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Chris Jackson | Remnant Columnist

The irony is that if Catholics in Bishop Semeraro’s diocese received sacraments from truly schismatic Orthodox priests they would not be excommunicated at all. So is the Orthodox church somehow in “friendly schism” while the SSPX is in “naughty schism?”

Tuesday, November 4th, I wrote a blog piece regarding the implications of two bishops presuming to excommunicate Catholics who receive sacraments from the SSPX. On the same day, the International Una Voce Federation echoed my sentiments, stating that these excommunications may be illegal. Unfortunately, a third commentary on this event was posted on the same day, much unlike the others. That piece was Episcopal action on the SSPX: A basic strategy for unityby Neo-Catholic apologist, Dr. Jeff Mirus.

In the piece, Mirus states the following:

it is important to understand why some bishops are adopting this policy. It has nothing to do with the question of whether the SSPX bishops are excommunicated (which is no longer the case), or whether the SSPX is formally in schism (about which the popes have been noticeably coy while seeking to restore full communion). Nor are those who avail themselves of sacraments administered by SSPX priests either in schism or universally excommunicated by that fact. Arguing (as theLatin Mass Society of England and Wales has) that Bishops Semeraro and Sarlinga are on shaky ground because such universal judgments are not in force would seem to miss the point. Rather, at this time such excommunications are imposed diocese by diocese, according to the judgment of the local ordinary. This is because the SSPX constitutes a direct attack on ordinary episcopal jurisdiction in the Catholic Church.

On October 14th, Marcello Semeraro, Bishop of Albano, Italy, close friend of Pope Francis, and member of the Pope’s Council to reform the curia, took the surprising step of declaring the following:

any Catholic faithful who requests and receives Sacraments in the Society of Saint Pius X, will place himself de facto in the condition of no longer being in communion with the Catholic Church. A readmission to the Catholic Church must be preceded by an adequate personal path of reconciliation, according to the ecclesiastical discipline established by the Bishop.

Then, on October 20th, an interview with Abp. Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, regarding his recent meeting with the SSPX was made available. In it, the Secretary, for the first time publicly, stated that certain documents of Vatican II are of lesser authority and that the SSPX would not be required to give up objections related to pastoral and prudential matters:

Many of us were shocked to read the news headline, Mother Wins Case to Kill Her Disabled Daughter, which made the rounds just days ago. As LifeNews reported on October 29th:

Two and a half years ago, Dr. Phil advocated for the mercy killing of people with disabilities. Well, Dr. Phil would be happy to know that his dream has now become a reality — one mother successfully petitioned the court to kill her severely disabled daughter.

Nancy Fitzmaurice, born blind with hydrocephalus, meningitis and septicaemia, could not walk, talk, eat or drink, the Mirror reported.

Her health was so poor she required 24-hour care and was fed, watered and medicated by tube at London’s Great Ormand Street Hospital. Her health deteriorated and as she grew she would scream in agony for hours despite being given morphine and ketamine.

(Editor's Note: Allium-Cepa is Latin for onion. The Remnant's sister "news" organization is A-CNN-- Allium-Cepa News Network. Attention humor-challenged Neo-Catholic friends: You might want to Google ‘The Onion’ if you still don’t get it. MJM)

(A-CNN) Today, in a surprise move, Karl Keating announced plans to completely overhaul his Neo-Catholic apologetics apostolate Catholic Answers. The plans were announced on Keating’s Facebook page and can be read below:

Greetings to my 4,926 Facebook friends! Let me start by saying that what you are about to read will come as a shock to you.  However, after countless hours of reflecting and praying during my various hiking trips across the globe (see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE), I have come to the following startling realization.  

I have decided that Catholic Answers’ work is now done. Yes, you heard me correctly. When I started this apostolate in 1979 I wanted to defend the Faith against the errors of Protestantism, win converts, and help build the Catholic Church into a thriving, fruitful, invigorated institution. Well, nearly 35 years later I can truly say, “Mission Accomplished!”

Editor's Note: Allium-Cepa is Latin for onion.  The Remnant's sister "news" organization is

). Hours later, however, Voris came to the conclusion that his own logic additionally forbade him from continuing on at CMTV. In a statement released minutes ago, Voris says the following:

“Clarification (Part Deux)

Hello everyone. Michael Voris coming to you from Rome with a second clarification.

The Diocese of Ft. Worth is apparently the first in the U.S. to forbid the distributing of Holy Communion on the tongue, citing fears of Ebola. This news has now made national headlines. Interestingly, the neighboring Archdiocese of Dallas, where a confirmed case of Ebola has actually been established, has no such policy at this time.

If readers will remember, the bishop of Ft. Worth is none other than Bishop Michael Olson; the same Bishop Olson who forbade the Traditional Mass on the Campus of Fisher-More College in part, “for the sake of the President’s soul.” Learn more about Bishop Olson’s questionable theology HERE complete with video.

Even most Catholics today do not realize that a number of Fathers of the First Vatican Council actually submitted a papal petition for Columbus’ canonization

Another Columbus Day has passed. The usual suspects in the secular, and now sadly even “Catholic” media have trotted out their yearly calumnies of the man whom America still, to her credit, honors with a National Holiday. There is still no better response to this yearly spectacle of hatred towards Columbus than the following statement of Rev. A. Knight from 1877, “The disapproval of the ‘Infidel Press’ is to Catholics a guarantee of the goodness of a cause second only to an autograph letter of the Holy Father.”

In a recent Vatican Insider interview, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation, deigned to offer his advice to the Synod regarding the problem of Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics. When asked if he would readmit remarried divorcees to the Eucharist in certain cases, Fisichella responded as follows:

“I don’t want to start judging and theorising based on specific cases. But who in today’s world can say they have not had cases of members of their own families living together or divorcing? Unfortunately, we are immersed in a reality in which the beauty of marriage has been wounded. There has been too much emphasis on the Canonist, or legal, dimension of marriage, which has led us often into the waters of legalism. Recuperating the sacramental dimension would make it easier to find different solutions, in continuity with original doctrine. Here we return to the primacy of conscience. Nothing and no one can intervene in this. Of course, it must be a conscience that is illuminated by the Word of God, that is reflected upon and that accepts the obedience of a path.”

What you are about to read is chilling. In 1911 a priest in the United States wrote a series of letters to Pope Pius X. He eventually sent them to a publisher who printed them anonymously, as the priest most likely feared reprisal. The book was entitled, “Letters to Pope Pius X, by a Modernist.”

In these letters the priest informs Pius X that his actions, and the actions of the Church for centuries, have created an alarming crisis which will soon lead directly to her ruin. He then outlines the steps the Church must take in order to be accepted by the modern world and avert the crisis.

The remedies he suggests should be familiar to any Catholic reader. Why? Because every remedy demanded by this Modernist priest in 1911 has been implemented since Vatican II. Since 1958, when John XXIII did away with the anathema, to 2014 when Pope Francis said “Who am I to judge?,” it seems that the Vatican has followed this priest’s suggestions to the letter.

Sadly, in the current catastrophe that is the Post-Conciliar Church, some blinded men, instead of joining the fight against the heresy, apostasy, and de facto schism around us, insist on melodramatically condemning, with the most condescending and arrogant invective, the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Although any excommunication that was previously levied against the living bishops of the SSPX has long since been remitted, some hardened Neo-Catholics insist that Abp. Lefebvre himself remains perpetually excommunicated, one Neo-Catholic priest even going so far as to presume his damnation. Thus the same Neo-Catholics who tell us that the Church’s perennial teachings on religious liberty, ecumenism, and collegiality are confined to past times and changeable, treat a 1988 letter from a pope as if its infallibility ranked somewhere between Dogma and Holy Writ.

The 1988 letter I am referring to, of course, is John Paul II’s Ecclesia Dei adflicta. Twenty-six years later, Neo-Catholics cling to this letter as it represents, in their minds anyway, the one infallible document that ensures Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre can never be rehabilitated or declared a Saint in the future. As usual, the irony of the Neo-Catholics, on the one hand preaching the Mass of Pius V is changeable at the whim of future popes, while on the other hand preaching John Paul II’s excommunication is certainly valid and binding for all time, escapes them entirely.