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Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

The $1.6 trillion in outstanding student loans held by the federal government is something “President-elect” Joe Biden is apparently considering cancelling; at least up to $50,000 for each borrower by executive order. 

Georgia was pivotal during November’s presidential election as one of a handful of swing states that made Joe Biden, President-elect.  The Peach State will again take center stage on Jan. 5 with its scheduled runoff of two Senate seats whose importance cannot be exaggerated. 

Georgia’s anticipated January election for Republicans could very well serve as a last stand against the emerging Democrat socialistic wave that is anxiously awaiting to swallow up the American Republic.  

Joe Biden’s “time for healing” and to “stop treating our opponents as our enemies” speech was anything but Lincolnesque as the most divisive, volatile election since the Civil War has put many in doubt.   

One teacher’s union has already demanded that Biden oppose any charter school expansion, while putting an end to school choice for Washington D.C.’s low-income families.  This is the same city that Biden won 93 percent of the vote.  With such gaudy numbers, Democrats must believe that everyone is as easily manipulated. 

From 1980 through 2016, 19 of the nation’s more than 3,000 counties voted for the presidential winner in every election.  In 2020, only one of them backed Joe Biden.  Is this a statistical anomaly, or is something seriously amiss? 

Americans are entitled to an honest election and President Trump has every right to challenge its results given the debasing treatment he has received over the past four years.  Trump’s campaign has filed multiple legal challenges regarding ballot-counting fraud in several swing states, including Pennsylvania.

There are some news stories that have been buried under the avalanche of media coverage during this most contentious and controversial of presidential elections, but it certainly doesn’t diminish their newsworthiness and importance.  

Fulton v. City of Philadelphia is one of them, where the Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in what will be a historic First Amendment ruling sometime early in 2021, regardless of who lives in the White House.    

In 2018, Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (CSS) was prohibited by the same city that provided cover for infamous abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell from finding homes for foster children – unless CSS accepted gay unions. This occurred while Philadelphia declared a city emergency with 300 children in need of foster care.   

Although the presidential campaign was long and all-consuming, the nation remains at a crossroads.  While 2020 has been a tumultuous year with zealous partisanship driving both sides of the political spectrum, it came as no revelation that Election Day would not see a clear winner. 

This most contentious of presidential elections and its ensuing legal challenges will test the foundation of our American constitutional republic to its core.

Once again, Donald Trump outperformed the pollsters’ predictions of a Biden landslide, making them appear more like partisan hacks than political scientists. 

There are some Americans who have received numerous ballots in the mail over the past month that you’d think they were already deceased.  Who among us has not read or heard about mail-in voting shenanigans occurring throughout our fruited plain? 

For Democrats there are no wrong addresses, only misplaced and uncounted ballots.  Covering elections years ago, the standard refrain throughout the Pennsylvania Coal Region was the Democrats always had a 500-vote advantage before the polls ever opened their doors.

A journeyman is defined as someone who is reliable, not outstanding, but more of a placeholder than anything else. 

In today’s politically charged universe, who does that remind you of?   

There is no greater representative of the entrenched, bureaucratic, political class better known as the “D.C. Swamp” than Joe Biden and his nearly half-century membership highlights it.  Biden will serve his most crucial role as the placeholder for Kamala Harris, if the presidential election goes as predicted for Democrats. Provided you are unfamiliar with what the 25th Amendment of the Constitution entails, it won’t be long until you are.   

Robert Gates, who served as defense secretary when Biden was vice president would later write that Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” 

When asked what he plans to do about dementia, Biden pledged to increase their foreign aid and accept all their immigrants. 

Biden presides over a Democrat party that coddles extremists and ignores riotous violence.  Biden’s campaign slogan of “Build Back Better” is more suited as “Build back Bitter.”  marecsa biden 1

If Democrats did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all. Turn off the rhetoric and study what they actually do.  For instance, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, over the preceding decade the Biden’s gave an average of $369 per year to charities.  Biden is all about using your money, not his. 

Biden’s mantra about saving the “soul of America,” is bizarre coming from a man who responds to political incentives quicker than Pontius Pilate.  Biden wears the Catholic badge as he does his mask when campaigning from his basement.  Biden should wear two masks – one for each face. 

His “devout” Catholicism is derisive and a sham. 

Biden is the most radically pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, “Catholic” candidate ever to headline a national ticket.  Biden embraces sodomy as “marriage” and has even presided over one. 

Biden’s self-serving flip on the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal tax dollars from paying for abortions, speaks to his character that only distances himself from the truths of Catholicism, particularly that every life is sacred from conception to natural death.marecsa biden 2

He is certainly catholic with a small “c” when it comes to abortion, and his pro-abort running mate Kamala Harris, when she was California attorney general, played a key role in defending Planned Parenthood over its sale of aborted baby parts in violation of federal law.  A Biden administration would not only codify abortion into federal law but make the taxpayer foot the bill.  They would also force the Little Sisters of the Poor to fund abortion and contraception.   

In Catholic circles, Biden is what you would call a “cafeteria Catholic” – someone who adheres to whatever Church dogma suits them.  Cafeteria Catholics are legion and heretics, too. 

If Catholicism were a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict? 

Testimony points to a Biden acquittal. 

Ever since Judas betrayed Our Lord, you can trace all major crises to the silence of Christian clergy and by doing so they surrender their moral authority.  For Biden and any Catholic reading this, it was at the Council of Trent where St. Pope Pius V prophetically said, “All the evils of the world are due to lukewarm Catholics.”  

Where are the Fulton Sheen archbishops of today?  If you need more convincing, run an internet search for the homilies of Father Altman and Meeks. 

Economist and scholar, Thomas Sowell summed the 2020 election in these words: “If the election goes to Biden, there’s a good chance that the Democrats will then control the two branches of Congress and the White House, and considering the kinds of things that they’re proposing, that could well be the point of no return for this country.”   

As we head into the election’s home stretch, one must never underestimate the percolating sensation of the “shy voter.”  Given all the political animosity that is anti-Trump, the “shy voter” is one who considers it taboo to declare openly that they would vote for Trump.  They could very well be the 2020 version of the Silent Majority. 

Much can occur during the last weeks of any election year, let alone the most conspicuous presidential election in more than a century. 


In 2016, Hillary Clinton was leading by nearly seven points at this juncture. 

History can be a resounding echo.    

The Biden-Harris presidential placards popped up on lawns like dandelions on a warm spring day following that first presidential debate with the never-Trumpers cultivating among them.

Ever since President Trump emerged on the national political scene, a species of the never-Trumpers was conceived claiming to be turned off by his demeanor, off-handed quips, and Big Apple brashness.

They lament Trump’s errant past as justification not to vote for him because such things are beneath them. These never-Trumpers are held hostage by their emotions, finding it impossible to separate Trump’s policies from his personality.maresca never trump 1

Woefully, this presidential election’s emphasis continues to be centered on Trump’s outsized persona. This is the Democrat’s and mainstream media’s strategy with the extremism of the Democrat Party’s platform a nonissue.

If your main source of information is the mainstream press or social media, you are walking blindly into an election that provided Democrats win, will fundamentally change the country especially for your children and grandchildren.

Without question, Trump can be abrasive and will never be mistaken for an altar boy. For Trump, his presidency has been a matter of substance over style.

Objectively, Trump has accomplished much of what he promised.maresca never trump 2

Trump’s administration has arguably orchestrated the most historic development in Middle Eastern diplomacy in over half a century. Countries once hostile to Israel, like the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, now formally recognize Israel with additional Arab nations set to follow. Moderate regimes throughout the Middle East are prevailing, while radical groups like Hamas, ISIS and al-Qaeda are not.

Provided the Obama administration even came close to such success, there would be a second Nobel Prize for Obama, while Trump walks away with nothing, but history on his side. Trump got us out of the pathetic Iran nuclear deal, while expanding the economy that saw record levels of employment and higher wages for blacks, Latinos and women, while buoying every 401k from sea to shining sea.

Michael Matt takes down the Never Trumpers: 

Carbon emissions have been reduced more than those nations still locked into the Paris climate treaty. Illegal immigration has decreased, while more NATO members are meeting their longstanding military obligations. Trump refuses to back down to China, who continues to oppress both Christians and Muslims, while calling the Chinese out on their theft of American intellectual property. Moreover, Trump’s administration has renegotiated abysmal trade deals with the Middle Kingdom that has cost Americans trillions of dollars in revenue and millions of jobs for over two generations.maresca never trump 3

Over 200 federal judges have been confirmed by the Senate that will help reestablish constitutional lawfulness, while reigning in radical abortionists. If Trump loses, the abortion holocaust will greatly increase not only in the U.S., but worldwide.

This, however, is not worthy of today’s media that is nothing but an overwhelming partisan house organ for Democrats.

Throughout Trump’s first four years, there was not a single power that has not aligned against him and he refused to concede. There true target remains our nation’s longstanding Judeo-Christian traditional values, and in particular the enshrinement of abortion as a political sacramental.

The Left disdains Trump because he calls them out and without any political windsock pretense, while pulling no punches. The fact that some Christians say that they would never vote for Trump, who remains their steadfast ally, underscores just how much the secular infestation continues to poison and scatter godly people.maresca never trump 4

Never Trumpers are more than willing to double down in defiance as a lukewarm civil war continues to brew. Who has not watched in horror the arsonists rioting in the streets in so many Democrat run cities that continue to disregard the Rule of Law?

Trump has placed a spotlight upon the deep and murky bureaucratic swamp that infiltrates every avenue of our federal government that the never-Trumpers, RINOs, and those elite loving Globalists refuse to acknowledge. In retrospection, Donald Trump has been the most effective and conservative president since Ronald Reagan.


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Trump’s 2016 election was an obstruction to the Democrat-Marxist steamroller that revealed their true, totalitarian nature. This is what has them so enraged and indignant.

Those never Trumpers may not be too excited over a Biden-Harris White House; but it very well be its cause and effect.  

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She does not just believe her faith and legal opinions; she lives them and therein lies the problem.

As the nation lurches toward the most combative presidential election in generations, another vindictive Supreme Court confirmation hearing will serve as its prologue. 

Nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s intellect, character, and temperament is precisely the class of jurist America needs on the Supreme Court. What the nation does not need is another contentious and antagonistic round of hearings in order to get it done.