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Michael J. Matt | Editor

That's too bad! A federal judge has blocked Joe Biden’s vaccine requirement for federal contractors nationwide.

The lawsuit, brought by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, argued Biden’s vaccine mandate violated the 10th Amendment.

 The best kept secret in the world today may be that the Great Reset is running on really hard times.  Not to suggest that it’s over or that we’re out of the woods. We’re not. The Lunatics of Davos are a wounded bear right now, and thus arguably more dangerous than ever. But that their plan for a global medical dictatorship has hit a speed bump is beyond dispute.

Why is this happening? Global pushback, especially here in the United States. Cops and nurses and doctors and U.S. Marines and politicians such as Rand Paul refusing to go along with Biden’s downright Hitlerian mandate is beginning to shake things up.

New RTV. Caught on tape -- my harrowing escape from OMICRON.

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt narrowly escapes OMICRON, which has found its way into Flyover Land. He asks the question: Everybody scared enough yet?

Hey, Chancellor. So how’s that li’l mandatory vaccination plan working out for you so far? 

By the way, I hear you were caught out partying at the TV station a couple of night ago, hobnobbing with the Who’s Who crowd… and this was immediately AFTER you’d locked everyone else down, pretending to be afraid of Omicron.

Not everything about the COVID plandemic was harmful to the cause of Catholic restoration. Let's face it, the "Old Normal" was becoming pretty Christophobic in its own right. 

At this point, there's also no pressing need for us to speculate about what the enemies of the Cross have in mind for the world once the Catholic Church has been fully coopted. We are living through the very nightmare warned against by pioneer traditional Catholics some fifty years ago, i.e., lockdowns, closed churches, violence, persecution, the rise of the globalist superstate, the breakup of the family, a one world religion, the end of law and order, etc. 

In a word, Chaos! Christless chaos.

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father draws an analogy between what's going on globally today to what was happening inside the walls of Jerusalem in 70 AD. That was AN apocalypse. Is this THE Apocalypse now?

In this RTV Special, Michael Matt is interviewed by the high school students of the Youth Apologetics organization. In the wake of Pope Francis's crackdown on Traditional Catholics, the students ask Mr. Matt to go over the history of this movement and to help them develop strategy moving forward based on how traditionalists did it back when Mr. Matt was a boy.

Complete with photos and vintage video clips, this one might be called Traditionalism101, as Mr. Matt takes us back in time in order to prove his point that we're much better off today than the pioneer traditionalists were back then, right after Vatican II.

New from RTV...

In this RTV Short, Michael Matt explains why he has never (and will never) leave the Church.

The Church has always been subject to the betrayal of evil men within her walls, and today is no different. But this is beside the point, Michael argues. Truth is truth regardless of how well placed the men are who attempt to bury it.

New from RTV...

Question: Does Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate apply to people on welfare, or just to those gainfully employed?

New from RTV...

Speaking at a Catholic Church in Platteville, Wisconsin, Michael J. Matt addresses Traditiones Custodes, resistance, the Kingship of Christ, and coming underground Church.

Why is the Vatican attempting to shut down one of the few thriving movements in the Catholic Church today? Because the trads were right! It really IS the Mass that Matters. Rome has spoken!

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