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Friday, November 4, 2016

SSPX District Superior for Italy Objects to Scandal in Sweden

By:   Don Pierpaolo Maria Petrucci, SSPX District Superior for Italy
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SSPX District Superior for Italy Objects to Scandal in Sweden

The Umpteenth Scandal Before Which We Cannot Remain Silent

(Translated for The Remnant by an European ally who asks for your prayers)

On Sunday 30th October a strong earthquake destroyed the basilica built in Norcia on the site of the birthplace of Saint Benedict, only leaving intact its façade. The photos which show this sad event are emblematic and symbolic of a Christian Europe, of which Saint Benedict is the Patron, but which is repudiating its own roots. These photos are even more-so symbolic of a Church which is gutting itself of its contents, concealing the ruins behind a media façade which cannot deceive those who love the Spouse of Christ and know doctrine and history.

The visit of Pope Francis to Sweden to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Luther’s revolt, whose errors caused the loss of thousands of souls and provoked wars which ravaged Europe, is only the latest glaring confirmation of this. How can one declare oneself to be “profoundly grateful for the spiritual and theological gifts received through the Reformation”, thanking God for this, as happened in the ecumenical liturgy of Lund? How can one say that “Lutherans and Catholics have wounded the visible unity of the Church” without betraying one’s Faith?

To thank God for the spread of heresy is tantamount to attributing evil to God Himself, with a truly blasphemous act.

Faced with this umpteenth scandal one cannot remain silent, especially if one has an important role in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, since he who remains silent consents and makes himself an accomplice.



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Last modified on Friday, November 4, 2016