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Monday, April 6, 2020

Australian High Court Unanimously Acquits Cardinal George Pell

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Cdl. Pell Cdl. Pell

 It appears justice is finally served in the kangaroo court. The High Court of Australia overturned Cardinal Pell's sexual assault conviction and has ordered that he be released from prison. 

Cardinal Pell was accused of sexual abuse on December 11, 2018 and has been in prison since February 2019. His appeal to the Victorian High court was dismissed in August of last year, at which time he took his appeal to the High Court (the equivalent of the Supreme Court in the U.S.). He denied all charges, which came from the unsubstantiated testimony of a single person.

At the time of publication, Rome, which threw Cardinal Pell under the bus so fast and furiously, has nothing to say about his acquittal. 

The Australian Catholic Bishop's conference, however, would like to remind us that "the result today does not change the Church's unwavering commitment to child safety and to a just and compassionate response to survivors and victims of child sexual abuse." 

Apparently the Australian bishops are fine with the Vatican's abandonment of obviously-falsely accused shepherds, and would like to pretend that Pell is still perhaps a threat; much like some folks would still like to call the coronavirus the worst thing since the Black Plague.

Cardinal Pell's first public statement since his imprisonment is making the rounds on social media:

 Welcome back, Cardinal Pell. God bless you.

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Last modified on Monday, April 6, 2020