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Monday, October 22, 2018

Synod to Wrap with LGBT Vote

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Synod to Wrap with LGBT Vote

From AP yesterday:

The monthlong synod of bishops ends next Saturday with the adoption by the 260-plus cardinals, bishops and priests of a final document and approval of a separate, shorter letter to the world’s Catholic youth.

Some of the youth delegates to the meeting have insisted that the final document express an inclusive message to make LGBT Catholics feel welcome in a church that has often shunned them.

The Vatican took a step in that direction by making a reference to “LGBT” for the first time in its preparatory document heading into the meeting.

But some bishops have balked at the notion, including Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, who insisted in his speech that “there is no such thing as an ‘LGBTQ Catholic’ or a ‘transgender Catholic’ or a ‘heterosexual Catholic,’ as if our sexual appetites defined who we are.”

But other bishops have expressed a willingness to use the language, though it remains to be seen if the final document or the letter will. Each paragraph will be voted on one by one and must obtain a two-thirds majority.

“The youth are talking about it freely and in the language they use, and they are encouraging us ‘Call us, address us this because this is who we are,’” Papua New Guinea Cardinal John Ribat told a press conference Saturday.

REMNANT COMMENT: Of course they did! This was the whole point of the Synod on Youth.  Meanwhile, as reported by Ed Pentin, Cardinal Sarah is trying to intervene: 

Young People and the Teaching on Moral Doctrine (IL 196-197)

Young people put forward various requests in the field of moral doctrine. On the one hand, they demand clarity from the Church regarding some questions of particular concern to them: freedom in all areas and not only in sexual relations, non-discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, equality between men and women, even within the Church, etc., (cf. IL 53). On the other hand, they are calling for an open and unprejudiced discussion on moral questions, but even expect a radical change, a real reversal of the Church's teaching in these areas. In practice, they are asking “that the Church change her teachings” (Final Document, Pre-Synodal Meeting, Part II, no. 5).

Yet the doctrine of the Church on the above questions is not lacking in clarity: it’s enough to quote the Catechism of the Catholic Church (cf. Section Two, Chapter II, Art. 6). In particular, on the widely discussed issue today of homosexuality, the doctrine of the Church is clear (cf. CCC nos. 2357-2359; the two Documents of the CDF: Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, 1986; Some Considerations Concerning the Response to Legislative Proposalson the Non-Discrimination of Homosexual Persons, 1992). That the content of these documents is not shared by the people to whom they refer is another issue, but the Church cannot be accused of a lack of clarity. If anything, there will be a lack of clarity on the part of some pastors in the exposition of the doctrine. In this case, one who exercises the munus docendi should make a profound examination of conscience before God. (READ ENTIRE STATEMENT HERE)

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Last modified on Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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