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Monday, February 21, 2022

Convoy to Canberra; what it is and what it is not

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Convoy to Canberra; what it is and what it is not

Inspired by Canada’s Trucker Convoys, Australian freedom-fighters have been gathering for weeks at the nation’s capital to protest against vaccine mandates and the vaccination of children. However, in contrast to the unified and disciplined Canada truckers’ protest, the ‘Convoy to Canberra’ has been an ad hoc affair, without visible leadership and often without clear goals.

This disunity has been exploited by the media, who have taken every opportunity to capitalize on both the factionalism and some isolated acts of aggression perpetrated by frustrated protesters, some of whom have lost jobs, savings and even their homes.

Although it is minimal, the aggressive undercurrent has not gone unnoticed by technocrats such as ISD Global,[1] one of the Soros-funded outfits that educates national policy-makers about the ‘threats’ posed by ‘right-wing extremists’. To get an idea of just how influential these think-tanks are, our Prime Minister pledged another AUD$60 million to fight ‘violent extremism’ only last month, specifically singling out ‘conspiracy theorists’ as a threat.[2]    


The Australian Federal Police appear to have been taking this ‘threat’ seriously, and have deployed controversial high-tech devices, known as LRADs at the protests. The LRADs, or Long-Range Acoustic Device[3] were first used by sailors to stop pirates from boarding their ships, and can act either as extremely efficient megaphones or for crowd-dispersal. Several of these units have been photographed atop police vehicles and on tripods in the vicinity of protesters. Many in the crowd registered complaints of headaches, nausea and feeling depressed, but it is difficult to know if this is a direct result of LRAD technology. When used for dispersing crowds, the LRADs usually emit an audible signal, which has not been detected at the protests. In any case, the devices are contentious because they are known to cause hearing damage even when used simply for communication purposes.

It has been suggested that another non-lethal weapon, which is sometimes used in conjunction with an LRAD, has also been used against protesters. The Active Denial System[4], or ADS, focuses a microwave onto its target and can cause burns, rashes and blisters. Given that a huge number of protesters have been suffering from blisters and rashes, despite wearing hats and sunscreen and staying in the shade, it seems as though there is something more sinister at play than the harsh Australian summer.

The use of high-tech devices against protesters was brought up at a Senate Estimates Hearing last week, but an AFP spokesman declined to confirm or deny the deployment of LRADs,[5] claiming that he would need further advice before answering. It was also suggested that the Federal Police had intentionally blocked the internet signal, so that livestreamers were unable to share footage in realtime. Although this was denied by the AFP, it would not be the first time that the authorities have used signal jammers at a protest: Victorian Police employed them in Melbourne at anti-lockdown protests last year.Kathy Picture1

In the same Senate hearing, Senator Malcolm Roberts, who has attended the Canberra protests, specifically asked the director of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation if protesters were considered terrorists. Mike Burgess, the Director General of Security at ASIO answered that protesters were not categorised as extremists unless they were promoting violence.[6] This begs the question why the Federal Police were not able to categorically deny that counter-terrorist weapons were used at the protests.

Another pertinent question is just how much resistance have the globalists have factored into their plans? People taking to the streets, even in large numbers, is surely no surprise to the overlords. They have obviously studied the possibility of civil war occurring in some nations and it may be that civil unrest is exactly what they want. This is evidenced by the BLM protests, for example, which were bankrolled by the same people who are behind the moves for global governance.

With an election looming, and with the majority of Australians already inoculated, it is possible that some concessions will be made.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s 2009 document, ‘Scenario For The Future of Technology And International Development,’ acknowledged that there could be conflict once the globalists impose their authoritarian regime. It was this study that first put forward the strategy of “Operation Lockstep”, which was later adopted by governments worldwide in response to the novel Wuhan virus.

On the other hand, the recommendations from ‘Event 201’, the 2019 pandemic scenario organised by the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum, limited the expected pushback against their schemes to online ‘misinformation’,[7] possibly indicating that the technocrats’ weren’t expecting the kind of widespread resistance that has been taking place.

Kathy Picture3

Either way, Canberra makes an appropriate backdrop to the current battle for restoration of our rights, since Australia has emerged as a nation that has perfectly followed the agenda set down by the WEF and other globalist entities. Our petty dictator state premiers with their militarised police and the overwhelming compliance on the part of our citizenry make us a model of the technocrats’ ideals. (Just ask Bill Gates[8]!) But when we take a look at Canberra’s history, it becomes clear that the globalists have had their eyes on Australia since before the advent of the WEF; our role in this nightmare began at least as far back as the turn of last century.

Canberra did not grow organically from a small trading outpost or mining town but was purpose-built as a capital city. The site, in what was then rural New South Wales was selected by an influential Freemason by the name of John Gale[9], and a new territory was created: the Australian Capital Territory.

The city’s design resulted from a competition held by the Australian Commonwealth government in 1911; this was won by the American architects, Walter and Marion Griffin.  The Griffins were members of the occult religion, theosophy, and they designed Canberra according to esoteric principles. The Griffin’s plan is replete with geometrical forms corresponding to the “as above, so below” principle promulgated by theosophists like Helen Blavatsky and Alastair Crowley[10] and they deliberately integrated their city into the landscape to make use of occult-inspired ‘ley-lines’.

polic and maryA police-officer helps a protester with her statue of Our Lady. 

Some practitioners of sacred geometry believe that Canberra was the last city designed specifically according to these principles and that it has points of commonality with pagan Athens and Rome as well as with Stonehenge. The Griffin's philosophy was to design a city that represented ‘democracy’ as the ‘highest form of emancipation,’ something that sounds suspiciously like ‘do as thou wilt.’

Nowadays it is widely-known that Canberra is a centre of occult activity, with its many covens being a topic of everyday conversation. Believe it or not, the national broadcaster, ABC radio, can be found in Canberra on Channel 666! So from its inception, Satanism was built into the very fibre of Canberra and it is to this place that thousands of unchurched, spiritually-vulnerable citizens have been descending.

But we know that the real battle is taking place in the spiritual realm and that our real enemies are those hidden forces who are roaming around Canberra like roaring lions.

Some ugly clashes between locals and the out-of-town protesters have taken place, and judging by video footage, a diabolical rage is evident in the language and manner of the locals. There have been incidents of locals throwing eggs at the cars of protesters, spewing profanities at them or even deliberately ramming their vehicles.

But the Freedom protesters have continued undeterred, buoyed on by the support they are receiving from their like-minded comrades and from their commitment to their cause. A traditional Catholic who traveled to Canberra when the protest began has provided an update based on her experience of the protests and the camp:

“This is such a difficult fight because everyone is coming from different secular points of view.

There is definitely a Christian element here, though.

Our capital city is architecturally full of Masonic symbolism. Parliament House is strategically set apart like an island, connected with ramp entries to outside roads, all blocked off with Federal police guards.

So is it any wonder that this Australian protest against all the strictures on its citizens is going to be a hard battle when most are fighting it on a temporal level? Diabolical power has been made manifest in the fear campaign to control the populace: how else can the world be shut down in 24 hours, citizens muzzled and a medication programme launched en masse under the guise of looking after our health?

But God allows the cockle to grow amongst the wheat, to raise up strong grain. People have temporarily put their lives on hold to show their resistance to tyrannical rule.

These brave souls who have travelled from all over Australia in cars, caravans, mobile homes, buses and trucks have demonstrated that when man is united for a good cause, charity amongst them rises up and the evil they are trying to combat is more clearly discernible. The charity that we have witnessed amongst the throng of ‘new settlers’ in Canberra has been astounding. There has been help from sympathetic fellow Australians all along the convoy roads; donations of food, cash, clothing etc; volunteers of all sorts: doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, accountants, kitchen hands to cook meals for the long queues of ‘disenfranchised’ each night.

There was even a beekeeper who travelled from the outback to bring his precious drums of honey to the camp!

Although the overwhelming majority of protesters have little to no religious affiliation, or are caught up in a vague ‘spiritual-not-religious’ sentiment, there has been a Christian presence at the protests as Anne indicates above. There have been reports of Catholics who recognised each other by seeing Rosary beads and images of Our Lady and who went on to pray together. There was a group of men from Sydney who prayed the Rosary every half-hour on the main protest day, others prayed liberation prayers for the laity, a priest prayed in spiritual warfare remotely. Signs and t-shirts showed that other Christians were also present.

It’s difficult to assess whether the protests are having the same impact on the government in Australia as they seem to be having in other parts of the world. The media here is doing its best to ignore what’s happening, just as the Prime Minister has been silent over the list of demands delivered to him by protest spokesmen.

With an election looming, and with the majority of Australians already inoculated, it is possible that some concessions will be made. But we know that the real battle is taking place in the spiritual realm and that our real enemies are those hidden forces who are roaming around Canberra like roaring lions. The protesters need strong leadership and they need it fast, lest their weaknesses be exploited by opportunistic actors[11], of whom there are far too many in their ranks. Australia is not Canada and she is certainly not as God-fearing as the USA. This nation needs to turn back to God, and that is the revolution of which we are most in need.

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Last modified on Monday, February 21, 2022
Kathy Clubb | Australian Correspondent

Kathy Clubb is an Australian home-educator and author of Latina Rosarii, the Latin Primer for the Reluctant.

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