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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Catholics Back the Blue

By:   Joshua McDonald | Chartres Pilgrim, 2019
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Catholics Back the Blue

KANSAS CITY, MO:  Demons - Police officers face them every day. Some are flesh and blood, some others are fallen angels who prey on the innocent, leave young children dead and corpses decomposing inside a home.   Others commit vile deeds, leaving it to a ten-year-old to find the body parts strewn along the river bank. A police officer faces demons who urge men to shoot in order to escape prosecution for robbing an innocent man at a bus stop.  A police officer faces demons who prod men to shoot him in the head leaving him in critical condition in the ICU.  – And those are the “normal” demons that the police face.

Now they have the very people whom they risk their lives to protect screaming for their heads.  In some cities violent rioters are leaving behind impressions of the demonic grip on society with graffiti saying, “kill cops.”  Now police are being battered with acts of terrorism.  Police cars are being burned, but nobody checks the terrorists.  Nobody stops the violence.  Nobody even tries – except for the police, but what can they do when they are being ripped apart and called monsters each time they do their job?  Why would they fight on for all the people who cow to the demands of the terrorists?  Calls for disbanding police, or defunding them, or for extreme measures to disarm them in the fight for justice surge in nearly every lawmaker’s office.  The heroic police still do not quit, so people start to scream louder … but some people are done bowing to the mob.

Catholics in the Kansas City area decided to do something to help the police – their police.  They decided to get together outside of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Headquarters and pray 5 decades of the rosary for their beloved police on a Thursday afternoon.  The police – to whom much gratitude is owed – poured out their thanks upon the praying men, women, and children.  A few local news channels even showed up to cover the “rally” (as it was later termed). support pd 1

Then the police supporters decided to show up the next week.  This time they prayed all 15 decades of the rosary.  Promises of prayers from home and Masses being offered for the officers were sent to the “rally” organizers as they set out for their second trip.  The group was discussing when a third rally might be possible when they saw the grim, heartbreaking news of the young officer who was shot in the head on the same night as their second rally. 

The group decided to try to get more people to come and publicly show support for the police and the dedication of faithful Catholics to law and order.  The police had just been shown a frightening reminder of the mortal danger that their profession places them in, and the Catholics realized it.  The third rally was scheduled for a Saturday morning, and they went a third time to headquarters with their signs of support, their country’s flag, and, best of all, their rosaries. 

Police took photos to show the families of the injured police officer, and a large biker gang even showed up, and as a pledge of their support for the police, they respectfully observed the prayers of the Catholics.  This time the group prayed 15 decades of the most efficacious and blessed rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, distributed holy cards and medals of St. Michael (the patron of police officers), prayed an act of reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, sang a Salve Regina, and invoked the aid of St. Joseph Terror of Demons.

Joshua McDonald
support pd 3The Catholics all agreed that they needed to return another time, and they all spoke of finding additional people to come out and pray to Almighty God for their police.  They intend to storm heaven with their rosaries.

These Catholics see that demons are spreading their refuse through society, and they see that the demons are trying to destroy the natural-level representatives and guardians of virtue, order, and justice.  They pray that through this report others will be encouraged to get off their couches and out into the field of battle.  Some have already taken up the mission of upholding just, virtuous society and have begun to pray for the police publicly, but there are more out there who are not in the fight.  If you are not praying the rosary every night, PRAY IT AND START TODAY!  Get out into the fight and assist the police!  Email your friends!  Go pray for the police and show them that you have their back.  While they are facing down the bullets, you stand right there with them.  You will not bow to the mob.  Recall the words of Chesterton: “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting.  It has been found difficult and left untried.”

Ave Maria!support pd 2
All Photos: Mary Ratterman

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