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Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

When Major League Baseball joined the Cancel Culture by moving their All-Star game out of Georgia thanks to legislation that enhanced the state’s election integrity, talk of boycotting MLB and those that do business with them went vogue.

Politically driven boycotts have deep nationalistic roots. In the 1760s, American colonists exasperated with high British taxation boycotted English goods giving rise to that American revolutionary rally: “taxation without representation.”  The civil-rights crusade was initiated by the 1955 boycott of the segregated bus system of Montgomery, Alabama led by Rosa Parks. 

As Major League Baseball (MLB) opened its season to sunny skies with every team playing on the same day since 1937, the game’s executives seem intent on beheading the golden goose with the woke ax of the Cancel Culture.

Given the issues with two recent Georgian elections, the state’s legislature passed a bill that would strengthen the integrity and fairness of their voting laws.  The MLB suits and their Democrat allies including President Biden disagreed, labeling the legislation “an atrocity” and “Jim Crow.”  As a result, MLB’s midseason summer classic – its annual All-Star game and amateur draft that were to take place in Atlanta – will be relocated to Colorado that has similar voting laws.

Even the left-leaning Washington Post awarded Biden four Pinocchio’s.

The president’s distortion of the Georgia law is intentionally divisive since he promised to unite the nation at his inauguration.  Even the left-leaning Washington Post awarded Biden four Pinocchio’s.

MLB’s certitude is business as usual.  During last year’s abbreviated season, MLB stenciled a Marxist organization’s initials on pitching mounds leaguewide.  Despite their All-Star boycott of Georgia, MLB announced an expanded television deal with China.  MLB must not realize that in China they eat their bats rather than swing them. 

MLB should showcase their All-Star game in Wuhan.  Surely, the Uighurs in their Xinjiang province “re-education” camps would tune in. Even Secretary of State Antony Binken said China is committing genocide against the Uighurs.   

The media needs to question Biden on how a law committed to voter integrity in a state that he won warrants a boycott, while communist China gets a pass.   

The Georgia law will require absentee voters to provide identification when requesting and mailing in their ballot.  Likewise, ballot drop boxes that were temporary during the pandemic will continue but be reduced.  There were no drop boxes prior to COVID, ever. 

What will MLB do when other states pass similar voter integrity laws? Stop playing games in those states?  Why are any of the 81 regular season games being played in Atlanta if this law is so egregious?

Politics injecting itself into professional sports is vogue.  In July 2016, the NBA pulled its All-Star Game from Charlotte, N.C. because a state law mandated that transgenders use bathrooms according to their birth gender. After the law was repealed, the NBA rewarded Charlotte their 2019 All-Star game. 

Political division is nothing new, but the ridiculous and despotic reactions are.  Perhaps MLB is auditioning for their future masters – the Chinese Communist Party?  No need to concern yourself with voter suppression when there are no elections. 

Georgia is in no way suppressing legitimate voters, but their law does make it harder for illegitimate voters – and that is the crux – for Democrats.  MLB has smeared Georgia’s elected majority as racist and anti-democratic. 

State officials should sue for defamation.

Here is MLB lecturing on election integrity when nothing is more fraudulent than an MLB All-Star ballot, where voting early and often is creed.

Drive to the park, buy a beer at the game and you will need identification.  Producing identification is not voter suppression; it is voter certification.  And you better have your immunization card updated to enter because that is next.    

Sports should be apolitical, but it is the weak and craven who fail to step up to the plate and make it so.  Georgia showed uncharacteristic courage for politicians something MLB and the crony and woke CEO’s at Atlanta based Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola severely lack.

If other legislatures and organizations would exhibit such resolve perhaps, a real examination, without the name calling about why one group has lagged behind in most metrics despite decades of unconstitutional subsidies and preferences.  Then we could address some real causes: 70% children born out of wedlock, 52% of murders, 37% of abortions among a culture that is only 13% of the population where entitlement and victimization handcuff advancement while atrophying young minds.

Bureaucratic elites are in lockstep with the anti-liberty, totalitarian, Constitution-hating zealots who occupy Washington.  This decision by MLB is just the latest example.

Sports is entertainment, not a political movement.

Until conservatives can boycott as effectively as leftists, expect more of the same.

Conservatives need to take a final homerun trot around the MLB bases of going, going... gone. 

Good luck with your new friends, MLB.


The steadfastness and credibility of any democracy depends on the fidelity of its elections. The legitimacy of government is contingent upon the people’s trust. The basis of that trust is transparent, fair elections that should never be a partisan issue. 

As we observe the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization’s proclaimed COVID-19 pandemic, one gratuitous prediction failed to materialize. 

It was not a favorable week for some iconic childhood stalwarts. It began with the castration of Mr. Potato Head who is now just another vegetable with feigned expressions making it the ideal co-host for The View.  No matter how odd life is there are some folks overtly concerned about the gender of a plastic toy potato.

As the COVID-19 vaccine campaign chugs along, who among us has not heard of or knows of someone who has suffered adverse side effects as a result of being inoculated?   

The Equality Act is terribly misleading and not only threatens religious liberty, but freedom of speech and rights of conscience. 

Most COVID-19 cases have had mild symptoms and despite an average mortality rate north of 75 years and a 99.6% survival level, vaccination is a must.  The virus’ ability to infect political tyrants more concerned with their “great reset” than Constitutional rights continues to metastasize. 

The hype and fear campaign continues unabated despite a thousand-fold risk difference between young and old.  To “flatten the curve,” lockdowns, masks and social distancing went vogue and those who stray are shamed and ridiculed. 

None of this is a panacea. 

Neither is a vaccine. 

A Gallup poll says 40% are unwilling to vaccinate and unlikely to change their minds. A Kaiser Family Foundation report said nearly one-third of hospital staff “would not get vaccinated.” Over half of the members of New York’s Uniformed Firefighters Association would also refuse.

Best of all, anyone caught smirking will be charged with a hate crime. 

The Nobel Prize Committee announced their annual nominees and since the committee is a willing hostage to woke politics, they nominated Black Lives Matter for the Nobel Peace Prize.  If by happenstance, BLM does not win – burning down Nobel’s Swedish headquarters should definitely get them nominated again in 2022.    


America has endured the worst public health crisis in a century, 70 million claims for unemployment, trillions of dollars in borrowed “stimulus,” civil unrest, a belligerent communist China, convoys of illegal immigrants on their way to the border, which begs the question what exactly is the priority of the Biden administration?

Apparently, impeaching the former president in an attempt to divide the GOP by splintering the MAGA and establishment Republicans, while simultaneously signing a record number of presidential executive orders is.