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Michael Matt takes a few minutes off to personally address complaints and concerns of the many non-Catholic viewers of Remnant TV.  Citing a collection of personal letters written by his great-grandfather – a convert from Lutheranism – to his Protestant friend, Michael explains why his great-grandfather converted to the Catholic Faith and how that conversion story is more relevant today, perhaps, than when it was written one hundred and thirty years ago.

New from RTV...

The Little Ferret comes under fire from the Supreme Court in Canada for abuse of power. So, what now? Well, Mr. Trudeau has promised to rid the nation of. . . pizza ovens. Feel safer now?

An important new documentary exposes the errors of cultural Marxism and then, oddly enough, uses Lesbian “conservatives” to promote their work. Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic introduces gender-neutral uniforms for its pilots. So, a dude dressed like a lady will fly you home next time.

I wonder what it would take to shut down the Vatican’s fake-news feed. An example: Ever since he got over the wall, Pope Francis has been telling the world that the Catholic Church – before he arrived on the scene, of course – had more or less neglected the poor and certainly cared next to nothing about those suffering on the peripheries of society.

Here’s the deal: Whatever Disease X is, the WHO tells us it will be twenty times more deadly than Covid. How do they know that when they don’t even know what it is yet? Shut up, peasant!

CatholicHerald | Italian bishops appear to have delivered a snub to Pope Francis by promoting a Vatican official who the Pope sacked months after the official authored a key document prohibiting liturgical blessings for same-sex couples.

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In this episode of The Underground, Michael breaks down the latest from the Lunatics of Davos, where the world’s elites are freaking out again. Field Marshal Schwab and little Alex Soros on Disease X, so-called “fake news,” and the return of Donald Trump.

Plus, witches spit spells in Davos, dead Teslas freeze in Chicago, and the cost of living in America skyrockets. We may not own anything in the future, but at least we’ll be happy…!?

By the way, it turns out Pope Francis has been donating your tithing dollars to the World Health Organization for its plan to “protect us from Disease X,” predicted to be “twenty times more deadly than Covid.” (How do they know that?)

Another bishop called out Team Francis, arguing that we must not obey the Woke Pope.  And, finally, a courageous African’s defense of Christian morality brings down the house at the United Nations. Now, why can’t Francis be THAT Catholic?

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Bishop Rob Mutsaerts
THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

Sam George of Ghana Shocking Speech at the UN Security Council on Family Values

Víctor Manuel Fernández (born 18 July 1962) is an Argentine prelate and a “Catholic” theologian of dubious orthodoxy. So, naturally, Francis appointed him to succeed the likes of Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani and Joseph Ratzinger as head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, the former CDF, the former Holy Office.

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What happened to Minneapolis? Was BLM an inside job? Why did Pope Francis call the rioters "good Samaritans"? Uh-oh... is the *Holy* Father scoring for the wrong team... again?

Please Note: YouTube is harassing Remnant TV again. They blocked the full video (from which this is a short section) "in some territories". Whatever!  If you're on this website, you already know that you can access all RTV content on our independent and privately-funded platform. Come May 2024, this may be one of the few platforms NOT controlled by Big Tech.  FYI, the full video is below. 

New Short from RTV...

What do Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo, and Girolamo Savonarola all have in common? 

This RTV Short is taken from "2020 REMATCH: The Pope, the WHO, and the Next Lockdown"

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