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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Hollywoke Strikes Out

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Hollywoke Strikes Out

Maybe you noticed that for the first time in 63 years both the writers and actors’ unions are striking together.  With TMC, Netflix and the summer weather – perhaps not.

Most of us minions have other pressing concerns like paying our bills and buying food while coping with record inflation that the woke left now calls: Bidenomics.

If there was a strike that would have had some serious rippling effects it was the threatened walkout by the United Parcel Service, but they resolved their differences and remained on the job. Hollywood’s strike continues and as Shakespeare orated is “much ado about nothing.” Such a strike is an opportunity for savings as it should be easy to lose interest in paying for a constant stream of woke indoctrination and condescending political posturing.

Hollywood’s arrogance is nothing short of overwhelming, especially when network television and cable are in a free fall. Nevertheless, Hollywood insists on pushing woke ideology at every opportunity in a shrinking industry that alienates what’s left of their audience with a precipitous decline in quality content much of it unwatchable. 

Their answer: strike.

Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep warned how “members may be ready to make sacrifices that leadership is not.”  If Streep wants to be truly effective, she needs to weigh-in on the side of equality, but rich hypocrites proliferate the hills of Hollywood. Quickly forgotten on Streep and other high-priced talent is their mantra about “spreading the wealth.” Perhaps scaling back the tens of millions they make per film, more would be left on the table for the production crew.

So, hooray for Hollywood and may their strike last from here to eternity.

An occupational hazard for big stars is virtue signaling when wealthy. For many union members it is a part time gig, as union president Fran Drescher let it slip that most members make less than $10,000. Regardless, Hollywood pontificates endlessly about “income inequality,” while lecturing unemployed oil and gas workers to learn how to code or make and install solar panels.

Now they can join them.

Once upon a time in America, the studio system was necessary for all the facets of movie production from backlots to mixing musical soundtracks and script writing. That studio today can be found on your laptop or tablet.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGBT will replace much of it. Computer-generated imagery anyone? Resistance seems futile because technology has made it so.  Hollywood’s cries are akin to buggy whip makers protesting the advent of the automobile.

Maybe AI could come up with something original. Provided writers cannot out write AI, they deserve their fate. As production costs rise, movie making simply goes elsewhere.  Besides, other countries are catching up with quality productions, many of which are better. 

Hollywood’s list of kills only multiplies as the years pass. Tinseltown assisted in murdering standup comedy and for decades has been belittling our once heralded Judeo-Christian moral traditional values from good-natured ribbing to mockery to vilification of Flyover, America. 

The irony is hard to miss as creative destruction comes for Hollywood being complicit in the cultural rot of Western Civilization that dominates the narrative and poisons millions of impressionable young minds. In return, their industry is dying a slow, painful demise.   

Humanity absolutely needs great artists, musicians, thespians, comedians, writers and even magicians, but not on the dissolute scale that Hollywood has been producing.  

Anything that results in a hiatus in the flow of woke progressive garbage is welcome.

Perhaps this strike will change Tinseltown’s penchant for proselytizing us deplorables.  MGM kingpin Louis B. Mayer’s words decades ago remain prophetic: “You want to send a message? Call Western Union.”

There is some admirable content worth your precious time like “Sound of Freedom.” With woke content being a priority and this film having none of it, Disney sat on the film for five years before releasing it to Angel Studios, who cashed in handsomely on this unexpected blockbuster.  

Anything that results in a hiatus in the flow of woke progressive garbage is welcome. Provided Hollywood implodes another phoenix will rise from the ashes.  There remains at least one certainty from all of this: while the strike continues woke remakes will be shelved. 

In this saturated market of woke trash consider the cable cut and the stream dried up. 

So, hooray for Hollywood and may their strike last from here to eternity.

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Last modified on Monday, July 31, 2023
Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

Maresca writes from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.