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Remnant Rome Report

Remnant Rome Report (3)

The Remnent Newspaper traveled to Rome for coverage of the Conclave.

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Tradition Remembered

Tradition Remembered (3)

The Remnant Will Never Forget

The Remnant devotes this section of our exclusively to testimonies by those who lived through the revolution of the Second Vatican Council.

This page is reserved for those who saw what happened, or heard what happened from those who did,  and who truly understand how Catholic families were blown apart. Visitors who have personal reflections, or memories of traditionalists pioneers, or reminicences of the revolution are encouraged to tell their stories and share their pictures here. . . so that we will never forget.

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Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome (0)

RTV Covers Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

Remnant TV was in Rome this past week covering the Vatican’s clerical sexual abuse summit on the “protection of minors”. It seemed a dismal assignment, to be sure, but the reason it was necessary for The Remnant to be in the Eternal City was so we could throw in with our traditional Catholic allies in Rome who’d organized an act of formal resistance to the Vatican sham summit.

Going in, we all knew that the ultimate goal of the summit was to establish child abuse—not rampant homosexuality in the priesthood—as the main cause of a crisis in the Catholic Church which now rivals that of the Protestant Revolt. (Remnant TV coverage of this event as well as the Vatican summit itself, can be found on The Remnant’s YouTube channel, and for your convenience is laid out below:

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UntitledSo the Vatican has ramped up its preoccupation with sex. As has been widely reported here and elsewhere, they've now got their very own sex-education program up and running. Published by the Pontifical Council for the Family, “The Meeting Point: The Adventure of Love,” purports to bring young people up to speed on the question of sex and chastity. And who better to do that than those paragons of virtue over at that Vatican.


The Rise of the...  Catholic Counterrevolution

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The Catholic Identity Conference 2016


¡Viva Cristo Rey! 

chris phot 6More than three years into the Bergoglian pontificate there is no mistaking its principal line of development, which is Francis’s grand obsession: the admission of unrepentant public adulterers in “second marriages” to Holy Communion, the “Kasper proposal” he has been promoting almost from the moment of his election. To that end, Francis has relentlessly put in place a kind of moral mafia to carry out his design. Let us meet some of its soldiers.

First, meet Archbishop Vincenzo (“the Enforcer”) Paglia, head of the (now) ludicrously misnamed Pontifical Council “for the Family”:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Don Mario’s Moral Mafia Featured


your puppetOver a decade ago, with typical hubris, George Soros bragged, that he “is the Pope’s boss, now.” It appears that his boast became a self-fulfilling prophecy in the Francis pontificate.

The two most powerful men in the world joined forces to form a curious and troubling alliance. One of them, often referred to as the most dangerous man in the world, the other, the Vicar of Christ.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pope Maker: The Soros Syndicate Featured

Written by
This just in from LifeSiteNews – In a new interview, Cardinal Raymond Burke has revealed that he and other “serious-minded” Church leaders are calling on Pope Francis to release a document correcting the confusion emanating from his recent apostolic exhortation on the family, Amoris Laetitia. He also decried characterizations that he is an "enemy" of Pope Francis.

The cardinal says clarification of Amoris Laetitia is essential “for the sake of souls” because of the rampant confusion right now.

“I trust that something will have to happen also because some very formal calls for clarification are in process and they simply will demand a response,” Burke told Religion News Service’s David Gibson in an interview published today. “Not in any kind of hostile or aggressive way, but simply for the sake of souls because people are getting confused.”

“I do believe very strongly that we need to have a clearer direction, a clearer enunciation of the faith and its practice,” he added. “That way would also help to settle down this confusion and the division which follows from it.”

With the growing concern over Pope Francis’ remarks and initiatives, some have speculated that the Church could be approaching schism. But Cardinal Burke insists that he will “die a Roman Catholic” and be no part of dividing the Body of Christ.

Gibson writes:
But when asked directly, Burke is equally firm that whatever happens, he has no intention of leading a breakaway, schismatic movement, an option some on the Catholic right have contemplated.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “I will never leave the Catholic Church. No matter what happens I intend to die a Roman Catholic. I will never be part of a schism. READ MORE HERE
REMNANT COMMENT: We are so very grateful to His Eminence for all he is doing to help stop Pope Francis from further confusing the faithful and scandalizing the Church. As for any potential schism, our concern is that Pope Francis is the one who may end up leaving the Church. He is certainly the one whose bizarre public opinions place him at odds with Tradition and thus on a dangerous trajectory toward schism.

Refusing to abandon the Catholic Church of the ages may well put us all at odds with Pope Francis in the near future....and then what?  In order to prevent a schism, do we go along with his errors—some of which Cardinal Burke himself is attempting to force the Pope to correct and clarify at this very moment? Or do we stay with the infallible teachings of the Church and thus become "schismatic" in the eyes of the modernist human element of the Church?

But isn’t the point and purpose of the Church’s teaching against the mortal sin of schism to protect and defend the truth of Christ and the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church? If we avoid "schism" by betraying the truth are we not sacrificing the spirit of the law in order to adhere to its letter?  How is this not pharisaical?   

What is more important for faithful Catholics—the truth, or the prevention of schism at all costs?

SOROSAmong the many smoking guns uncovered in the Wikileaks data dump, lurks documents that should give Catholics great concern. The latest Wikileaks data dump of internal documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation exposes the most shocking of all his political alliances. According to the leaked Open Society Foundation documents, George Soros funds efforts to promote his radical socialist agenda of income inequality by using the bully pulpit of Pope Francis. Soros seeks to “engage the Pope on economic and racial justice issues” by lobbying the Vatican.

bp zubik festival of hope460Bishop Zubic prays at Franklin Graham's 2014 praise festival in Pittsburgh

In his apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis famously, or rather infamously, accused tradition-minded Catholics of exhibiting the “self-absorbed promethean neopelagianism of those who ultimately trust only in their own powers and feel superior to others because they observe certain rules or remain intransigently faithful to a particular Catholic style from the past.”

Writing in Crisis magazine, Franciscan University Professor Timothy Williams expresses that which so many thousands of Catholics have been thinking now for decades: What's with all these bizarre papal apologies?  Here's an excerpt:

Above all, busy contemplating their own faults, the Catholics of this earlier age did not engage in the public lamentation of other people’s presumed sins, which seems to be the “confession fashion” of our age. With at least the last three papacies, we have seen an avalanche of apologies, almost always on behalf of Catholics of a previous era, and without the historical context necessary to make sense of the actions or inactions of those believers. Pope St. John Paul II apologized so frequently and for such a wide variety of offenses that there is an entire Wikipedia page devoted to this one aspect of his pontificate. (And the page is far from complete.)

Pope Francis has taken this cult of “eorum culpa” to new heights, issuing strangely worded apologies that condemn Christians for the very things that are praiseworthy in Christianity. For example, according to the Pope, Christians should beg forgiveness “from the poor, from exploited women, [and] from children exploited as laborers,” even though, historically, no religion or other organization of any kind has ever done more for the poor, the exploited, women, and children.

Of what, ultimately, consists this fondness for issuing apologies on behalf of Christians (and specifically Catholics) of other eras? Sometimes, I ask myself whether these gestures are not just a kind of pharisaical prayer of self-praise and thanksgiving for one’s moral superiority: “The Pharisee standing, prayed thus with himself: O God, I give thee thanks that I am not as the rest of men, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, as also is this publican” (Luke 18:11). (Just add the prefix “Re-” to the last word, and voila!—moral aggiornamento.)

Can one even imagine a medieval pope issuing such apologies? READ ARTICLE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: Isn't it refreshing to see that so many others can plainly see that the Emperor is buck naked. Professor Williams' concluding paragraph says it all:

The Catholics of the Middle Ages would not have understood this paradox, this profusion of apologies coupled with pious indifference. They had the habit of speaking bluntly about evil, and finding it in themselves, rather than in others. We would do well to follow the light of their example, living as we are in the true dark ages of humanity.

Amen to that, and to the author's ready admission that it's not just Francis. This has been going on for decades, long before anyone outside of Buenos Aires had ever heard the name Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  The neo-Catholic coma has run its course, it would seem, and worldwide resistance is on the rise.

In the meantime, the horrific scandal continues as Peter rather pathetically caters to the world, personally removing the stigma attached even to grave sin and robbing the poor sinner of the spiritual and moral direction he needs to save his soul -- something for which future popes will surely apologize:

May God forgive Pope Francis for the confusion and lack of clarity he's causing among so many already lost sheep.

3 Lighting the Fire 003CIC Organizers Light the BLESSED BONFIRE

In the continuing efforts to restore Catholic Identity, organizers and friends of the “Catholic Identity Conference” held annually in Weirton, West Virginia (this upcoming September 9 – 11, 2016), met on a family farm earlier this summer to host a traditional Catholic bonfire commemorating the Vigil of the Birthday of Saint John the Baptist. Led by the Knights of Columbus Woodlawn Council 2161 Traditional Latin Mass Guild, numerous fervent Catholics gathered at the peaceful farm of a Traditional Latin Mass family to observe this most ancient of Catholic ceremonies.

Press Release


Fairfield, NJ – August 18, 2016 - In an opinion issued yesterday, the Court of Criminal Appeals of the State Oklahoma reversed the convictions of veteran pro-life activist Joan Andrews Bell following her unlawful arrest for kneeling and praying the Rosary at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on September 21, 2014 during a "Black Mass" being held inside the building.  

The Court's 18-page opinion systematically dismantles the prosecution's groundless criminal complaints against Mrs. Bell for "disorderly conduct", based on alleged "obstruction" of access to the Civic Center, and "Interfering or Obstructing by Disobeying a Lawful Command" by allegedly not cooperating in her unlawful arrest. 

The Court accepted ACLA's arguments that there was insufficient evidence to support either charge, that Mrs. Bell's arrest (originally for "trespass" but later amended to "disorderly conduct") was unlawful, and that she had a right passively to resist her unlawful arrest by going limp momentarily but otherwise offering no significant impediment to the arrest.​​  "The City has failed to show that Bell obstructed access to the Civic Center, and we find there was insufficient evidence to support the charged offense," the Court concluded.  Further, the Court found, "Bell reasonably resisted officers during an unlawful arrest for the City's unsupported trespass charge," the arrest having occurred on public rather than private property.

"This is an important victory for the rights of Catholics in America, faced with a rising tide of anti-Catholic hatred, in this case officially sanctioned by the City of Oklahoma City," said ACLA President and Chief Counsel Christopher A. Ferrara following the decision.  "Congratulations are in order to ACLA Oklahoma affiliate counsel Professor Brian McCall and local counsel Matt Kane," Ferrara added.   "ACLA attorneys are now reviewing the options, including a federal civil rights law suit on Mrs Bell's behalf. The gross violation of civil and constitutional rights in this case must never happen again in Oklahoma City."

AMERICAN CATHOLIC LAWYERS ASSOCIATION is a federally tax-exempt religious organization dedicated to the defense of the rights of Catholics in America.  To support the work of ACLA with a tax-deductible gift, donate here.