this latest stage in the secular global oligarchy’s effort to destroy the remnants of Christendom. He, too, has been of enormous assistance in putting me into contact with other members of Free Catholic Italy who are part of the Resistance to the forces of the Great Reset.

The third circle from the early 1990s centered round an academic, Danilo Castellano, who is now Professor Emeritus of Philosophy of Law and Dean Emeritus of the Law School of the University of Udine. His journal   Instaurare, along with the conferences that this organizes every year, have probably had more impact on the development of the Roman Forum’s program on Lake Garda than anything else. It is through Professor Castellano that we were introduced to Bernard Dumont, editor of Catolica in France ( and to Professors Juan Fernando Segovia of the University of Mendoza in Argentina  and Miguel Ayuso of the Pontifical University Comillas in Madrid. The latter two men, through their work with the Fundación Speiro ( and its journal Verbo are central to Catholic political and social thought throughout the entire Hispanic world.

What my Italian friends and relatives have been through has been much more Stalinist in character.

But I have now gone far afield from my initial goal: the roll of honor of members of Free Catholic Italy. I am certain that this roll of honor is not complete---and for the lacunae, I express my sincere regret to those I have neglected---but it is what I have available to me at the moment. I will list the following and their contact information in the order of my having become familiar with them, fleshing out my introduction of those whom I have not already mentioned in some detail above.

  1. Dr. Danilo Castellano, Instaurare (
  2. Professor Massimo Viglione works through his blog, the Ponte Levatoio: ( and an organization dedicated to a variety of educational, broadly cultural, and political activities throughout Italy, the Confederazione dei Triarii ( His many books, beginning with his study of opposition to the French Revolution in Italy, can be found at this site:
  3. The Osservatorio Internazionale “Cardinal Van Thuan”. This magnificent organization is named after that Cardinal Van Thuan (1928-2002) who was the Titular Archbishop of Vadesi and Coadjutor of Saigon, Vietnam, imprisoned by the Communists in 1975, freed in 1988, and who eventually, in 1998, became the President of the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace. It has an English version as well as an Italian one. ( My chief with the Osservatorio is through Fr. Samuele Ceccotti from Trieste, whose friendship I owe to Professor Castellano and the Instaurare conferences. The Osservatorio has a vast activity. Although the blog is important to its work, it is first and foremost a Study Center dedicated to doing research regarding the Social Doctrine of the Church. It spreads knowledge of its studies through journals and publications. The Osservatorio is extremely eager to create an international network of Catholic Resistance to the global oligarchy and would especially like closer contacts with the United States to fight this common international enemy.
  4. Aurelio Porfiri is a Traditionalist who wears many hats. He is a musician---a composer and an organist; a friend of Cardinal Zen; a man with a great store of knowledge about the situation in China, due to his spending much time in Hong Kong; the founder of a publishing house; and the host of an online program of great value called Ritorno a Itaca. This deals with everything from general Church affairs to cultural matters. Aurelio has a newsletter in both Italian and English and is interested in spreading the news of this English version to Americans. You can find information about his many activities, , ecclesiastical, political, and cultural at It is through Aurelio that I came to know of a number of other members of Free Catholic Italy, including a courageous medical doctor and writer, with whom I once shared his online program,: Silvana De Mari (
  5. A second contact that I made through Aurelio Porfiri’s Ritorno a Itaca is with La Nuova Bussola Quotidiano ( This is a daily online newspaper of very wide scope that also has a small English and Spanish edition. Founded and directed by Riccardo Cascioli, a political scientist with a long journalistic career. As a journalist he has covered international issues including refugee crises in South East Asia, the Middle East, Somalia and Taiwan in addition to covering various UN conferences including Rio Conference (1992), and the Cairo Conference (1994). Spanish. His books include Il complotto demografico which explains the strategies, aims and the political and economic interests behind the population control movement; La possible globalizzazione which explores globalization; and Le bugie degli ambientalisti, which explores the lies of the environmental movement. I consult La Nuova Bussola every day for its news on Church, Italian, and international affairs. It really has an extraordinarily wide scope, and a vast number of collaborators. Riccardo and his wife want to expand its English offerings and are looking for American writers to contribute.
  6. A third contact from Ritorno a Itaca is that with Aldo Maria Valli. Aldo is a Vaticanist of great renown, and the author of many books, the most recent of which, L’ultima battaglia (The Last Battle, Fede e Cultura, 2019) seems all too prophetic in character. Written before the current Covid-manipulated nightmare, it is an all too real dystopian novel regarding a transformed Catholic Church with no interest in Catholicism.  His blog, Duc in Altum (, has been very important in spreading the work and message of Archbishop Viganò. Although Duc in Altum started primarily focused on Church matters, the degeneration of our civilization in general, and of human reason and language used to express it in particular, have made it turn to fighting the horrors of the madness around us in much greater detail. As Aldo himself says: “Our daily battle (mine and that of our collaborators and readers) is against mendacity, the dominant relativism, religious indifferentism, and the approval of the models imposed by the New World Order.” Another of the sites that I consult every day, Duc in Altum has created a community life and anchor of sanity for all those those who read it 
  7. I do not personally know Marco Tosatti, who is another career journalist, but I certainly wish that I did! He covered the Vatican from 1981-2008 with his “San Pietro e Dintorni” for La Stampa, whose political correctness ultimately could no longer deal with the truth. Hence his creation of Stilum curiae, begun in 2016, a delightfully biting, highly amusing, but also terribly disturbing blog, which---I am now beginning to sound like a broken record---I also start my morning by consulting. Remnant readers interested in questions concerning Fatima, Padre Pio, and other topics will find that Marco Tosatti has much to offer them as well. (
  8. Sabino Paciolla is another member of Free Catholic Italy with whom I am not personally familiar ( An economist active in the corporate, financial world as well, he “follows with attention the movement of the economy, of financial markets, and the monetary politics o central banks, along with the current political and cultural panorama”. I have just now begin to follow his blog, Oltre il giardino, and have been extremely impressed by his coverage of events on our side of the Atlantic as well as in the rest of our Global Totalitarian Motherland.
  9. I was not familiar with Chiesa e post concilio of Maria Guarini (Chiesa e post concilio ), until Don Cecotti recommended it to me. Signora Guarini was able to enlighten me about it in an extended email, only a few lines of which I can relate here. The blog was founded in 2007, inspired by the work of the great Romano Amerio, the author of Iota Unum. Its detailed studies of Vatican Two and the destructive aftermath of the Council focus on everything from the Sacred Liturgy to the assaults on Pope Benedict XVI, the deviations of the current Pontiff, the labors of men like Cardinal Burke and Archbishop Viganò, and the political and social suffering of Christendom in general and Italy in particular.

As horrible as the state and city governments of New York have been as local agents of the global coup d’état that the worldwide oligarchy has forced us to endure, I cannot say that I personally have felt the heel of the Tyrants as much as the members of Free Catholic Italy have felt it. For one thing, the NYPD has been much more on the side of us serfs than on that of the Oligarchs. What my Italian friends and relatives have been through has been much more Stalinist in character. It is this that has made their labors all the more worthy of my respect. Let us unite with them and respond to their call for assistance with information, writings, and preparation for our common battles with a common foe, whose totally Satanic character becomes every day more crystal clear!

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