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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Update on Perth’s “Canceled” Parish

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Fr. Rowe and Archbishop Costello Fr. Rowe and Archbishop Costello

As reported at The Remnant (here and here), the progressive Archbishop of Perth, Timothy Costelloe, has had the Latin Mass parish of St. Anne’s in his sights for some time. Rector of St. Anne’s, Fr. Michael Rowe, has been embroiled in legal action with the Archdiocese since 2019, when he moved to stop his parish property from being sold by the Archbishop without his consent. With the failure of his final legal attempt in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, Fr. Rowe has been ordered to pay substantial costs.

Although several lawyers and barristers donated their services free of charge (according to the St. Anne’s LifeFunder page, this is around the order of AUD 260,000) Fr. Rowe’s remaining legal fees are considerable. The Lifefunder page notes that Fr. Rowe even used the services of “... Brett Walker SC who was the barrister who defended Cardinal Pell in his High Court Case which led to his release from prison”, adding that “we tried everything in order to preserve St Anne’s for the Latin Mass community in Perth!”

Since September last year, the St. Anne’s community has been under additional pressure from the Archbishop, who has moved to severely restrict the number of Latin Masses in the Archdiocese. Despite that, Fr. Rowe and Fr. Limbourn have faithfully continued to offer the traditional Mass and sacraments to his flock on a daily basis.

Those who wish to support the parish financially may use their LifeFunder page, where more details of the St. Anne’s saga can also be found.

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Last modified on Thursday, September 21, 2023
Kathy Clubb | Australian Correspondent

Kathy Clubb is an Australian home-educator and author of Latina Rosarii, the Latin Primer for the Reluctant.

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