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Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Remnant Joins Lenten Prayer Crusade for Liberation of TLM

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The Remnant Joins Lenten Prayer Crusade for Liberation of TLM

I am more than pleased to join my voice to that of Dr Joseph Shaw and his London team in calling for an international Lenten prayer crusade for the liberty of the Traditional Latin Mass. I ask all Remnant readers to please help us spread the word, and to prepare to storm the heavenly court with prayers and penances for this intention. If there were ever a time for the "clans" of Tradition to unite with one voice in heavenly supplication, that time is now. May God hear our prayer. - Michael J. Matt 

Appeal for prayers and penances

for the Liberty of the Traditional Mass in Lent

From Una Voce International and others

Una Voce International and other organisations, groups and individuals concerned with the Traditional Latin Mass would like to appeal to all Catholics of good will to offer prayers and penances during the season of Lent, particularly for the intention: the liberty of the Traditional Mass.

We do not know how credible rumours of further documents from the Holy See on this subject may be, but the rumours themselves point to a situation of doubt, conflict, and apprehension, which is severely harmful to the mission of the Church. We appeal to our Lord, through His Blessed Mother, to restore to all Catholics the right and opportunity to worship according to the Church’s own venerable liturgical traditions, in perfect unity with the Holy Father and the bishops of the whole Church.


Una Voce International (Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce, FIUV,)

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