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Michael J. Matt | Editor

Your Excellency, thank you for taking a few moments away from your busy schedule to answer a few questions on the issue of obligatory Mass attendance in an increasingly dysfunctional “Church of Accompaniment.”

Returning to the discussion of reclaiming our Catholic Holy Days. In a previous article, we covered the Advent Season which has substantially disappeared since Vatican II, at least in how it is observed in most Catholic homes.

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World War III in Ukraine – who are the baddies and who are the goodies? Well, that’s the question.

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt breaks down Chuck Schumer’s “Respect for Marriage Act” which, according to Senator Ted Cruz, will lead to outright persecution of Christian politicians, parents, and priests in America.

Funny thing is, Michael doesn’t first and foremost blame the Democrats (or the Republican turncoats) for their not-so-veiled assault on Christian Americans. Michael blames the colossal failure of Pope Francis to defend Christian morality as laid out in the official catechisms of the Catholic Church.

Can we seriously blame homosexuals for being deceived by the Vatican’s massive disinformation campaign?

And Chuck Schumer? Well, his white privilege is showing again. While millions of Americans are having difficulty feeding their families this winter, old Chuck is positively obsessed with canceling Christian morality. Could this creepy old geezer possibly be any more out of touch?

Meanwhile back in the real world, England and Wales are no longer Christian majority countries, as Christianity continues to be euthanized all over the world. And Pope Francis says the greatest crisis the world faces today is climate change. I rest my case.    

Is there any hope left? Of course there is, but it’s coming from some pretty unexpected places. 

Part I: How to do Advent

Well, the Devil is exposed and out in the open at last. There's no need for us to speculate about what he might have in mind for the world once the Catholic Church has been fully coopted.

Over the past two years, we have all lived through the nightmare warned against by pioneer traditional Catholics fifty years ago, i.e., lockdowns, closed churches, violence, persecution, the rise of the globalist superstate, the breakup of the family, a one world religion, the end of law and order, a pope who has lost the faith, etc. 

New from Remnant TV...

It may seem as if the COVID pandemic is over but for the political and corporate leaders who gathered in Bali for the November 2022 G20 summit, it is anything but. In fact, they’re already planning the next one, which is why they’re calling for preemptive global lockdown measures.

During George Foreman’s first run as the world’s heavyweight champion, he came across as the second coming of Sonny Liston – intimidating, boorish and mean. Foreman retired after losing to Jimmy Young three years after losing his title to Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope.

Apparently, Foreman had an epiphany in the locker room after his defeat against Young. Foreman left boxing for a while and became an ordained Christian minister. Nearly twenty years later, Foreman regained the heavyweight title, while becoming one of the most successful and beloved pitchmen since P.T. Barnum.

New from RTV on the Road...

Michael Matt on the road, this time in Virginia. Addressing faculty, students, and parents at Holy Family Academy, Michael speaks of the challenges of the coming persecution. Those who are faithful to Jesus Christ can expect to incur the wrath of the Christophobic builders of a new world order.

New from Remnant TV...

The Little Ferret gets a gig on Canada’s big drag queen show on TV. Zelensky donates big money to the Democrat candidates. (Still standing with Ukraine?) And Donald Trump says he will run again.

Michael asks a few questions:

  • Will there be an America left to save in 2024?
  • Will Mitch McConnell’s war-hawking Neocons let him get nominated?
  • Will the WEF psychos let him live until 2024?

Francis: You are the reason countries like ours are voting demons and baby-killers into power.

You have used the most powerful position of moral authority on earth -- not to save the lives of the unborn or to defend the law of God -- but rather to "save the planet" and defend the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Because you don't seem to care about the law of God and Christian morality, millions have walked away from the Church...and they are voting accordingly.

It is your job to call the world to repentance, but instead you call the world to recycle.

It is because of you that demons are allowed to roam free and seek the ruin of souls.

It is your job to call the world to repentance, but instead you call the world to recycle.

It is your job to build up the kingdom of Jesus Christ, but instead you partner with those who would build up the New World Order of AntiChrist.

You have betrayed your office, you have betrayed us, and like Judas before you, you have betrayed Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You want to listen to something? How about you listen to the sound of that cock crowing all over the world. May God have mercy on your soul, and may God deliver us from your reign of terror.