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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

HE DIED SO THAT I COULD LIVE (The True Story of a Catholic Priest in Auschwitz)

Written by  RTV
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HE DIED SO THAT I COULD LIVE (The True Story of a Catholic Priest in Auschwitz)

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In this Sunday Sermon from South St. Paul, Father recounts the true story a Catholic priest who was executed in Auschwitz. The story was first told to FAther by an old man who, years ago, had known Fr. Maxmilian Kolbe, a Polish priest, who was arrested for speaking out against Nazism and for defending the Kingship of Christ even under an atheistic and Christophobic regime. 

The old man not only knew Father Kolbe personally, but also watched him die a martyr's death with such courage that the old man resolved to spend the rest of his life telling the world what happened. 

What's the takeaway? Even in times like those -- or in times like ours -- those who witness to Jesus Christ, even in the darkness of tyranny, will retain their freedom and lead many others into the Light of Christ for all eternity. 

This is a true story, more relevant today than ever before. Never lose hope. God is with us. Believe in Him, and live. Lose faith, and die.

So, Mr. Schwab and Mr. Gates and Mr. Soros, no matter what you do to us, we choose life.  So live with it! 


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Last modified on Wednesday, May 4, 2022