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Christopher A. Ferrara

- Why should the nations of former Christendom embroil themselves in pro-Israel zealotry when both Orthodox and liberal Jews condemn “Israelism” as the disordered worship of a human creation that can only end badly?

Hamas hides in its underground network while Israel, drawing from the bottomless US purse, slaughters the civilian population above—putting the lie to the claim that Israel’s wanton destruction of northern Gaza is about “exterminating Hamas” as opposed to inflicting limitless collective punishment on innocents in violation of all moral norms.

Remnant readers are well aware that the COVID-19 “vaccine mandates” and “vaccine passports” imposed in Western nations, or certain political subdivisions of those nations,  represent the last stage in what  objective historians will record as one of the greatest public policy debacles in Western history, and certainly the greatest in the area of public health policy. Government coercion to be injected with still-experimental vaccines that soon proved to be worthless[i] at preventing viral infection or transmission—the only arguable public health rationale for universally mandating them in the first place—was only the last in a series of failed government prescriptions for “flattening the curve” and “stopping the spread” of COVID-19. 

Editor’s Note: I've been an admirer of Mr. Howard Walsh all of my life. He was both friend and ally to my late father, Walter Matt, and his Keep the Faith apostolate was a lifeline for traditional Catholics over the course of the past four decades. He was a very close friend to Michael Davies, as well, and was the publisher of The Latin Mass Magazine. A warrior for the Latin Mass, Mr. Walsh was a gentleman of the old school who probably did more in the early days to raise the profile of the movement worldwide than anyone else -- always from behind the scenes, of course. But if you attend the Latin Mass today, one of the men to thank for that privilege is Howard Walsh. The Latin Mass movement has lost a champion and one of its greatest pioneers. He leaves behind a raft of children and grandchildren so, in your charity, please remember the entire Walsh family as you pray for the repose of the soul of the late, great Howard Walsh who fought the good fight, finished his course, and kept the faith. Requiescat in pace. Michael J. Matt

Perhaps you have never been to this website before, but were drawn here by the question “What are these traditionalists all about?”  Perhaps you were under the impression that we are a radical fringe group, the “Catholic Taliban” as some have called them—yet another epithet in an age where epithets have taken the place of reasoned discourse.

As of the date of Putin’s invasion, it appears that some 65% of Ukraine’s population was unvaccinated.  Did Putin really have a choice?

War is no laughing matter.  But what is laughable, as well as criminal, is the manner in which the perpetually lying media and the bipartisan War Party have managed to hide the historical facts which demonstrate that what is happening in Ukraine at this very moment is yet another debacle orchestrated by the arrogant buffoons who administer an American foreign policy that could not have been better designed to destabilize existing regimes, throw vast regions of the world into turmoil, and generate endless war and suffering that never touches the instigating elites.  Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is the war these ghouls did everything in their power to provoke, as Pat Buchanan has rightly observed. Indeed, they would have been furious had Putin not invaded. Now they are delighted at the emergence of yet another self-made crisis they will exploit to the hilt.

“It is not to be excluded that I will enter history as the one who split the Catholic Church... I am not afraid of schisms ...” -Jorge Mario Bergoglio

As expected, and just in time for Christmas, Msgr. Roche, the Latin Mass-hating Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments (CDW) has issued, on the authority the Latin Mass-hating Pope, a “clarification” of “Traditiones custodes” (TC) in the form of answers to eleven questions (dubia). 

 So now it’s the “Omicron variant,” which, like the “Delta variant,” is said to constitute an “emergency” because it is “potentially more contagious.”  There are zero active “cases” of Omicron in the United States, but rest assured “it’s coming,” says the loopy Governor of New York by operation of law,  Kathy Hochul,  who is doubtless delighted at the prospect of a new pretext for imposing her insane “vaccine mandate” on healthcare workers in the state, which has decimated the state’s health care workforce.  Hochul has publicly declared that COVID vaccines are divinely inspired and that those who refuse them “are not listening to God and what God wants.” Had Trump said anything of the sort about his “Operation Warp Speed,” the entire mediatic complex would have denounced him unceasingly for violating the separation of Church and State. But since the words came from the mouth of a Democrat governor, the Ministry of Truth had no pronouncement on the matter. 

So here we are, a mere 24 hours (at this writing) after the nuclear detonation of the laughably entitled “Traditionis Custodes” (TC).  I am reminded of the messages scrawled onto the casing of the Fat Man atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki: “Here’s to you!” wrote one Art Josephson of Chicago  “Here’s to you!” said Bergoglio as he dropped his bomb on a rapidly growing liturgical revival, led by young people, that ever more clearly exposes the terminal morbidity of the vast ecclesial dystopia over which he presides. 

Now that the provocative title has gotten your attention, an immediate proviso: Joe Biden holds the office of President of the United States, while Jorge Mario Bergoglio holds the office of Pope. In neither the Oval Office nor the Holy See is the chair of authority empty; a body occupies it in each case, even if in Biden’s case the body is barely alive. Neither presidential nor pontifical sedevacantism as such is at issue here—all arguments in favor being academic discussions of no practical effect on the possession of the offices in question, at least in my view. The issue to be considered is what we are to make of these two office holders beyond the bare possession of their respective offices. A number of disturbing parallels are apparent.

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