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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

SAVING HER LIFE: 14-Yr-Old Denied Lifesaving Kidney Transplant for Refusing COVID Vax

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Yulia Grace Yulia Grace

"A kidney from an unvaccinated donor... That is the miracle we are praying for. Yulia is currently on a daily dialysis regimen to save her life, but she needs a transplant. A compatible volunteer is Yulia's only hope." 

Yulia is a 14-year-old Ukrainian girl adopted by Lee and Chrissy Hicks in 2021. "She fit in right away with Lee and Chrissy's other 10 children, 2 of which are also adopted," states her bio on the website "She is outgoing and always positive," the story continues, "despite the hardships in her life, which include the last 15 months of daily dialysis."

facebook 1646407431433 6905533275289323040 166696365846825The Hicks children (Yulia lower second-right)

Yulia's story took an even more tragic turn in early November, as an update on her transplant status reads: 

"We were hopeful that things would go our way. Today we were told that Yulia cannot have a transplant at Duke even if we have a live donor for her because of our refusal of the HPV and Covid vaccines. The HPV is new, we just learned of it yesterday. So here we sit contemplating our next steps.

"To think that a committee can determine someone's life is terrifying. This is without a doubt medical tyranny. What has become of the medical community? How does the refusal of a shot that is known to cause many health issues AND does NOT stop the spread of a disease deny a 14-year-old a lifesaving therapy? How does that happen in America?

"Today we are sad. Tomorrow is a new day, and God is there with an answer for us."

Please share this family's story. Those seeking to pray or otherwise support Yulia's fight for survival are encouraged to visit the following links:

Her website is

Her Give Send Go:

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