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Remnant Rome Report

Remnant Rome Report (3)

The Remnent Newspaper traveled to Rome for coverage of the Conclave.

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Tradition Remembered

Tradition Remembered (3)

The Remnant Will Never Forget

The Remnant devotes this section of our exclusively to testimonies by those who lived through the revolution of the Second Vatican Council.

This page is reserved for those who saw what happened, or heard what happened from those who did,  and who truly understand how Catholic families were blown apart. Visitors who have personal reflections, or memories of traditionalists pioneers, or reminicences of the revolution are encouraged to tell their stories and share their pictures here. . . so that we will never forget.

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Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

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RTV Covers Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

Remnant TV was in Rome this past week covering the Vatican’s clerical sexual abuse summit on the “protection of minors”. It seemed a dismal assignment, to be sure, but the reason it was necessary for The Remnant to be in the Eternal City was so we could throw in with our traditional Catholic allies in Rome who’d organized an act of formal resistance to the Vatican sham summit.

Going in, we all knew that the ultimate goal of the summit was to establish child abuse—not rampant homosexuality in the priesthood—as the main cause of a crisis in the Catholic Church which now rivals that of the Protestant Revolt. (Remnant TV coverage of this event as well as the Vatican summit itself, can be found on The Remnant’s YouTube channel, and for your convenience is laid out below:

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Remnant Cartoons

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Regardless of what we may think about why Benedict didn’t say anything at the time to oppose the tyrannical motu proprio, this latest revelation prompts the question:  Why would any bishop feel obliged to obey an order which “broke Benedict’s heart” and which, according to his personal secretary, Benedict lamented as a massive abuse of power that could only harm the faith of young Catholics the world over?

New from Remnant TV...

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt looks at the growing dissatisfaction with the global elites and their utterly insane Agenda 2030.

From Alberta to Tampa and from Ron DeSantis to Bill Maher, the cross section of society that has had quite enough is becoming more vocal every day. Even Australia is backing down, with Novak Djokovic getting set to play the Open even through he is not vaccinated.

Meanwhile, influential content creators such as Joe Rogan are openly mocking Klaus Schwab and the entire Reset of Stupidity.

Michael’s prediction? 2023 will see an increase in worldwide resistance to the elites and their medical dictatorship.

Time to go on offense!

Vigano crest 2Salvum fac populum tuum, Domine, et benedic hereditati tuæ.
Et rege eos, et extolle illos usque in æternum.
Save your people, Lord, and bless your inheritance.
Govern and uphold them now and always.  -
Hymn. Te Deum

In these last hours that mark the conclusion of the civil year, each of us is preparing to take part in the solemn functions with which the Church raises to the Divine Majesty the praises of thanksgiving contained in the hymn Te Deum.

This RTV Spotlight was excerpted from GLOBALISM’S GOD COMPLEX: Fake News on Steroids.

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SOME YEARS AGO I heard an extraordinary story from a friend who lived for a time in the extreme northern end of the country, in a remote and beautiful valley of the Alps, the Val d'Ossola. In brief, three priests one day told their bishop that they would no longer celebrate the Mass in the new rite, and adopted the traditional Mass when Summorum Pontificum was published. And despite immense pressure and months of struggle, they never did again.

"We are in greater danger than all others, because we are beset by the 'elegant demon,' who does not make a loud entrance, but comes with flowers in his hand." — Francis, 2022 Christmas Greetings to the Roman Curia

Francis’s 2022 Christmas Greetings to the Roman Curia included several elements that are genuinely Catholic, and even edifying, when read out of context. One of the dominant themes, for example, is the need for conversion:

“Conversion is a never-ending story. The worst thing that could happen to us is to think that we are no longer in need of conversion, either as individuals or as a community. To be converted is to learn ever anew how to take the Gospel message seriously and to put it into practice in our lives. It is not simply about avoiding evil but doing all the good that we can. That is what it means to be converted.”

Editor’s Note: It is my pleasure to reintroduce my great-grandfather Hugo Klapproth and his “new” book, Letters to a Protestant Friend (Available Here). Full disclosure: The book is new only to English-speaking readers living 130 years after it was published in the original German here in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Apart from being a thoughtful historical sketch, this little book also makes a considerable contribution to Catholic apologetics. As a convert from Lutheranism and a professional newspaper editor, Hugo Klapproth’s apologetical arguments to his Lutheran friend are some of the most effective I have ever read. Mary “worship,” Faith alone, sola scriptura, the papacy, the “non-biblical” roots of purgatory, and the Sacrament of Confession—all the go-to Protestant arguments are refuted with expert biblical exegesis, considerable historical acumen, and the patient reproach of one old friend to another. Here, then, is an excerpt from Chapter 3 on Mary and Papal Infallibility. MJM

Vigano crest 2Rex pacificus magnificatus est,
cujus vultum desiderat universa terra

The whole earth desires to contemplate the blessed face of the King of peace, who deigned to be born according to the flesh, two thousand twenty-two years ago, to redeem us from the yoke of Satan and acquire us for the glory of heaven with His most holy Passion.

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, to order it and establish it with judgment and justice from that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this (Is 9: 6-7). These solemn words, referring to the coming Redeemer, spur us on to recognize the sign of sovereignty and to cooperate so that peace, which is stability of order, founded on law and justice, may triumph.

In this world that is rebellious and indocile to the Child King; in this world that deludes itself that it can build peace without the One who is its eternal foundation, may each of you bear witness to Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ with courage and coherence of life, offering Him your heart as a mystical manger in which He can rest, as a throne in which He sits and reigns first and foremost over you, your families, and your community.

In this world that is rebellious and indocile to the Child King; in this world that deludes itself that it can build peace without the One who is its eternal foundation, may each of you bear witness to Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ with courage and coherence of life, offering Him your heart as a mystical manger in which He can rest, as a throne in which He sits and reigns first and foremost over you, your families, and your community. May your actions and your words make the blessed Face of the Lord shine forth, so that all the peoples of the earth may convert to Him, bend their knees to Him in adoration, and restore to Him the royal crown that the Revolution snatched from Him.

And so may it be.

+ Carlo Maria, Archbishop
Most Holy Christmas MMXXII

A Christmas Truce at the World War I Front

Editor’s Note: This article was published in The Remnant in 2006 after having first appeared on the Your Guide to 20th Century History website. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author. The original song by John McCutcheon, also posted below, is well worth listening to as you read this incredible story from a moment (and an innocence) not so very long ago, the memory of which is fading from the consciousness of "enlightened" men who've lost sight of God, Country, and certainly the true meaning of Christmas. We repost this article every Christmas as yet another means of keeping the old stories (and thus the old reality) alive until saner men return.  The true meaning of Christmas broke through the fog of war in 1917 and it will do so again this year, so long as we keep telling the stories. Merry Christmas to all, and to Hell with the New World Order. MJM

We Made It

Congratulations! You’ve made it through one of the weirdest years in human history, with manifestations of Godlessness never even conceived of: Men “getting pregnant”, bearded women, Dr. Moreau wannabes injecting humanity with Mystery Juice, popes committing regicide (against Christ the King), robots taking over the workforce.